Issue#1336: I am going to put a new hard drive in my laptop how do i reinstall Photoshop and ligh troom

  • do i go to my creative cloud account and down load it from there, as i cannot see anywhere to do this .

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  • Issue#1358: I am going to put a new hard drive in my laptop how do i reinstall Photoshop and light room

    do i go to my creative cloud account and down load it from there, as i cannot see anywhere to do this .

  • Issue#143047: ? Reinstalling Photoshop Elements 10 after a hard drive crash. How do I reinstall my photo catalogs

    ? Reinstalling Photoshop Elements 10 after a hard drive crash. How do I reinstall my photo catalogs to their original places with tags attached?

  • Issue#804102: How do you reinstall Photoshop Elements 9 after a hard drive crash?

    HI All, My hard drive crashed.  I have been restoring everything on to a new drive. When to reinstall Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and now the software is not recognized. I new I need to deactivate the , but it look like Adobe has made it new impossible to get support on this issue. Everything I have read tells me to uninstall the program to deactivate it. Which I can not do. I call their 800 support number, follow their menu and found out they provide no support for this product. So the question stands, how can I reinstall Photoshop Elements after a hard drive crash? It should not be this hard! Any help would be appreciated. SantoSanto

  • Issue#858782: Photoshop Elements - Uninstall Elements 10 then reinstall on different hard drive

    I have Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 installed on my laptop.Unfortunately they are installed on the rather small SSD boot drive which is now almost full.I would like to uninstall them from the SSD and reinstall on the larger normal hard drive.Do I need to deactivate them first or can I simply uninstall and reinstall them?

  • Issue#1042025: After Effects - Trying to reinstall photoshop cs5.5 on new hard drive after old one was corrupted an

    My daughter needed her hard drive replaced 2 weeks ago and we have been trying to reinstall photoshop on the new drive with no success. We had to do it once before when she got a new computer, and we have the key and account and password and such, the problem is, we can't actually find 5.5 online *to* download. Every time she goes through the steps to supposedly download cs5.5 she ends up with cs5.1, which of course our registration key isn't good for. The only time she successfully found 5.5 it was a 7 day free trial version. Where do we find 5.5 so we can get her back up and running?

  • Issue#1152457: After Effects - Photoshop Permissions Related Issue With External Hard Drive

    I am having a problem saving a file from an external hard drive opened from Lightroom to Photoshop. I am able to make edits, but when I try to close and save the file I get an error telling me that my file can't be saved because write access was not granted. Importantly, it only seems to be one folder (so far) in this external hard drive that has this issue as I am able to save files from other folders from the same external hard drive (even files within the same folder) without any issue. I believe this is a permissions related issue so after checking a video by Julianne Kost about preferences I removed the preferences folder from Photoshop CC and placed it on my desktop. I closed Photoshop CC (and Lightroom), restarted them and tried to edit the photo again, but to no avail. It may be just a few photos that are impacted or it may just be one, I'm not sure at the moment. How can I fix this problem?

  • Issue#25921: Mac Laptop: Replacing MacBook Pro Hard Drive with SSD

    After seeing your tutorial, I've decided to install an SSD drive on my MacBook Pro, and move the old hard drive into the Optical Drive location (thanks!). After I mirror the hard drive onto the SSD, I'm concerned that the system software and application software will not work, since the SSD will now be the startup drive. What I'm HOPING is that the software detects something else on the computer (other than the hard drive) in order to recognize it and work. That would make this irrelevant (I think). I've searched to find an answer, but can't find anything definitive. So the question is: Do I need to deactivate/reactivate (or uninstall/reinstall) my software (adobe CS, Microsoft Office for Mac, Mac OS 10.7.5, etc.)? Or should it work seamlessly? Thanks.

