Issue#17: Tableau - Polygon Creating Rounding Errors

  • I am trying to create custom polygons over a background image, but I am finding that Tableau is rounding to the nearest whole number. All of my point locations in Excel have two decimal places, but the points in Tableau all end in ".00". I've formatted my X and Y in Tableau to make sure it shows 2 decimal places, but I'm not sure why it keeps rounding to the nearest integer. Help!

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  • Issue#20: Tableau - Aggregation issue

        Hello all, I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone! I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:BEFOREAFTERThe problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate. I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed. The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in. Thanks!

  • Issue#31: Tableau - Creating a table calculation that sets goals to be 50% higher than the previous high value in data set

    Calling all Tableau Experts! I have 10 months of data, January thru October. I’m trying to write a table calculation that sets a new goal for First Pass Yield that’s 50% higher than the previous high First Pass Yield monthly aggregate. That’s a bit of a mouthful, so here’s an example to better illustrate what I’m looking for (Reference the below table for the values I’m talking about):   First, obviously, January has no previous lookup value to measure against so I’m setting that Goal value to just be .5 (just so there are no Null values in the table calc). For February’s goal, the calculation should be January’s FPY actual plus 50%, which in this case would be 77.27%.      Goal % Calc = ((1-((Lookup(Previous High Value)))*.5)+(Lookup([Previous High Value)))  Now, because February’s FPY was lower than the first month, the goal would still be set at 77.27%. This trend conti

  • Issue#50: Tableau - Tableau creating wrong syntaxs when accessing data through ODBC connection

    Hello , We are accessing data from one of our hive cluster using quboles ODBC connector and for some reason Tableau is not able to recognize the data types ,So we did change the data types from the tableau interface and tableau is trying to send a query with a wrong syntax to the hive server . So here is an example of what I am talking about set hive.cli.print.header=false;explain SELECT 1 AS `column1`, `Tablename`.`column2` AS `xyz`, `Tablename`.`ad` AS `ad_slot`, `Tablename`.`advertisername` AS `advertisername`, CAST(CAST(`Tablename`.`cpm` AS `DOUBLE`) AS `DOUBLE`) AS `cpm`FROM `db`.`Tablename` AS `Tablename` LIMIT 10000  Here in the above sample query you can see in the highlighted part where Tableau is keeping the data type in the quotes and the underlying data base engines(Hive) are unable to understand the syntax and thus leading queries to fail. So the question is how do we get around this problem of the syntax that tableau is sending to the Hive se

  • Issue#52: Tableau - Selecting a polygon makes the section a solid colour - how to make the colour transparent?

    Hi I'm working with polygons to map a customer journey.  I've added colour to the different stages depending on the customer experience for that part of the journey (all well and good). When I click on a part of the journey it turns to a solid colour - is there any way of making the colour transparent?   ThanksKirstin

  • Issue#4630: Tableau - Make a boundary dimension from shape files polygon?

    Hi all, I have read Simon's article about how to make our own boundary from shape files in QGIS into tableau from here Step By Step Instructions – ShapeFile to Custom Polygons using Open Source GIS (QGIS)  I've successed on that one. And now the question is, how to make the polygon boundary (latitude, longitude) into dimension boundary? i hope it is not to type the latitude and longitude 1 by 1 to the Calculated Filed Thanks Randy

  • Issue#17947: Tableau - Scenario: Creating Stacked bars with different measures and split by one dimension wit per

    I have a scenario like, have to create a stacked bar in single report, not in dashboard. 1) Create 2 stacked bars (eg:  measure 1 - sales, measure 2 - profit), split colors by categoryBut the problem is i cant show percent and actual values in labels, i can only show any one either % or value. But i want to show both 

  • Issue#17948: Tableau - DATEADD('hour', [Diff from UTC], [DateTime Created at]) returns errors?

    Dear Tableau Community, Used the above calculated field to convert UTC time to US states local time with a referencing table that looks something as below.   ZipDiff from UTC00544-5Master table contains Zip code, DateTime Created at in UTC format. Every row contains a time stamp in DateTime Created at UTC format. Secondary table contains Zip code and Difference from UTC- that expresses UTC time to US states local time according to zip code.Every row contains a zip code and its corresponding difference from UTC time. When I blend both data together with above DateAdd calculated field, I get the error"All fields must be aggregate or constant when using table calculation functions or fields from multiple data source". I think this should be a row calculation and not an aggregate calculation. Am I correct? How should I correct my formula to remove the errors? Appreciate all advice please! Thanks!Wong ES

  • Issue#19860: Tableau - Creating a filter based off of comma separated text in a single column.

