Issue#2244: Blackberry - my phone has been locked by a password

  • I have mad a password with a picture to my blackberry classic afterthat I made it 5 times error . Then my phone has been locked by a  the password. I type it correctly but it donot open



    What is the solution??????????????

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  • Issue#14365: Samsung GT-C3300K champ: My phone is locked by forgotten password

    i have lost my password and i cant use it without can i reset the pass word.are there any general password?? ⟐ Commented January 27, 2016 at 9:39 am -0700

  • Issue#26745: Blackberry - my black berry phone is not open by securyty password showing the below

    WARNING - "You have entered an incorrect password 5 times. After 10 unsuccessful attempts your device data will be erased." The screen shows Incorrect Password (6/10), but I am entering my correct code again and again and still not working. I restarted it many times and still showing the same thing. how can i on my block berry z30

  • Issue#43172: Blackberry - Z10 locked and not responding to password

    My Z10 has locked and is not responding to my correct password. I think what happened is that my husband connected his blackberry to link on our shared laptop and attempted to login under my link ID. My phone was not connected to the computer at the time, but when I went to try to use my phone it was showing me the following warning: You have entered an incorrect password 5 times. After 10 unsuccessful attempts your device data will be erased. When I went to login on my phone, it gave me a different login screen than normal--alphanumeric instead of just a keypad--and wouldn't respond to my password. I have tried connecting my phone to blackberry link but it just tells me that I need to login on my device, have removed the battery and restarted, have reset my blackberry ID password and tried the new password, have unlinked my device from the Blackberry link software. No luck. Help!  

  • Issue#51617: Locked out of bbm on iPhone 5s. Forget password, recovery answer and no e-mail from blackberry comin

    When i updated the bbm app on my iPhone i needed to sign back in. When doing so i somehow managed to forget my password. I then attempted to answer my own security question. Which i feel is right but blackberry will not accept. It them advises me that becuase i've attempted my passwords a number of time for secuirty reasons I have been locked out of my account.  I've tried the following;-delete and re-install bbm app - NO LUCK-entered my e-mail and hit the "forgot my password" - NO LUCK (no e-mail from blackberry) I rather not completely reset my account b/c i would like to keep my contacts i currenty have. I've also looked through many forums to find the answer. I read on blackberry's site that if im not getting their [email protected] e-mail that it can be 3 things1.mail going to junk - NOPE2. company filtering e-mail - NOPE3. for security purposes, the BlackBerry ID password reset email is not delivered to the BlackBerry device - ? I ODNT HAVE BLACKBERRY DE

  • Issue#64901: Android - Issue with Text Messages suddenly speaking when phone is locked

    This isn't so much a problem as a solution. My Moto G operated as normally until yesterday when it suddenly began speaking when i'd get a text, saying who it was from, etc. I did not change any settings on my own, so it baffled me. I searched around and found no solutions, since i did not... Issue with Text Messages suddenly speaking when phone is locked

  • Issue#77370: Blackberry - CSK/Signing Password Rejected - Server Issue? CRITICAL

    Hello, I am unable to get Momentics to accept my CSK Password when uploading a debug token to device. I have not made changes to the password. It has been working fine for months. Password has not changed.Device is connected properly to Momentics. Is the BlackBerry server which handles verifying the password and issuing the debug token running?Please ADVISE. Critical disruption to development. Thanks.

  • Issue#286224: Blackberry - Unlocking woes; send unlocked phone in for service, got a locked RDV phone back... noon

    Hi Folks,I'm in a bit of a bind here, I'll keep it as brief as possible. Friend of mine needed to send in his Z30 for service.  It was unlocked when it went in. It came back as a new phone, an "RDV" version... that was locked. That wasn't really problem as he ended up liking his loaner and put the z30 aside.  I came along as my z30 (purchased from blackberry directly) ended up getting damaged from a poor sim card adapter.No problem, my friend says "you can have my z30..."I had already moved onto a Passport. so, he was on rogers, I was on bell.  I want to start using the z30.  I try 3 unlocking services, the 3 most popular and reputable ones... neither of them can unlock this z30! I called blackberry directly who flipped me to Rogers... Rogers flipped me the birdie- I'm not a customer with them and neither is my buddy anymore.  I'm stuck. need help.  It's a bit of a unique situation... it's been dead ends. &

  • Issue#301221: Blackberry - i had to change yahoo email password now im not getting emails on my phone

    i recently had to change the password for my yahoo email account. i only have my phone for internet access. i am using a friends laptop to send this message. since changing my password, which i also changed on laptop, i am no longer receiving emails on my blackberry curve phone. can anyone tell me how to rectify this problem ive clicked on everything on the phone but to no please!!

  • Issue#309051: Blackberry - Fail to verify BBID in China and phone is locked now

    I bought a BB Passport two weeks ago, keep trying to loging BB ID on the phone.Failed. I can login my BB ID online with laptop but once I type in the login details on the phone then it stopped working.Now, my phone is not functioning, I can only receive calls and dial out.None of the other functions are working. What should I do?

  • Issue#369725: Phone locked, have never used a password on this phone

    What would have caused this. My phone shut down, I turned it on and now it is locked and asking me for a password. I have never had a password on the phone. I do not know how to unlock it. Raymond Joyal 419-651-0917

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    How do i unlock the phone with a password that is forgotton

  • Issue#542547: Samsung Galaxy Note 3: My phone locked I forgot password

    My phone is Samsung Note 3 and I forgot Password . How can I open it

  • Issue#583101: Blackberry - Password not accepted to unlock phone

    Overnight, 5 passwords were entered somehow on my Z10, and I can't unlock the device.  - Blackberry Link is connected but doesn't allow password entry, says to enter on device. - Unlock screen says Enter "blackberry" - Entering passwords does not increment the count anymore - still at 6. - I've cycled power, then pulled the battery to reset.  I think this mode has been entered because the device has low space.  I Reloaded through BB Link, and now can enter the password, but the wipe has already happened. 

