Issue#1424: Unity - 5.3.1f1 Ads automaticaly initializing on play. And forces code recompiling if ads service tu

  • 5.3.1f1 Ads automaticaly initializing on play. And forces code recompiling if ads service turned off

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  • Issue#329510: Unity ads not initializing when app starts offline issue

    Hi! I'm using Unity 5.3.3f1, when I start the app with no internet connection Unity never shows ads ( I guess it never initializes ) I've tried using both aproaches I've found ( Editing UnityAdsSettings.asset and using an Editor script that sets m_InitializeOnStartup on 0) and none of them worked. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Issue#4442: Is unity ads service country restricted ?

    Hi, My question is straight-forward is unity ads available only for a specific list of countries ? I didn't have this question in mid until my friend told me that indeed it is.

  • Issue#47287: Unity Ads forces the game to restart after 1 to 3 seconds (on v5.1.1 but work perfectly on v4.4.2)

    Hi Everyone, Unity Ads Team and unity-nikkolai. Please I need some help. I have a game and about to release it very soon. However I got into an issue with Unity Ads forces my game to restart after displaying an ads for 1 to 3 seconds, I am using the latest Unity (5.2.2.P3). Occasionally it displayed an ads up to 10 seconds on my nexus 5 then crashed(version 5.1.1 with OpenGL ES 3.0 [email protected] AU@ (just for the... Unity Ads forces the game to restart after 1 to 3 seconds (on v5.1.1 but work perfectly on v4.4.2)

  • Issue#238205: will it work if two apps are using the same unity ads code?

    I made two versions of an app so they both have the same unity ads codes, I noticed, as the other version was made from a copy of the other. just wondering if this will work or if it'll affect it? if it won't, how do I remove one of them from my unity ads account?

  • Issue#271568: Game Crashes on Android device when log into Google Play (Unity Ads crash in log cat)

    I've been building an Android game using the latest Google Play Games SDK without issue. Recently I installed the Stan's Native Android plugin and subsequently removed it due to many other issues. After removing the plugin everything worked fine for a day or 2. However recently, if I attempt to log in to Google Play, the Application simply crashes giving the following logs in Log Cat: 03-04 12:19:21.861 23142-23209/? I/Facebook.Unity.FBDebug: Using Facebook Unity SDK v7.4.0 with...Click to expand... Game Crashes on Android device when log into Google Play (Unity Ads crash in log cat)

  • Issue#457450: Unity Ads service does not load in editor

    Hi everyone, When i'm trying to open Unity Ads in Services service tab became black and not loading for whatever amount of time i waiting... So i wasn't able to turn ON unity ads. On the next day it magically turned On itself)) But still can't open it. All other options in service tab are working fine.

  • Issue#689597: Unity - Why is Google Play Services having random Ads popped up in my game?

    I recently integrated Google Play Services Plugin into my unity mobile game. But I encountered a random Ads popping up asking me to install other games. Is this a forced ads by GPS regulations? How do I turn this things off? Because my players are annoyed by these ads. Thank you, Daniel.

  • Issue#699414: Error ITMS-90535 with Unity Ads in Unity 5.2.1f1

    Hi all, We are trying to submit our game to Apple and are running into an error 90535 when pushing the app through the ApplicationLoader. The error us 'Unexpected CFBundleExecutable Key' in 'UnityAds.bundle'. We are using the built-in UnityAds service that comes with Unity 5.2.1f1. The only other information I can find about this is another thread, fairly old. I have... Error ITMS-90535 with Unity Ads in Unity 5.2.1f1

  • Issue#857010: [android] unity5.35 error service unity ads : music is muted after ads show completed

    hello everyone i have an bug after my reward ads completed,but my game is completely muted i'm used to service reward video and unity5.34 [android] this is demo apk test and package demo. link download apk:

  • Issue#907260: Unity - Ads service take Allocated memory 488B all the time

    I have empty scene and turn on Ads service. Then I look in profiler and found that's service take 488B allocated memory EVERY FRAME and ads not show in that time (just ads service turn on). What ads service Repaint all the time???? how can I disable it??

  • Issue#1160095: Unity Ads: Load all ads in the beginning and play them when offline

    Hello all! I really haven't found any workaround for this yet. I've been trying to find easy ways to monetize my game, and i'm currently working with iAPs and Unity Ads. My biggest issue is that the unity ads will not load when you are offline. Is there a way to cache all the ads in the beginning, and play the ads even when you're offline, encrypt the data from the ad that was just watched (view time, was it skipped, clicked etc...) and upload to the unity servers once a Wi-Fi... Unity Ads: Load all ads in the beginning and play them when offline

  • Issue#4446: Unity ads (everyplay) how i make money <.< ???

    Can some one explain me how does it work?? why i got 1.05$ with 107 impression and 25 completed and 0$ with 143 offers and 39 completed

  • Issue#5351: Unity - Ads for desktop

    If Unity Ads not supporting ads for Desktop, what alternative solution do you use? Please share it with me. Thank you, EM

  • Issue#7141: Unity - Ads for Windows Phone 8.1

    I am unable to find a solution for Ads in Unity for Windows Phone 8.1 A I came to know that Admob is not supporting Windows Phone 8.1 Unity. Please guide me if someone has the ready to use plugins for It.

