Issue#250247: PS4 Delta error 20010186

  • Good morning everyone,

    So i picked up the game yesterday (ps4) and of course just like the Beta i can not connect to the servers at all this is day 2

    every time i connect i get Delta error 20010186 keep in mind that i have done everything on my end port forwarding dns flush and there are no firewalls blocking the game from connecting and i also tried to disable and enable the UPNP with no luck

    I'm super excited to play the game and having dropped 60$ i would love to actually get a chance please if anyone has any more information on this problem help!

    I use a wireless connection
    Asus RT-N66R
    my provider is Xfinity
    United States

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    #183 - 11-Mar-2016 22:15

    Well chubisof, you did it again, another game that doesnt work, i´m lossing my pattience here, I paid at least 80USD for the game AND doesnt work,
    Game: Tom Clancy's The Division
    Error: Delta 20010186 On PS4 Tom Clancy's The Division Gold Edition Digital Pre-Order Wired Home Network Connection Modem: Arris TG862 ISP: Claro Colombia Country: Colombia, I Tried all the opptions with my PS4, but doesnt work, SO I (we) need a solution, or give me (us) a full refound.

    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#252450: PS4 Error Delta 20010186

    Tom Clancy's The Division Error: Delta 20010186 On PS4 Tom Clancy's The Division Gold Edition Digital Pre-Order Wired Home Network Connection Modem: Arris TG862 ISP: Claro Colombia Country: Colombia Tried deleting and re-installing the software. Tried opening ports directly with ISP. Tried lifting all firewall restrictions on PS4 through modem with ISP. Tried all the troubleshooting suggested on the Connectivity Issues Thread Still Same Error Pops Up every time I try to play. Thanks for any advice or proposed solutions.

  • Issue#267198: PS4 Delta Error 20010186 Still!!!!

    ISP: Mediatti Broadband Cable • Router model: N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 • Wired/wireless connection: Wireless Connection • Country: Okinawa Japan • Campus/Military/Home/Business/School network: Kadena Air Base I tried everything in the connectivity issues forum that was closed and i still get an error. I called my ISP and they informed me that they don't block anything on this end. I changed everything in my router and on my ps4 for the DNS settings and DMZ server to my PS4 IP and added all of the ports that it told me to. I'm literally at the end of the rope of any UBISOFT game and would almost rather have my money back to put towards something that i can actually play if i can't get any help.

  • Issue#289122: PS4 Possible Solution to Delta Error 20010186 and others.

    Hey guys, I made a video explaining a certain method I discovered that by passed the sever error: Delta 20010186 when trying to connect to The Division. Hopefully, it will help with other errors as well. Its really strange, but it worked for me and I was not able to connect at all before. Link -

  • Issue#326751: PS4 [AFTER-PATCH] Delta Error 20000988

    Good Morning, After today's patch 1.02 launch, I have been getting Delta trying to log into my main character. His location is DZ05 and cannot for the life of him log into the servers. Plus it takes really long to officially try to connect to the account and 2 minutes later it pops up the DELTA error code. When I logged on to my alternate character who's in the Base of Operations it connects fine. But when logging into the darkzone on my main account its an error code. Anyone else experiencing these problems AFTER PATCH 1.02?

  • Issue#243588: PS4 Always getting Delta error code

    So during the last 2 betas and now the full game all i get is nothing but Delta error codes this game has never let me play it and i've done all the steps that ubisoft said to do and NOTHING works should i just go assume this game will never work for me and go about and get a refund because this is ridiculous

  • Issue#244570: PS4 Delta error 20000984

    Just got a DELTA 20000984 error on PS4, everything was working fine up until that error. Did the PS4 servers crash?

  • Issue#246931: PC DELTA 20010186 Error

    I have tested every possible fix listed on these forums and have yet to get into game one single time. All attempts end the exact same way Delta 20010186 Error. Have tried the following: Verified Windows Firewall is open Tested with UPnP both enabled and disabled Port Forwarding for both Uplay and The Division Google Public DNS Fluhsing of DNS ISP - Comcast Router - Linksys WRT1900AC Connection - Wired Location - Florida USA Network - Home Network

  • Issue#247707: Xbox One Error DELTA 20010186!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please Ubisoft... I've been trying to play the game since its realease but always showed me this error. I've already uninstalled and installed the game TWICE, i've tried all of this steps before ( and I'm losing my patience. I want to play the game that I paid for!!! I know that i am not from a first world country but that doesn't mean that I will have to pay for errors that aren't mine... • ISP: Claro • Router model: Arris TG862 • Wired/wireless connection: Wireless • Country: Colombia • Campus/Military/Home/Business/School network: Home Please Ubisoft I need your assistance

  • Issue#248929: delta error 20010186

    i have delta error 20010186 and tried everything I find in the forums and nothing works please help me

  • Issue#250253: PS4 delta 20010186

    I have tried everything in the sticky on the connection issues and did all but the upnp thing wich was enabled(couldnt disable it). My isp: Ziggo router: Cisco epc3925 its a wired connection (got nat-2 then and nat-3 when i used wireless) Im from the Netherlands. abnd its just my home network. Hope i can get it to work realy want to play this awesome game!

  • Issue#253160: List of players experiencing DELTA 20010186 error

    This thread have the purpose to elaborate a list of the players eperiencing this error (DELTA 20010186). 1. Reply this thread if you already tried all of the solutions that UBISOFT propose, including the nown issues and the connectivity problems posts ( 2. Please specify your system (PC, PS4 or XBONE) 3. Leave the details of your connections like UBISOFT ask us: • ISP: • Router model: • Wired/wireless connection • Country • Campus/Military/Home/Business/School network I hope this will help UBISOFT pay attention to us and we can play de game.

