Issue#1281: Qlik - Chart to display data only for last 6 months

  • Hello,


    I want to create some pie charts but I want my data to be only for the last 6 months, not longer.


    I want to count(Distinct CaseNumber) based by the field 'Date'.


    Do you have any idea how can I achieve this ?


    Thank you !

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    Hi ,I have a requirement to display actuals and budget for all months in a selected year, in which i have always one value selected in Year and Month fields. For eg , if March is selected, Jan , Feb & Mar should display actuals whereas Apr to Dec should display budget numbers. Can anyone pls help on this? Attaching dummy data for the same Regards,Anilet Nirmal

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    Dear experts Good Afternoon, Im trying to display 3 Months information on charts.i am able to display current month data.Not able to display rest of 2 months based on selection. i have attached sample app. please help to me get 3months information.any expression modification. Many Thanks,Niru

  • Issue#44631: Qlik - how to display min and max value in a power point line chart

    Hi All, I have created a Line chart in QlikView with Month as dimension and Exp1: sum(sales) for product A,Exp2: sum(sales) for product B,Exp3: sum(sales) for product C.I am trying to create the same Line Chart in Power Point with data labels applicable to display only for starting month and ending month.Since I have to drag and drop the fields by adding the table from QlikView into the Line chart of power point, I do not see the graph unless I do Preview because of which I am not able to show only the first and last month sum for all the products in the data labels.Can you please help me to sort this out. You can create a line chart in QV with sample data and try to use the same fields by drag and drop in nprinting power point to create line graph with first and last month sales value to display as data labels.Thank you,Padmanabhan

  • Issue#50007: Qlik - Hi calendar object data issue

    Hi Experts,                                   i have to show in calendar object from date 1990 to today, i created calendar object with two variables and two buttons apply , clear . problem is data is not coming exactly  1990 to today date, is there any solution for this or any example for this,Please post your comment.   Best Regards,Mike.

  • Issue#62698: Qlik - Class() Data Issue

    As you can see, it seems to be counting REQUEST_IDs that are not within the Business Days Turn Around Time indicated in the class. For example, I would expect to see 16 REQUEST_IDs in Close Out for more than 120 days in the bottom table, but in reality there only appear to be 6. How do I get both charts to reflect the correct counts? 

  • Issue#76996: Qlik - Display previous Qtr value for Current Qtr bar chart

    Hi, I have a requirement that when I select a quarter and year then in Bar chart is should get the values for all the quarters less than and equal to the selected one but the value on the max quarter should be the value of previous quarter, Eg: If I select 2015 and Q3 then in bar chart I should get three bars i.e Q1,Q2 and Q3 but the value in the bar of Q3 should be the value of Q2 and the value of Q2 should be the value of Q1 and so on (i.e. Current qtr should show the value of previous quarter). I tried with set analysis but it isn't working. Please help Thanks.

  • Issue#86443: Qlik - Display text label for expression in a bar chart

    Newbie question here.  I have a simple bar chart that shows the use cases (dimension) by quarter/year.  I can successfully get the basics of the chart the way the user wants by using the year concatenated with quarter as my expression, but the expression labels then shows as '20171' for example whereas I would like to show it as 'Q1 2017'.  Is this possible?

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    Attached please find the sample qvw.  I would like to use the dynamic data for bar chart axis.  Data is out of bounds right now.  I am using error bars also. HOw can I make the bar chart axis dynamic  and not provide the constant max value.

  • Issue#99290: Qlik - QlikView Chart Types Display

    Hello, I am building a line chart that is shaded beneath the lines.  It appears as though the data is being misrepresented when I change the "look" of the line chart. The chart looks like this when displaying as the 3rd type of line chart: When changed to the 4th type of line chart the light blue area becomes very large.  It is important to note that there are no values in the data for the light blue area for 2015 or 2016.  Interestingly however, when I filter on just the blue areas of the chart the data seems to display correctly again (this view is on a smaller scale)...  Any ideas as to why this chart is doing this and how it can be fixed?  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!

  • Issue#126573: Qlik - need to display only null values in chart

    Hi All,We need to display only null values in fronted chart,this is the requirement according to that i have created, for i wrote below expression(if(IsNull([Product Number])=-1 ,'' , Null())   , I can find all null values ,But some product still shows values those are 950093 ,552825 ,552824 and 552823  this wrong , my answer is if have value we need to hide that entire row Please below screen shot.Could you please help me.Advance Thanks Munna

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    Hi Experts, I am trying to figure how to display all values on the Axes( expression) in horizontal orientation chart? Please find the screen shot attached. Regards,Shyam.

  • Issue#175283: Qlik - How to display data lables on the graphs.