  • Issue#7431: Unity - Color Swipe - Complete project ready to use + Ads Mediation [PREVIEW]

    Get it on the asset store : COLOR SWIPE

  • Issue#7687: Unity Ads for Windows Store Apps

    So, I have been making a 2D game via Unity and had noticed that Unity helps with advertisements. I see that going about adding ads to your game or app would require obtaining your game ID. When trying to add my game to my profile it only gives me the option to add an IOS or Android game. Mine however, is a Windows Store app (soon to be placed on android and hopefully IOS) My question would be, would using the unity ad plugin found in the instructions... Unity Ads for Windows Store Apps

  • Issue#15638: Unity - ADS script not working?

    My Aim Down Sights script isn't working. It zooms in as intended but the camera does not move inline with the gun, despite me typing in the location of where the camera needs to move to in the inspector. I attached the script to my gun model but its doesn't work when attached to the camera either? Code (CSharp): using UnityEngine;   public class ADS : MonoBehaviour {     public float defaultFOV = 60.0F;     public float aimedFOV = 45.0F;     public float smoothFOV = 10.0F;       public Vector3... ADS script not working?

  • Issue#15774: Unity ads admin panel changed completely?

    Hi guys, I was following the live training on integrating unity ads into my game () I've noticed that the new admin panel (dashboard) is completely different from the one shown in the video and is missing most of the 'monetization' options such as 'AD Filtering', 'Geographical Filtering' , 'Genre Blacklist', 'Ad Test Mode'. Am I missing something here or is there a way to access these settings from the new dashboard?

  • Issue#19381: ADS/joining party button issue!

    Hi guys, First off really enjoyed what I have played so fair. the issue I have found is that if you go to ADS at the same time you receive a party invite then you will automatically leave you're game and join the party you were invited to. Have only spent a few hours Xbox beta but this happened twice. Hopefully Ubisoft get to now about this soon and fix it before full release.

  • Issue#22726: Unity - [Released] Mobile Ads SDK

    Connect with over a million Google advertisers and show relevant ads in your app. Users engage with the ads, you make money. View attachment 88219 Online Documentation | Purchase on Asset Store If you have ANY urgent issue, please contact support at [email protected] instead of posting on the forum. I am not always getting forum notifications I... [Released] Mobile Ads SDK

  • Issue#25571: Unity - Google Ads for HTML5 game

    So not really a Unity question, although might apply to Unity Web Player folks, but this community it the best, so asking here... Has anyone had any luck getting Google AdSense working in an HTML5 canvas (or web player) game? Google denied my first request to place ads in my game because their "bot" cannot find enough textual content on my site. Well, duh, it's a game, and a wall of text would be boring! I see they have "Google Ads for Games" but looks like that is only for Flash Player... Google Ads for HTML5 game

  • Issue#32787: Issue with Daily Ads?

    I was able to earn 3 tix, (3) 500 coins, & 3 gems. I will see all three available. After I earn the first ad all the rest disappear and says out of ads. Is this now the new normal? Anyone else experience this. don't really need the coins or gems, but this is the main way to earn tix. Thanks!

  • Issue#33243: Unity - IAP conflict with 3rd party plugin (Admob, Google Play Service)

    I can't build my game after import plugins from Google (Admob and GPS). Seem to be IAP has a same lib with them? Anyone deal with this issue ? My Unity 5.3.1p1 with latest plugins from Google

  • Issue#34199: Unity ads cause crash only on mobile.

    Hi. before using service (ads service link), My apk works well both 'unity game mode' and 'in mobile'. But when I link service (unity ads project id link + some rewarded sample code) Apk doesn't work on 'in mobile'. It works on 'unity game mode'. And apk build works well. But when I put this apk in my mobile and execute that apk, after 2sec that game automatically exit. with 'exampleGame is ceased' what's the problem???????

  • Issue#37061: APK Crashing at startup because of Unity Ads

    Hello, i have enabled unity ads in the services tab, already added the products and everything but when i compile it to the apt it crashes, i have been testing and re-testing and when i turn it off and compile again the game works fine i did not download the unity ads plugin because when i download it says somethings cannot be re-defined so i used the serves tab im using unity 5.3.1f1for mac os x i would like to use the ad system is there anything around this? thank you

  • Issue#45711: Unity - [iOS][Free][No Ads][No IAP]

    Hey Community! I've changed the price of my recent game from $1.99 to $0.00 (No Ads, No IAP). So go ahead and grab a copy of this game!

  • Issue#53315: Unity Ads not showing any data in Statistics

    Hi, My game, Bomb Dodge, has Unity Ads enabled on it, and I've tested it; it's fully functional. Yet I'm not showing any Ad Starts on my Unity Ads Dashboard in the Statistics section. This can't be true, because I have played multiple ads on my device myself, so it should show those ads even if nobody else has started an ad (which is unlikely). This could be an issue on Unity's side, but I assume I'm doing something wrong. Help? Thanks tons .

  • Issue#57712: Unity - Ads don't show

    Hi. I'm trying to integrate Unity Ads in my App, i'm using Unity 5.3.1f1 with the Service ADS on and Test Mode enabled. I'm followed this script I also verified IDs at but nothing happends, if(!Advertisement.IsReady()) is always returning showing "Ads not ready for... Ads don't show

  • Issue#68562: Unity Ads and Apple TV

    Will Unity Ads work on Apple TV? I'm assuming yes since Crossy Roads was demoed on stage and Unity Ads is one of their largest forms of revenue. Any insight on this would be appreciated. Thanks, Dingo