    Issue:I have a dataset consisting of Sale date as well as Labels which reference items about the sale such as the marketplace, the items purchased and other values such as whether the item is returned.  The label values are all present in one column and are separated by comma's, Desired Outcome: The issue is that I want to create a filter so that I can pick out all records that contain UK as a marketplace, Video Games as an item and so forth. I wish to be able to filter for these individually as well as filtering for records that just have UK and Video games together. What I've Tried:So far, I've tried a number of solutions suggested such as using a Contains as such:  IF CONTAINS(UPPER([Labels]),"UK") THEN "UK"ELSEIF CONTAINS(UPPER([Labels]),"Video Games") THEN "Video Games"Else "No Label Attached"END This seemed to work to a limited extent but certain values were not working with it for some reason. Additionally, I attempted to follow the steps in a

  • Issue#22658: Tableau - Can I create a dashboard selector (a la Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard)?

    I want to do this: but with dashboards, not worksheets I have four dashboards, each is built using a number of worksheets. The four dashboards are all very similar, each summarizes similar data. I have a fifth dashboard, call it the main dashboard, which summarizes each of the four sub dashboards through four bar charts, one for each subdash. Typical workflow will be a user looks at the main dashboard, sets a few parameters which changes the four bar charts and also the vizzes on the four subdashboards, and from the main dashboard navigates to one of the sub dashboards to see more detail, then to another and so on. What I would like to do is stack the four subdashboards on the main dashboard and use a selector so the selected subdashboard shows up on the main dashboard, in the space under the four summary bar charts. I want to do something very similar to this Sheet Selection on Steroi

  • Issue#34505: Tableau - Creating trend line with long form data

    Hi guys, *this might be a super simple fix but my Tableau skills are...lacking So I have data with the following columns: Date, Athlete, Factor, ValueAnd as variables for the "factor" column, there are things like Sleep Hours, Soreness, Stress, etc. What I'm trying to do is build trend lines between things like Sleep Hours and Stress over time - and looking at how these things correlate.  I have measure built for each variable under factors: IF [Factor] = 'Stress' then [Value] ENDBut when I grab two of these measures, stress and sleep hours, the graph returns that I have 250 nulls or however many. I'm assuming this is because when Tableau searches each row it looks for Stress and finds, ok stress = 5, but then in that same row, there is no corresponding value for sleep hours - because of course that value is contained in its own row of data with the factor, "sleep hours" and the corresponding value. These values are of course only linked by the name of the athlete and th

  • Issue#58126: Qlik - Rounding Issue

    I am aware of Rounding Errors but can't figure out how to fix it. Column 1 Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR=,APP_DATE={">$(=Max({<ACT_AMT={'>0'}>}APP_DATE))"}, FCST_DATE = {"$(=date(max(FCST_DATE), 'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}>}FCST_AMT)  Column 2 uses a variable called $(vLTETC) and defined as: round(Sum({$<FISCAL_YEAR=,APP_DATE={">$(=Max({<ACT_AMT={'>0'}>}APP_DATE))"}, FCST_DATE = {"$(=date(max(FCST_DATE), 'MM-DD-YYYY'))"}>}FCST_AMT),1000 ) /1000 These numbers have tied out in the past using the round(xxx,1000 ) /1000. However, you can see that 847,326,771 should round to 847,327 NOT 847,324. For the record, I have a text box that CORRECTLY displays $(vLTETC) as 847,327 which confuses me even more. Any ideas?

  • Issue#65375: Powershell issue creating IIS directories

    Hello,I am trying to automate using powershell and I am running into a dead end. I have 3 components to my solution.1. welcome.php - calls the powershell script.2. Input.html. - user submits a file name.3. IIS.ps1 - powershell script to create IIS directories, and virtual apps.I am able to run the script fine in powershell ISE but when I call it from my php page it fails. My php page is simple, see below.The power shell script I am using is listed below.Set-StrictMode -Version 2.0$Site="Default Web Site"Write-Host ""Write-Host " " -BackgroundColor DarkCyanWrite-Host " IIS Setup Script " -BackgroundColor DarkCyanWrite-Host " Create Virtual Directories " -BackgroundColor DarkCyanWrite-Host " " -BackgroundColor DarkCyanWrite-Host "" Import-Module WebAdministration -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue if (dir IIS:\Sites\$Site) {Write-Host...