  • Issue#27616: My computer hard drive is being replaced and the tech says I need to deactivate my Adobe Photoshop C

    Can anyone help me with the deactivation of Photoshop CS2 before a hard drive replacement?inactiveforumnotifier

  • Issue#28973: Notebook - Hard Drive Issue? (MSI GS60 Ghost Pro)

    Hi All, This may be long so please bear with me. I'm hoping MSIGeno sees this and can provide his recommendation. I haven't been on the forums in years, so I had to make a new account (couldn't remember my old login info). I bought a GS60 back in March of 2015, so it's less than a year old. I have only taken it outside of my house once for vacation, so it has been babied. I absolutely love the laptop. The only issue I've had (until recently) is that it can get pretty hot, so some of... Hard Drive Issue? (MSI GS60 Ghost Pro)

  • Issue#29094: hard drive full new laptop hp 14 notebook

    Hi there, I bought this laptop 7 days ago- memory is saying have used 22gb out of 28 already. Got avira anti-virus- no viruses found- confused  Can't see any obvious space issues- not downloaded anything but googlechrome, java and avirait is a HP Notebook 14 ac 114na any ideas?    

  • Issue#40639: HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s192nr SSD Upgrade issue, cannot recognize install hard drive

    I just purchased a new HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s192nr . My previous system was windows 7 and I installed my Crucial BX100 500gb SSD with no issue by simply cloning the drive. I took the drive out of the old computer and completely reformattted it and have attempted to install it in the new computer. I have tried both cloning the system and after that failed completely reformatted the drive again and using my windows 10 install flash drive attempted a clean install. When the SSD is in the external enclosure it works perfectly and the data is there, but when I plug it into the SATA inside the computer shows no hard drive installed. I must be missing something probably having to do with the windows 10 BIOS. Has anyone successfully installed and SSD and if so, how?

  • Issue#41015: Lenovo - Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive dead. Reinstall Firmware

    Hi, My Home Media Network Hard Drive, Cloud Edition hard disk is dead. I have verifed this by connecting the hard disk to usb sata connector and drive just spins up but never comes up. I now have new 2TB hard disk on which I want to replace the firmware. Have been searchin since last 2 days but cannont find the firmware. I did try method as mentioned in but not much help. Can any one point me to the correct firmware. Warm RegardsShantharam Sahyadri

  • Issue#47134: Adobe - I had to get a new hard drive in my Imac; I downloaded my Photoshop CS4 on my computer. I al

    I had to get a new hard drive in my Imac; I downloaded my Photoshop CS4 on my computer.  I also have CS5 but prefer 4.  It however is not working the same as it was prior to my old hard drive.  The Camera Raw is not working at all.  I tried to get an update for camera raw and when I tried to download it I keep getting this error photoshop could not complete your request because it does not recognize.

  • Issue#53263: Which hard drive interface on HP G72t-b00 laptop?

    I have an HP G72t-b00 CTO laptop/notebook with a few upgrades that I bought around December 2010. I was considering buying an SSD for it to help with performance (it is still holding up quite well, but I'd like extra performance for one key task). I read online somewhere (not necessarily reputable) that the HP-G72 uses the Serial ATA-150 interface for hard drives, which from my understanding has a maximum speed of 150Mb/s, which is about 18-19MB/s. I know the laptop is old, but that tech dates back to 2003 or so, and the SATA standard had many improvements before 2010. It would be extremely surprising to me if HP chose to use it.  So... Does anyone know which Hard Drive interface the HP G72t-b00 uses? Thanks!- Tyler

  • Issue#64101: How do I get Lightroom to put raw files on external hard drive?

    Hi I just bought a new Mac computer and just downloaded Lightroom but it puts the raw files on my computer I would rather they go to a file on my external hard drive, how do I change the preferences?

  • Issue#68794: HP - Using old extrnal hard drive with new laptop

    I have an old Seagate external hard drive that was connected to my old HP laptop. I just bought a new HP Pavilion laptop and would like to use the same extrnal hard drive. I've transferred the files I need from it.Should I format the drive before I set-up a back-up function?

  • Issue#88230: HP - Can I attach a PNY CS2211 Sata III hard drive to my CQ62-423NR laptop using usb adapter?

