Issue#1250: Technical problem

  • I can't keep a fb link open for more that a few seconds before the screen goes black and goes back to the original fb post. I'm on WiFi at home and these same links work fine on my computer.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#3887: Apple Pencil Technical Issue

    Has anyone else with an Apple Pencil noticed the same issue I have? If I don't use the Pencil for a day or so, it doesn't register on the screen. Plugging it in for even a few seconds seems to help.

  • Issue#11481: Android - Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

    Hi Androidforums, is anyone else experiencing an issue with music unlimited, whenever they use up their data high speed data, music services such as spotify and iheartradio seem to stall as well? I am currently on the $40 dollar plan, and have a phone that I used prior with T-Mobile. T-Mobiles... Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

  • Issue#14441: HP - hei pc technical problem

    Hei , before i start excuse me of my bad english!I am contacting you after a series desprate trials of repairing my pc problems started a few weeks ago and magically after many trials, i could restore factory of my pc because i didnot have the recovery media before. and it worked well for a couple of weeks and now all of a sudden my pc would not start again. when i switch the power i comes an error in a blue screen and the it goes agian to ``automatic repairing`` and then it goes again to a screen which says " repairing disk errors. this migt take over an hour to complete" , but it never complete after even 3-4 hours. so i tried to restore the factory by clicking "F11 key and the power" but it then when i click in restore factory it asks me to enter either windows installation or recovery media, but i have neither. so i am hoping if there is any way to help me fixing this problem. thxsincerely Ermias rami10Notebook pc information :HP Pavilion g6 Notebook pcwindows 8 (64 bit) 

  • Issue#19547: Geforce - Driver/ Surround Problem/ Issue

    Hello, since the update yesterday I have been unable to use Nvidea Surround. I get the message Display connection error when I click on apply. The window I get is broken, and I have been through the steps of uninstalling, reinstalling, clean install, checking all my monitors are plugged into the correct ports. I am running SLI and the connection guide is useless. Please can you assist me.

  • Issue#26659: HP - pc technical hard drive problem

    Hi againi have experienced problems in my pc recently but now sometimes it opens and stucks and u wait minutes when u order any application to open but sometimes also all of a sudden it surprises me and the pc opens with out problem and then stucks a bit. So i runned the components test all passed ok except one error failed on the Hard drive saying " Hard drive short dst check: failed"    and failure ID : RSLDVK-6GW8OV-MFPXOK-6OTEO3so as i have been told by a friend here that changing the hard drive would the only solution? Or there is another solution?Help plz and thxwith regards : Rami10

  • Issue#81022: SkyTrain service restored after technical issue causes delays

    TransLink crews have cleared a technical issue that delayed the SkyTrain’s Expo Line into the downtown core Sunday morning. ____________________ Source: theprovince

  • Issue#83189: Giffgaff - Technical problem with shopping basket

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I tried to purchase the Iphone 6plus 16GB at £499 last week. I have a sim-only contract with yourselves at present. My problem is that when I tried to put this item in my shopping basket, the item would not attach. So, after several attempts of logging in and out of my account and trying again I decided to try again the next day. I then noticed that the price had increased to £519. I am interested in buying this phone but I am annoyed that I will now have to pay a larger amount due to a technical issue with the website. Under these circumstances, can you offer me the phone at the price I would have paid should the basket have been updated correctly in the first instance? Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks,Tara BellTBELL05

  • Issue#127251: Giffgaff - Is there an Agent who can understand a technical problem & not advise cleaning the sim

    Sorry to have to ask this but the idiotic replies I'm currently getting from agents are embarrasing.I have a technical problem, going on for two weeks now and the agents are useless. I'm not one to usually get stressed but as an It technical person myself I have diagnosed and proved the problem but they still dont understand that something is blocking port 2000 on 3g/4g. It works fine on wifi. I have tolds them its the same on 3 different phones on giffgaff, yet they still got me to change the sim.I have told them if I put a vodaphone sim in my phone it works fine. Yet they say its my phone. They have even advised to try cleaning the sim. arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm surprised they havnt actually asked me to try cleaning the screen to see whether that sorts it. There must be someone that can understand and look into it.

  • Issue#150994: Opening crate issue & a Camera problem

    Going up to a box to loot it and I get stuck in a twitchy state as my character tries and tries again to center himself before going through the animation. It also did this in the closed beta as well, its done it to me with my stash, its also done it to me with the computer keyboard you activate for Faye Lau in the first medical mission. Here's a clip of it I've found that if I let up on square and push and hold it again, it normally corrects itself. But why should I have to do this just to open something? It should be seamless. The second issue i'm not sure if its a bug, but I do find it extremely annoying. When there's an object behind you (for example a taxi) and I am aiming down the sights of a weapon. If I back up against the taxi, it swaps which shoulder I'm looking over automatically. Why? it's done it to me several times. I understand the times I back up and my character vanishes as the camera is going through me. But why does

  • Issue#163962: Premiere Pro - Weird issue: Color adjustment problem ...