  • Issue#70482: Tableau - Need help on creating Gantt chart with two different rows

    Hi..Anyone knows how to plot a graph like below?.If so,pls provide some inputs or ideas or solutions. Release LevelPlanDesignBuild TestImplementFreeze Dates31-Jan29-Feb31-Mar30-Apr31-May            Project 125-Jan25-Feb25-Mar25-Apr25-MayProgress15%5%0%0%0%  85%        Project 220-Jan20-Feb20-Mar20-Apr20-MayProgress75%65%50%40%10%            Project 325-Jan25-Feb25-Mar25-Apr25-MayProgress65%50%40%10%15%

  • Issue#78085: Tableau - Why does the Backgrounder fail though there seems no memory issue ?

    Hi All, I have Tableau Server version 9.2. Data sources are extracts and MySql data connection. I have 3 backgrounders. The system is of very high configuration (64bit, 32 Gb RAM, 7.5 TB memory). MySql Db is on different server than Tableau (which is also with good config) Sometimes there seems error as Lost Connection-com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: [MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver][mysqld-5.5.39]Lost connection to MySQL server during queryin background status of extracts although the refresh extract query is not heavy and executes in seconds. When I look at show processlist there was no memory issue/lock or anything during the execution. Also the system memory on both the servers seem fine too during the error time. I have seen in some threads where it is mentioned that the backgrounder restart itself in some interval.Is that true?  I am getting this issue in this version only. Din't get in previous version. Also, not every time same extract gets fai

  • Issue#88061: Android - Front Camera Issue's (white screen- no errors)

    Hello all, Every time I open my camera and toggle front face camera all it shows is a white screen. The options are all there and the rear facing camera works fine. I have googled the issue and cant seem to find anyone with the same issue just people who have black screens or errors saying... Front Camera Issue's (white screen- no errors)

  • Issue#94630: Tableau - Sizing issue

    HiNeed help with server sizing issue.30~ datasourcesAll datasources are liveDB is Hive/Hadoop100~ users – means 10~ concurrent usersA lot of data – 500~ Tara

  • Issue#106435: creating squad issue tom clancy rainbow 6 siege

    not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but i keep on getting stuck at creating squad ive turned the ps4 off ive reloaded the ps4 ive logged out of ps4 even turned my internet off then back on even reinstalled the game not sure whats going on it was working fine yesterday and today ive tried to log on and this happens :mad::mad::mad: any help would be much aprreciated

  • Issue#109305: Tableau - creating a set with the <> condition

    Hi I am crying to create a set with the condition that the customers with sales that lie between 1e6 and 5e6. How can I create this? I started by selecting the condition that has the symbol <> but then how to enter the data for this condition? Should the two numbers that are required to specify the lower and upper limits be separated by comma or what? I could not find anything in the documentation.  Thanks,Bhushan

  • Issue#116798: Tableau - Creating Chart with negative growth

    Hi Tableauers, I have attached the data file which contains Yearly product sales. I want to create the chart in Tableau same like below  Basically chart display the Product comparison for two years and line display the growth.For example in Year 2010 Sales was 100 & in 2011 it became 200, so growth is 100% for Product A.Likewise for product B growth should be -15% Please help me to create the chart in Tableau

  • Issue#117689: Acrobat reader DC Printing issue. When printing any pages to my PDF Printer, Acrobat is creating a H

    When printing a simple PDF document to my PDF Printer (PDFXchange) it creates an enormous file.For example, I have a pdf file with no signing features in it. It is 723KB.When I ask my DC Reader to print it to my PDF Printer, it generates a file 19,591KB. How can I stop my DC Reader from making such huge files? I believe that it is related to the whole 'Signing' feature that was added back in Reader 11.  Because before that, my printing worked just fine. Thanks,Rich

  • Issue#120055: Tableau - creating filtered and unfiltered components of a view through data duplication/ relationsh

    Hello,I am attempting to create a dual axis chart with a filtered and unfiltered component through the method suggested my michel cassie in the following thread: Can i have a Dual axis chart but with a filter applied only on one?  In the attached example workbook, I have attempted to remove the department relationship between the original and duplicate data sets in order to enable filtering the bars (original data) by department while leaving the line representing moving average of profits of all departments (duplicate data) unfiltered. However, filtering still affects the moving average.  Would anyone be able to take a look and offer any suggestions as to why I have not succeeded in producing a moving average line that is not affected by a department filter? Many thanks,Zach