    Hello everyone,  I know how to display data labels. but I am facing challenge for one particular graph. I am trying to display data labels for the graph which contains number of employes(Headcount) with respect to CTO(Chief Technology officer) for the year 2015. so here my dimensions are months and expression is sum(Total Employees).I am displaying the data in line chart. So when I try to display the data labels for this particular graph, by default its not showing the data values. but when i try to select any one of the CTO's then the data values are displaying for that particular CTO on the graph. i am not sure why this is happening only when the CTO's are concerned. Because all my other graphs are showing data values. I am attaching the pictures of both scenarios. Can anyone please tell me whats going on here?   Thanks so much.

  • Issue#204466: Qlik - Need to display y-axis numbers on both sides in bar chart

    Hi All, I have an requirement that as you can see in the below image. I have created an Bar chart and had Y-axis numbers as 0,1000,2000. Now the same i want to display the same axis numbers in both ends of the bar chart. Is it possible? I have two expression one expression is selected with bar and second expression is selected with text as pop-up. Please let me know how can i achieve it. Attached image for your reference. Thanks,Bharat

  • Issue#220922: Qlik - How to set % on right side of chart and left side display sales and target ?

    Hi All I try to add a % line to display % gap on sales vs target , my expression is working fine , but i am not able to make the % line appear on the chart .rangesum(above(sum({$<year = {$(=max({<sales = {'*'}>}year))}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max({<sales = {'*'}>}year))}>} month))"}>} sales)/1000,0,rowno())) /rangesum(above(sum({$<year = {$(=max({<sales = {'*'}>}year))}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max({<sales = {'*'}>}year))}>} month))"}>} sales_target)/1000,0,rowno())) -1 May i know how to make the red line % line display on the right size of the chart , now is using left side , wrong scale . in my next post i will send my QS Doc Paul

  • Issue#309424: Qlik - Floor, date func issue with excel loaded data

    Hi,I successfully answered one community question(209863) but faced weird situation(for me at least!) when floor and date functions were not working on some fields. these fields were loaded from excel after transforming through transformation wizard.My question is -    in below script these two lines don't work, doesn't make any difference in outputFloor(ID) as ID,  Date(Floor([Date Bought])) as [Date Bought], But when I use new fields(added '1' at the end), it works, Why it is so? Floor(ID) as ID1,  Date(Floor([Date Bought])) as [Date Bought1], Here is the script, input excel file and output image  T1: LOAD @1 as ID,     @2 as [Date Bought],     @3 as [Product Bought],     @4 as [Last Name] FROM [allign rows.xlsx] (ooxml, no labels, table is Sheet2, filters( Remove(Row, RowCnd(CellValue, 1, StrCnd(contain, 'ID'))), Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 3)), ColXtr(1, RowCnd(CellValue, 2, StrCnd(null)), 0), ColXtr(1, R

  • Issue#330418: Qlik - Selectively display data in a pivot table

    I have a data file as shown on the left, i would like to display it in a pivot table as shown on the right.  My question is how do i selectively display the price according to the Volume.e.g. For Prod1, Cust1 and S1, there are two rows, shown as below. I only want to display the price (0.352) which has bigger volume.Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Issue#330884: Qlik - How to show value on data point for line chart ?

    Hi All May i know how to show data point on the line chart below ? What i need is to make the count number display on the data point. Now when i active , it only show a circle on the line. Paul

  • Issue#361070: Qlik - Bar chart scroll bar issue with QlikView ver11.2 SR 13

    Hi guys,  i have upgrade qlikview 11.2 sr 12 to sr13. I tried re-run one qvw file after rebooted my laptop. Then this bar chart, seems not functioning correctly under sr13 version.  expected result - this is a 7 days result bar chart, by clickign on the Next 7 Days, it will showed the next 7 days bar charts, but rite now, even if i keep on pressing the Next, it still showing me bar 1- 7 days.... pls have a look on this qvw file.  Rgds jim

  • Issue#361485: Qlik - How to display minimum 5 years data in Qlik

    Dear Experts , In my report i want to display minimum 5 Years of records (2011-2016) in BI ,but in my case once financial year completed after 6 months we move all tables and record to History data source separately . Every year records and tables moved to separate data source . I designed sales analysis report where my  links and table connections looks little complicated . Here i want to link past year data  . For Ex , just imagine i have 20 QVD to design sales analysis report earlier, now i have 100 QVD (i,e for 5 years 20*5) like in a name of(Transaction_Fact , Transaction_Fact_2014 , Transaction_Fact_2013 , Transaction_Fact_2012 , Transaction_Fact_2011) . I want to concatenate with each QVD ? else is there any other alternate method to achieve this .  Please suggest .