  • Issue#675887: Android Phone: Locked out of my phone forgot password

    I been in jail and just got out I don't remember my phone password it been along time since I have held it how do I get into my phone without deleting all of my pictures and numbers?

  • Issue#716954: Samsung GT-C3300K champ: My phone is locked by a forgotten password.

    I have lost my password, and I can't use my phone without the password. How can I reset the password? Are there any general passwords? ⟐ Commented June 2, 2016 at 12:40 pm -0700

  • Issue#726869: X301: Privacy Protection Password Phone locked

    My mom had a X301 and as she is not technically expert needs some help, yesterday the phone came out with a privacy protection password as she can't understand all techically words i'm asking you for help. Had call to customer service and tey could not help me because the account does not belongs to me. If somebody can help me to solve this issue i will be very grateful. thanks

  • Issue#939095: I forgot my security password and got locked out of my phone.

    It is not responding to any inputs.

  • Issue#985765: Samsung GT-C3300K champ: FIXED: My phone is locked by a forgotten password.

    I have lost my password, and I can't use my phone without the password. How can I reset the password? Are there any general passwords? ⟐ Commented July 28, 2016 at 3:42 am -0700

  • Issue#1087436: Blackberry - locked phone after security wipe

    Hello I did a security wipe on my phone and I disabled the anti Theft lock on the phone and now when i try to turn the phone it gives me message The Blackberry Protect anti-theft feature is on. How can I unlock the phone? 

  • Issue#2254: Blackberry - Lost password for bbidtoken.csk and need to update app on app world

    Hi Guys, I have taken over the development of an app which we have on the app world currently, its a hybrid (cordova) app which we then use Web Works to compile..  Problem is that there is no record of the password for the bbidtoken.csk which was used to sign the app in the first place and now that I need to update it, I cannot use a new token as the fingerprints do not match. Any suggestions please? 

  • Issue#2364: Blackberry - Passport password reset

    Hello, A message indicating my workspace password had expired, I changed it, but it did not work, and kept prompting me to change password which I did. After a few unsuccessful attempts I went to device password and changed that, and then went back to workspace password and still indicates password expired. I used the device password but was not successful. On my 7th try. Could not find where to make device and workspace passwor

  • Issue#2729: Blackberry - File Transfer Over WiFi Asking For Password

    The USB port on my PlayBook is damaged, so I have to transfer files over WiFi, mainly music from my computer. Today, when I try to open the network Media folder, Windows (10) Security is asking for a password.  It's not the password I created to do the file transfers, the password for my BBID, nor my network password. Please advise!

  • Issue#4813: Blackberry - phone calls using the mobile network are blocked by your administrator

    after formatting my blackberry Z30 I realised that i cant make calls except i reboot. and after a call it will go back.

  • Issue#4949: Blackberry - Service center not return my phone.

    Hello Customer support,     I'm frustrated about BlackBerry Authorized Service center, I was using Blackberry Z30 White color and My Touch was not working after I Bought. I gave it to Service center to claim warranty regarding Touch Issue. Still I haven't get my mobile. I gave it on Novenmber 24th, Till today i didn't get my Mobile. My money is wasted. I need the solution immediately.  ThanksAmeen 

  • Issue#5023: Blackberry - the cellular phone line is not available

    i have a problem with my z10 !!!!error " the cellular phone line is not available . choose a different phone line and try your call again " when dialedmy phone is z10 stl100-1os is

  • Issue#5025: My Phone still is not returned from BlackBerry Authorized Service Center

    Hello Sir,I have deposited my blackberry z30 phone Job sheet No. FJT/BB/15/01010, Dated-24.11.2015 which is purchased on August. 2015. I made so many calls to customer care but every time they reply me that status is still pending. sir, please return this phone to me otherwise given me an alternet phone for using or would like to demand for complain in Consumer court regarding this. Service center is not responding us Properly. if this is under replacement process than pl. urgently replacement otherwise i have no use of this phone in future. i can't take it from service center and going to consumer court for getting my money. Regards- Ameen Chennai

  • Issue#7008: ZTE Phone: How do I change password for gmail in phone?

    How do I change the password for gmail in the ZTE phone?

  • Issue#7463: Blackberry ID issue

    I have attempted to sort this too many times and support on Twitter... which I do use, keeps saying they do not understand. I have a blackberry Z10, when I first set up my ID the contact e-mail address was for the business I worked for. I have not worked for that business for 4 years. I keep being asked to verify my Black Berry ID, the e-mail address is no longer valid, I will not see a reply, I now have a warning saying if the next attempt is incorrect, I will be unable to use black berry ID for 15 minutes???? All I want to do is change my ID e-mail address How do I do it?

  • Issue#9487: Giffgaff - Transferred sim to new phone. Giff gaff locked old phone which I need unlocked so daughte

    Transferred Giff gaff number to my new iPhone 6s handset and wanted to give my daughter my old iPhone 5c handset to use. When I put her EE SIM card in - phone will not work as states 'this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the it activation server'. Goes on to say  that I need to request that iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Both handsets were purchased outright and at no point have been tied to a contract so surely I should be able to put any SIM card in the phone..... Went into EE shop to ask why and they said needed to contact Giff Gaff to get them to unlock phone.... Please can someone help me in this regard Many Thanks  Christine Fraser