    Dear all, Please refer to the following images. Every time i applied the 'color edit' (3 ways color corrector) to the adjustment layer on my full video clip, something like this happened.... The color in the whole video clip is ''bouncing'' and i couldnt fix it... Then i have to '1by1' apply the color corrector to each footage .... Any idea what is going wrong ? 

  • Issue#168708: anyone with trust issue problem?

    how do you cope with it? always giving me anxiety over small things.

  • Issue#195160: Aspire E3-111 With intermitent touchpad issue. Does Acer fix this problem for free?

    I have read thread upon thread about the problems with the precision touchpad on Acer computers. It seems that for most users, no change in drivers, BIOS, system resets/restores, settings or software changes fixes the problem permenantly. The only people who seem to have had this fixed for good have sent their computer in to have hardware replaced. Has Acer ever publicically recognized the issue? Are they repairing this issue under some sort of recall?I have gone from Windows 8, to 8.1 and now to 10 with no change in touchpad behavior. I have updated BIOS, updated/changed drivers, reinstalled ALL drivers starting with Intel IO, chipset, etc... I have changed touchpad settings as well, all with no change. The touchpad is pretty much unusable so I have resorted to an external mouse but I bough the computer to be ultra-portable, carrying and using a mouse works against that goal.Is there any help at all from Acer?


    hey sup, yo im playing this game for like 2 weeks and since i start im having issues with miss contents it happens all the time sometimes u win a game and it didnt score at gauntlet so i need to play againsome of those games also didnt give me the prize rewards it happened with 1 pack and more than 5 times with goldim wodering is it fair ? i know i get this game for "FREE", but i pay EA ACESS on my xbox one im having many and many problems contracts run out gold isnt commingis it really a game to play? or just a way to make people buy bundles? im really really upset and if i dont get a call of costumers support or get my account reviwed i will start to blast off this game i have videos of touchdowns and scores that didnt came to my account so its about you now IM PRETY SURE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINNING CUZ I SAW OTHER PPL AT TWITER AND THEY GET NO ANSWEARS hope this costumer's support work cuz this game wasnt free at all im paying for this i just dint buy ur packs but i w

  • Issue#214956: Kodi 16.0 AirPlay problem anyone having this issue??

    Freezes all the time

  • Issue#216257: Convergence issue in natural convection problem

    Hi everybody, I know there are several posts on convergence problems in this forum and I checked a great number of them but nothing helped me solving my problems. My issue is that the residuals (especially those of continuity and x velocity) have a short diverging trend and then "stuck" on a level. I have attached a figure of it. In the image it might look like that they would come down again, but they won't. I have ran a lot of simulations for much more iterations and they stay at this level. However heat transfer and mass balance is achieved after certain iterations. Also monitored quantities of interest (surface temp., mass flow rates, velocity) seem to be flat after some iterations. brief overview of my setup: I try to predict air flow and heat transfer through a Double Scin Facade (DSF). Air flow occurs through the increase of temperature inside the cavity because incident solar radiation. 1) Geometry and B.C. (overview) see attachment 2) k-e RNG turbulence modell 3)

  • Issue#259229: Logitech - G933 Technical Issue

    I recently updated my G933 to the newest Firmware version (98.2.25).  This fixed the issue of the headset turning off every 5 minutes to go into "sleep mode", so thank you Logitech Support for fixing that ! However, now occasionally the headset will cause the Windows audio service to randomly stop.  I then have to open up the speaker icon on my taskbar, and Windows 7 will automatically go through the troubleshooting process and "fix" the issue.  However, this is really annoying, and I have no audio output whatsoever in my G933 until I go through the Windows troubleshooter steps each time. Does anyone know what is causing this?  For that matter, can this be fixed by a new Firmware update again?  I know this wasn't happening a few days ago before I updated to 92.2.25, and I've been using Logitech G930 and G933 headsets for years. 

  • Issue#265692: Technical Issue With Into Udam Land Mission

    I have strange problem I reached Udam land long before This mission , and fully explored it and when this mission come it wants me to re-fire the bonfire i already did days ago and now the last mission in the game refuses to continue i shoud fire the bonfire and the game didn't lock the area so that the game should be nonlinear type i believe soooooo what should I do repeat the whole time i played before discovering the udam bonfire by the way i am 99.87% so what should i do ?