  • Issue#382339: Qlik - Data Load Issue

    I'm trying to load the following, it doesn't give an error, but it says 0 lines fetched. Please help. Thanks. [CustomerTable]:LIB CONNECT TO [QlikSQL (cbsbank_mpratt)];LOAD [Name_ID], [Account_Number],    [Closed_Acct_Flag],    [Document_Distribution_Group]; SQL SELECT  t0.Name_ID, t0.Account_Number, t1.COD_Account, t1.Closed_Acct_Flag, t1.Document_Distribution_Group, t2.DDA_Account, t2.Closed_Acct_Flag, t2.Document_Distribution_Group, t3.Note_Number, t3.Closed_Account_Flag as [Closed_Acct_Flag], t3.Document_Distribution_Group, t4.SAV_Account, t4.Closed_Acct_Flag, t4.Document_Distribution_Group FROM "WEEK"."dbo"."Name_To_All_Acct" as t0, "WEEK"."dbo"."COD_Codes"        as t1, "WEEK"."dbo"."DDA_Codes"        as t2, "WEEK"."dbo"."Note_Codes"       as t3, "WEEK"."dbo"."SAV_Codes"        as t4 WHERE t0.Account_Numb

  • Issue#388395: Qlik - 8020 chart Display by sales ok but eXP not okay.

    Hi All  I have Chart 1 work fine . When i select measure = sales. The expression as below :-  if(Num(Rank(sum({$<year = {"<=$(=max(year)) >=$(=max(year)-12)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>}sales/$(Columndim89))/sum({$<year = {"<=$(=max(year)) >=$(=max(year)-12)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>} TOTAL <$(ColumnDim_p) > sales/$(Columndim89))))<=15,sum({$<year = {"<=$(=max(year)) >=$(=max(year)-12)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>}sales/$(Columndim89))/sum({$<year = {"<=$(=max(year)) >=$(=max(year)-12)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>} TOTAL <$(ColumnDim_p) > sales/$(Columndim89))),   When i select meansure = eXP ( By click on step 2 ) , My expression now working.   The differeent between sales and eXP are :-  For sales = sales , But for eXP =

  • Issue#401711: Qlik - RE:Line Chart-Issue

    Hi all,settu_periasamyI have some issue in Bar chart. As i have a list box values lik  Eastsouthnorthwest. wen i select  any one of above in my chart   that line  will show in chart. that is fine. REQ: but when i select   any Two   its showing  3lines in chart.. means i select East and South  .  its giving  East and south and north aswellPlease find the sample below. Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#402880: Qlik - Comparison with previous month data issue

    Hi All, I have an issue while comparing this month data with previous months data.I have fields like product name ,Sale ID sold and Month. For each sale there is one SaleID associated.i need to compare the products items sold for each product with last months products and need to display the products under Improvement and Deterioration sections.If any product has got more no.of products sold when compared to previous month it should come under improvement else it should come under deterioration. To achieve this i have taken List box and instead of field i took expression and in expression for improvement i have considered the below expression. Improvement: If(Aggr(Count({<Month={"$(=Month(Max(Date)))"},Year={"$(=Max(Year))"}SaleID),Products)<Aggr(Count({<Month={"$(=AddMonths(Month(Max(Date))),-1)"},Year={"$(=Max(Year))"}SaleID),Products),Products but the issue is all products doesnt have sales in all months. while comparing the products comparison happ

  • Issue#408531: Qlik - How to make my chart display same as Table ?

    Hi All  My Table 1 shown the Staff contribution amount is 57 and 11.  May i know how to make the amount appear at chart 1 ?  Paul

  • Issue#450702: Qlik - Data upload issue

    In my fist attempts at loading data,I seem to be able to load only 75 of 8000+ records from an excel file into the app. I've tried several different excel files to verify there wasn't a problem with the original.I'm using Qlik Sense.

  • Issue#458041: Show data for several years and months in one chart

    How to display data for two years in one chart like here on example is the data Problem is next one: when I try do that, it starts to sum Jan and Feb from 2015 and 2016 data so data look incorrect so I only found the way to add it manually like here  

  • Issue#495207: Qlik - line chart issue

    Hii have one table like below now i want to show next month (May) value  50 for reaming month how to show output in line chart please helpInput for line chartMonth    amount  Jan        10feb          20mar        30apr         40may       50jun         30jul         45aug       65sep       75oct        80nov       90dec      100  Output for line chart Jan    10feb      20 mar    30 apr     40 may   50 jun   &nb

  • Issue#513790: Qlik - Loading Historical data into Transactions table issue

    Hi Eveyone,                I have a transaction table(Employee details) ,which contains Effective date,i have created a calendar in Transaction table .History table contains Effective From and Effective To dates,I need to include history table changes to Transaction table. History table Contains all the fields same as in Transaction table.  Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Please find the attached sample data for reference.   Regards,A.Harish

  • Issue#557321: display last N seconds of sound input data on chart

    Hi, I am having trouble getting a chart to show the last N waveforms of sound input data where the waveforms are collected once per second and contain 48000 points.   In the attached VI, there are two loops and each one updates a chart that has the chart history set to 10 waveforms.  One loop generates a sine wave and the chart for that loop works as expected and after the first 10 samples are collected, continues to show the last 10 samples (or 10 seconds of data). The other loop collects sound input from a microphone, but the corresponding chart does not consistently show the last 10 waveforms (which should be 10 seconds of data since a waveform is collected once per second).  I am not sure why one chart is working and the other is not since they both have the same number of points in the waveform that is generated each loop iteration.   Thanks,Gary