    Can I attach a PNY CS2211 Sata III hard drive to my CQ62-423NR laptop  using usb adapter? I have maximum memory (8gb)

  • Issue#98143: HP - Looking for Laptop with 2 hard drive bays

    I'm looking to replace my Pavilion dv7 with a new laptop.Can anyone tell me which current models have 2 bays for hard drives, as this is what I currently have.I dont want to swap out the optical drive.

  • Issue#103404: Compaq Laptop: How to extract the hard drive from a compaq 17XL372

    I've got an old laptop Compaq 17XL372. I need to take out the hard drive. Can somebody help? Thanks in advance!

  • Issue#115524: Photoshop Elements - PSE 9 on Ext. Hard Drive Failed In Yosemite

    I am running 10.10.5 Yosemite on my Mac.  A few months ago I had to erase everything and then backed up my whole computer from an external hard drive. However, even though all my others files seemed to have been imported, the many photos I had on PSE 9 did not. Is it possible for me to recover the photos on my external hard drive? (I guess they're on the hard drive, but I'm not sure.) What can I do?

  • Issue#119508: I own Photoshop Elements 6, but my new laptop does not have a DVD drive. Can I download it with prod

    I own Photoshop Elements 6, but my new laptop does not have a DVD drive.  Can I download it with product code?  I have Windows 10 if that makes any difference?

  • Issue#123274: HP - I only have the hard drive, do not know what laptop it goes to.

    I was sold only the hard drive to a laptop and i was wondering if i got the right laptop to fit it, if i could fit this hard drive into it. My only problem is that i dont know what laptop it goes to. Help would be greatly appreciatedThe hard drive is a Seagate Momentus Thin 500gb

  • Issue#129642: Adobe - How do I reinstall the full version of photoshop on a different laptop?

    I was told that I would be able to transfer my photoshop account onto my new laptop, however I cant seem to install the full version of photoshop as it only adverises a trail run although I still have an abode account and make payments for photoshop still. Anyone able to help?

  • Issue#137819: Compaq Presario CQ40: Repair laptop Hard drive

    How to set Automatic repair for laptop ⟐ Commented February 17, 2016 at 7:14 pm -0700

  • Issue#160770: [ubuntu] Hard drive Indicator Light on Laptop without Hdd Light

    Trying to find a Hard drive Indicator Light/Led for ThinkPad E420. One that runs in the Bottom Tray Area. Just a simple Light/Led that shows Hard drive Activity. Have GKrellM System Monitor Installed. Found a Script for the Led on the "I" on the E420 ThinkPad Logo, but does not work. Script From here Please any help is Appreciated

  • Issue#163215: Adobe - how do i reinstall audition CS6 upgrade after hard drive crash? Qualifying previous product

    how do i reinstall audition CS6 upgrade after hard drive crash?  Qualifying previous product is not on my computer.

  • Issue#163446: HP - How do I start after a new hard drive has been fitted to my laptop

    I've RECIEVED my laptop back after a new hard drive was fitted. Where do I begin I regards to using it . I feel like the first time I ever used one. Infact I'm alittle scared incase I manage to mess it all up Some easy pointers/advice would be most welcome.I feel like a dog fm out of water

  • Issue#166045: Playstation - Can I Put PS4 Hard Drive in PS3 to Play Black Ops?

    can I put my original ps4 hard drive into my ps3 and run a 4 game blueray is blueray. because my 4 got stolen ordered the dlc pack for black ops and now I am **bleep**     Mod Edit: Updated title and removed modified profanity from post. Want to learn more about the Rules of Conduct? Click here. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#173568: Lenovo Laptop: Upgrade Hard drive on Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 13 (not pro)?

    I'm interested in buy a Lenovo Yoga 2. I would like to buy the version with 500 GB SSHD + 16 GB SSD and replace it. ( can only find info about the Yoga 2 Pro that comes with an mssd ... ) I wonder if this version comes with a normal SATA and so If I will be able to replace the HDD with a SATA SSD that I already have. ⟐ Answer edited February 24, 2016 at 11:31 am -0700