  • Issue#126310: Tableau - Parameter Issue

    Hi All, I got issue with parameter where iam trying to find 'sales' of Sub-category for Last >15days,>30days,>45days from today date. So i created a parameter for 15days,30days and 45days and i wrote calc like if [Days] = "15 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 15 then "Show"elseif [Days] = "30 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 30 then "Show"ELSEIF  [Days] = "45 days" and DATEDIFF('day',TODAY(),[Order Date])< 45 then "Show"ELSE "Hide" END  but above calc is not affecting view and i attached twbx file so can someone pls look into my issue and correct me where iam making erro (twbx file is in 9.1version)  Thanks

  • Issue#127377: Autodesk - Polygon issue

    Hi I am making a text in 3D. I imported an Illustrator file and used Bevel plus to extrude it and then I cleaned up the geometry so I only have quad (no triangles). I am having a little trouble with the object when I smooth it. I am getting these lines in my text that I dont know how to get rid of so I was hoping someone could help me. I am using Maya 2015.   

  • Issue#131748: Tableau - Aggregation Issue (Part II)

    Hello all, Some time ago I was having an issue with my data due to the level of fidelity it was being joined on. I've since gotten a solution for it which can be seen in my attached work book's calculated field. I have an incremental ask to this issue now. Now, I am able to aggregate properly by pay period but When I try to sum up the year, it is aggregating only the values that are there instead of by the cost center. Example attached. When you remove the Pay Period pill, each value on the stage should be the same as long as it's in the same cost center, regardless of the pay type or job class. QA: The sum of A Cost Center 6000 should be the ball park of 8563. Thank you!

  • Issue#149007: Tableau - How to get Lat/Long to make Custom Polygon for States

    Hello, I am trying to create custom polygon for certain states but I am struggling where do I get latitude and longitude number so I can put them down on excel? Is there any excel file that people already wrote down lat/long for each states? What do I do after I get all those numbers? Please help!  I have attached a image that saws the area where I want to create custom polygon.

  • Issue#154468: Autodesk - miss information when creating issue with a checklist attach to an equipment

    Hi, Is it normal that when i create an automatic issue because I respond ‘fail’ or ‘no’ in an issue attach to an equipment,  i don’t have a clue to which equipment it correspond on the IPAD?When I go the my issues list, I see them all but I can have as example 3 with the same title but I don’t have anything that telling me to which equipment I have to solve the problem.If i have to repeat manuals entries in the checklist to do an association with an equipment, i<m loosing time and not saving it.I have to go to each equipment to see which one have issue. That’s not normal. Thank you for helping me with that matter Alain

  • Issue#157885: Tableau - Creating TILE Dashboard for KPI's

    Hi friends, I have 5 KPI's to show in the dashboard. So, planned to show the dashboard with Tiles when i click on each Tile then it will redirect to the each KPI with visualisation.Here, could any one help me to create a TILE dashboard, kindly share your ideas.Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#166210: Tableau - Creating group by or subquery in Tableau

    I am trying to do a calculation where I group by a dimension that I have (skillgroup). However, when I try to do so, I am not getting the correct answer. I know that the calculation is correct without the group by. But when I try to use include or other ways to look at it by the skillgroup, the answer is not correct. Basically, I am trying to find a way that I weight the calculation by the skillgroups. I am not sure if I need to have the data set up in a different way or if there is a way to do this in a calculation.    I have included a workbook with the metric. It is the correct calculation without the skillgroup weighted.    For reference, I provided how the correct answer is obtained in SQL using a subquery  select ((sum(n.niatt*n.calls)/sum(n.calls))-(sum(n.tatt*n.calls)/sum(n.calls)))/     (sum(n.niatt*n.calls)/sum(n.calls)) as nifrom (selectcount(callid) as calls,avg(att) as tatt,avg(case when influenced=0 then att else null

  • Issue#174951: Tableau - Rank calculation issue

    Hello Friends,Quick question here- On the attached, I'm trying to display the top N customers based off my parameter "Top Customers 1". Everything seems to work correctly until I begin to filter my view. For instance, if I select "STS" instead of "All" on the Business Segment quick filter, Tableau doesn't display the specified number of customers based off my Top Customers 1 parameter. Any idea how to resolve? Regards,Mikey