Issue#2255: Blackberry - Screen recording

  • Good people,


    Can someone PLEASE help me with getting  recording the phone screen working?  I spent a week trying everything, to no avail....


    If I temporarily set the camera unit to CAMERA_UNIT_REAR (or FRONT) just for test, then I get the viewfinder visible and live.  I don't get any errors when setting properties of the viewfinder or with starting it.  Camera roll also opens correctly and I get the correct file name.  But then camera_start_video() always fails with error 4098 or 22, depending on what viewfinder or video properties I set.  Even if remove all of them, I still get error 4098.


    And if I set CAMERA_UNIT_DESKTOP (which is what I need, as I want to record the phone screen) then I only get the requester asking to permit recording the desktop, and after I press "Allow" I only get empty screen and even the onAttached signal isn't fired, which means that the viewfinder window is never attached...


    I'll be extremely grateful if someone can help....


    I've got the following:




    Page {
     Container {
     ForeignWindowControl {
     	id: vfForeignWindow
     	windowId: "vfWindowId"
     	objectName: "vfForeignWindow"
     		updatedProperties: WindowProperty.Size | WindowProperty.Position | WindowProperty.Visible
     		visible: boundToWindow
     horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Center
     verticalAlignment: VerticalAlignment.Center
    			onWindowAttached: {


    and .cpp:


    mRoot = qml->createRootObject<AbstractPane>();
    mFwc = mRoot->findChild<ForeignWindowControl*>("vfForeignWindow");
    int ApplicationUI::start_camera() {
     int err;
     err = camera_open(CAMERA_UNIT_DESKTOP, CAMERA_MODE_RW | CAMERA_MODE_ROLL, &mHandle);
     if (err != CAMERA_EOK) {
     qDebug() << "Error opening camera";
     err = camera_set_videoencoder_parameter(mHandle,
     CAMERA_H264AVC_BITRATE, 1000000,
     if (err != CAMERA_EOK) {
     qDebug() << "Error setting encoder parameter";
    int ApplicationUI::stop_camera() {
     qDebug() << "closing camera";
    int ApplicationUI::start_vf()
     int err = EOK;
     QByteArray groupBA = mFwc->windowGroup().toLocal8Bit();
     QByteArray winBA = mFwc->windowId().toLocal8Bit();
     err = camera_set_video_property(mHandle,
     CAMERA_IMGPROP_FRAMERATE, (double)30.0);
     if (err != CAMERA_EOK) {
     qDebug() << "Error setting video properties" << err;
     err = camera_set_videovf_property(mHandle,
     CAMERA_IMGPROP_FRAMERATE, (double)30.0);
     if (err != CAMERA_EOK) {
     qDebug() << "Error setting video vf properties" << err;
     if (err) {
     qDebug() << "error setting videovf properties:" << err;
     } else {
     err = camera_start_video_viewfinder(mHandle,
     if (err) {
     qDebug() << "error starting video viewfinder:" << err;
    int ApplicationUI::stop_vf()
     qDebug() << "closing video viewfinder";
     int err = camera_stop_video_viewfinder(mHandle);
     if (err) {
     qDebug() << "error trying to shut down video viewfinder:" << err;
    int ApplicationUI::start_rec()
     int err = EOK;
     screen_window_t win = mFwc->windowHandle();
     if (!win) {
     qDebug() << "can't get window handle to flush context";
     } else {
     qDebug() << "Got window handle to flush context:" << win;
     screen_context_t screen_ctx;
     screen_get_window_property_pv(win, SCREEN_PROPERTY_CONTEXT, (void **)&screen_ctx);
     screen_flush_context(screen_ctx, 0);
     // open file for output and start the recorder
     char filename[CAMERA_ROLL_NAMELEN];
     err = camera_roll_open_video(mHandle,
     if (err == EOK) {
     qDebug() << "opened " << filename;
     err = camera_start_video(mHandle, filename, NULL, NULL, NULL);
     if (err == EOK) {
     qDebug() << "started recording";
     return EOK;
     } else {
     qDebug() << "failed to start recording - error" << err;
     // the file will be closed and the stop/abort tone will be played by stopRecording() when we exit the state in failure
     return err;
    int ApplicationUI::stop_rec()
     int err = EOK;
     // if a recording is in progress...
     if (mVideoFileDescriptor != -1) {
     // stop recording.
     err = camera_stop_video(mHandle);
     if (err != EOK) {
     qDebug() << "failed to stop video recording. err " << err;
     mVideoFileDescriptor = -1;
     // play the stop/abort tone
     return err;
    int ApplicationUI::windowAttached()
     int err = EOK;
     qDebug() << "Attached";
     // update window details
     screen_window_t win = mFwc->windowHandle();
     qDebug() << win;
        screen_context_t screen_ctx;
        screen_get_window_property_pv(win, SCREEN_PROPERTY_CONTEXT, (void **)&screen_ctx);
        screen_flush_context(screen_ctx, 0);
    start_rec(); }


    Please help or I'll break down nervously...

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