  • Issue#286110: [XB360] Multiplayers Issue - Matchmaking Problem

    Hi, I can't play online since one week. No players were found and nobody hack me anymore. When i tried to play, the matchmaking star but finaly failed after 5 min. Everything was working fine untile one week. NAT ok / Ticket to Ubisoft support done but it still doens't work. I don't see any mayor in all City Hotspot since one week too. All others multiplayers games are working fine. Please do something Ubisoft !! Fix ur servers, fix ur marchtmaking system.

  • Issue#289116: Any Technical support for my issue on looting the boss on russian consulate

    I've fully played the game The Division and then I stumble on an issue looting from the boss on russian consulate. I check the loot I had three superiors and the last below was a yellow gear set for contamination mask, the random agents rushed in and took the loot, the yellow gear disappeared in my sight so does picking up loot from the boss have any affect on you getting the gear from defeating a boss?

  • Issue#293932: EA - important technical issue

    this game is the worst piece of sh it      that i have ever played  i want my fukking refund right fukking now

  • Issue#305334: EA - Game Technical Issue

    Claire Hart: Soul Searcher, game will not load, only the chat room and chat bar will load, no game picture either  Browser: Mozilla Firefox 45.0Cookies Enabled: TrueDo Not Track: Uncheck MarkedScreen Resolution: 1920X1080OS: Windows 7Flash Version: 21.0 r0Java Versions Installed: Version 8 Update 73

  • Issue#333320: HP - hard issue or windows problem

    my hp ac128tx laptop is reseting every I reset or Recovery my laptop but it is dont work propely.

  • Issue#375328: BT: YouView mobile app technical issue

    Hi Guys,   The YouView mobile app currently has a technical issue which may impact recording requests and connecting the app with the YouView box. YouView are working on this so plese bear with them.   Here is the link to their announcement, YouView App issue   Cheers Sean

  • Issue#402994: Optus - Technical problem

    I am not receiving notifications that I'm being charged for more data and I need to know when I'm being charged and also when I'm getting low on internet data?? I go from $10 down to $4 and I wouldn't know it until I check my balance, please fix I've called about this and did nothing about it 

  • Issue#415996: Spotify - New Releases feature technical issue

    Greetings..I am a Spotify premium listener currently utilizing an LG Volt/Android/Smartphone device. The problem Ive encountered is when I go to the "New Releases" section in the Browse area, when I go to scroll down through the listing & selections of new only now shows the first 20-30 albums from the past week & that's it....usually I'm able to scroll through many more new releases going back the past 2 months....but something seems wrong with the scrolling feature in the New Releases section..being it doesnt even show all the new releases from the past week & only a limited few...I tried to re-install the Spotify app but am still encountering this problem...did Spotify cut down the selection of new albums you can scroll thru or is this just a technical hiccup? Please any feedback would help!

  • Issue#450808: Suddenly game closing problem issue after mini update

    Games closing without giving any error after 1 round. Can you fix it ? I paid $60 and i can't play it! Please fix it or take back last update. I can't play and it is annoying !!! :mad: win 8.1 pro i7-6700hq gtx 980m 16gb ddr4 ram


  • Issue#470249: Hardware - High technical TWC (legal) issue

    So... Time Warner Cable has a local monopoly in the state capital of South Carolina. Their service is pretty awful. It's gotten to the point where, if I want to have them address any of my issues, I generally have to put in 8 to 12 hours of work, troubleshooting, and diagnostics (on my end) to demonstrate there is in fact no issue on my end and that, yes... my massive latency spikes, 300+ ping, and regular connection drop outs are in fact their fault. My question is; do I have any legal standing to bill them for the work I keep having to do in order to maintain even a modicum of quality of service I'm paying outrages rates for? They have most the town by the short hairs since there are no other offerings over 3 mbps available (at least, outside of a $200+ business connection / T1). They keep ing over customers because they can, and I'm getting extremely frustrated that if I want reasonably quick internet (which, by the way, isn't "broadband" according to the FCC... we're to

  • Issue#488271: [Technical Issues] Problem with big Maps.

    Hey! I can not open maps with the size 300x300 . (200x200 work fine) I created my maps with the RMG and i works fine, i build lighting, published it, start the game, open the map every thing is fine, when it began to load , it was terminated, "dont work any more" massage from windwos I use win 10 and every thing is up to date, i have no poroblems to play the game on 200x200 maps, i play on ultra settigs if this is usefull, i7 4770k, hd7970ghz edition 16 gb ram Lg