Issue#1480: Unity - Change GUI Resolution with Screen.SetResolution

  • Hi to everyone,

    i created a code that save Screenshots within Unity. Everything works fine but i've a problem with GUI adaptation when i change my screen resolution. I'm using "Simple UI" from unity Assets Store and it works great. My problem is when i change the resolution from code with:

    Screen.SetResolution(iWidth, iHeight, false);

    yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame();


    The GUI is not updated to the current resolution. Everyone have any idea to solve this problem?...

    Change GUI Resolution with Screen.SetResolution

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    Hi people, Long time reader first time poster. I've just completed my first build, specs as follows: Rampage V 5960X 32GB Dominator ddr4 512GB Samung 950 SSD 3 X Titan X gpu's Heaps of cooling 3 X Sony Bravia 49" 4K LCD's Windows 10 The problem I'm having is when 1 or 2 displays are connected 4K resolution can be selected on both. When the 3rd is connected this locked to 1080P. Now, when I select 1080P for all 3 one of the displays is super zoomed in and when I attempt use SLI or surround the resolution is obviously 5760x1080 plus mega zoomed in. Putrid to say the least. I've tried all combinations of monitor plug-ins from the hardware page, re-install drivers and GeForce experience, enabled and disabled SLI and surround but to no avail. I'm hoping someone may point me in the right direction as I'm totally lost. Thanks in advance....

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    Hello, In windows 10 they added a full functional window resize for windows store apps. My game content is designed for aspect ratio less then 16/9 and larger then 4/3. How can i set Unity Screen size when window scaled to unsupported values? Screen.SetResolution does not work on Windows. And when I tried to change the SwapChainPanel width and height it worked, but then, when i changed window size, unity input was disabled, i was unable to click anything. How can i solve this problem?

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    Hi, all Users can change screen resolution by menu in our game. We call Screen.SetResolution in script, and all the ugui on screen will flicker accordingly( resize ) and then restore to normal. I searched the unity reference document and know Screen.SetResolution will take effect on next frame but it doesn't help. And I also find some solution like this: "", I haven't try it, because it seems that this method will hack... How to avoid screen flicker when calling Screen.SetResolution on Android

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