  • Issue#253892: Xbox One Delta 20010186 error still no response from support

    :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: This is error has been going for over 24 hours now. Still no response from anybody on the forums, or from twitter. What gives? Tried all suggestions that have amounted to nothing. No response from anyone either. Did not pay almost $100 to have a game I can not play. No response, not being able to play, no support all unacceptable. If you can't or won't help me find a solution, then at least refund me my money. Hopefully someone will respond. ISP: Xfinity • Router model: Asus RT-AC87U • Wired/wireless connection- Wired • Country- US • Campus/Military/Home/Business/School network- Home

  • Issue#254015: PS4 Possible delta 20010186 fix

    I have been having the delta 20010186 error code for 2 days, today I tried something and now im logged in. Try the following steps. Go to settings select initialize restore default settings (DO NOT INITIALIZE) go back to settings go to account settings restore licences restart your PS4 lauch the division. It worked for me.

  • Issue#255529: PC (PS4/PC) Delta 20010186 stepping stone?

    So. Some of us have been getting this issue when we try to connect to the game and we get shut down on the spot. After several very frustrating evenings my roomate and I attempted to bypass the error by using our phones as a hotspot and connecting through them instead of the router that runs our network. Boom. Instant connection. Now some of you are thinking; "Well you didn't try to do all the port forwa-' let me stop you there. We did all that. Both of us on our respective operating systems, we did the prescribed fixes. On my PC, on my roomie's ps4. Both. I even sent a support ticket to Ubisoft and my reply was to do all the things on their suggested fixes page (which I told them I had already attempted on my end but, hey, who reads support tickets anyways) Now. Our router is a Shaw Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Data Gateway. We know by bypassing this clunky piece of junk that our respective systems WILL bypass the delta 20010186 error. This is the limits of my technical skills

  • Issue#258768: PC I have DELTA 20010186 ERROR

    What to do I need help please I cant connect and if I connect I connect like one time in the day

  • Issue#260485: delta error code 20010186

    I need help fixing this, i tried everything in the faqs and the youtube vids, i couldnt play the alpha either and i have no clue what is going on, nobody knows how to fix it please help me? Thanks

  • Issue#261380: Delta 20010186 Error

    Hello. I purchased your game yesterday and have not been able to connect to it once. Everytime I try to start the game, it goes through the connection process only to come up with the Delta error in the title. I've trying port forwarding, turning off my firewall, resetting my router, flushing, the whole nine yards. Honestly I'm ready to ask for a refund rather then continue to have a game I can't even play. If you can give any help to fix this, I'll take it. Using Windows 10 Wireless connection Basic Windows Defender All other programs work at the moment Country: United States Home Network

  • Issue#262782: PC Error code Delta 20010186

    so i got this game a few hours ago and this is the first thing i see and no change later i noticed that the other games i have on Uplay also have "Connection issues" but steam games work fine and online as well.... anyone got a fix for this ?

  • Issue#263149: PS4 Still unable to log in - DELTA 20010186

    This is a proxy for a friend stationed in Okinawa. He has never had issues with other games. Since the launch of "The Division" he hasn't been able to log on. He constantly gets Delta 20010186 error codes. Error: Delta 20010186 Router: Netgear WNDR3400 ISP: Mediatti ( Things we have tried: ............................. -Restore licenses and reboot ps4 -Forward TCP ports 27015, 51000, 55000 to 55999, 56000 to 56999 and UDP 33000 to 33499 -Plug directly into the cable modem These all still resulted in Deltas. ............................. I asked him to call his ISP to see if they were blocking any ports. The answer was, "No." ............................. He took his ps4 over to his buddies house with a different ISP. He received a Delta. His buddy turned off the firewall and he consistently received Romeos after. ............................. I have tried to make sure his Uplay account is linked properly. He tried to reset his uplay pass

  • Issue#263532: Xbox One The division error delta 20010186

    como hago para poder entrar en mi juego pense que era mi perfil pero no ya lo pase y lo juegan a la perfección asi que es el juego los servicios del the division no estan disponibles en este momento que puedo hacer alguien que me ayude

  • Issue#268954: Error code: Delta 20010186

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Issue#272784: Delta 20010186 Error after logging in

    So I was playing just fine earlier with no issues whatsoever until a friend of mine logged in to play with me and I attempted to join their group it got stuck at 0% loading then I received the delta error code. Logged back in and attempted to join my friends group a couple more times with the same error then it booted me out all the way to me having to sign into the division again and now I get the delta error code after logging into my account and selecting Start Game. NAT is Open, tested network and multiplayer connection everything is good. Is anyone else experiencing this issue ??

  • Issue#274814: Delta 20010186 Error Thread Instructions Failed

    I have been getting the Delta error for hours now and I went through everything posted on! with no luck. How do I fix this issue I would like to play the game ISP: Distrubutel Linksys Router Wired Connection Canada Thanks

  • Issue#274837: Playstation - Tom Clancys the division gold edition error code DELTA 20010186

    I bought & downloaded Tom Clancys the division gold edition off of PlayStation store & haven't been able to play game or even log into it . I keep getting error code DELTA 20010186 has anyone had any luck with a fix? 

  • Issue#276647: Xbox One (WORK-AROUND) Error Delta 20010186

    Hola a todos, Como he visto en muchos foros no soy el único con el inconveniente de conexion por xbox one a The Division. He encontrado un Work-Around mientras ojalá algún día Ubisoft se digne a arreglar esto. No se si sirva con todos los routers pero en mi caso sirvió con el Arris Tg862 que viene con el servicio que presta Claro Colombia. Para poder hacer esto, necesitan un celular con datos moviles y que pueda compartir los datos en zona wifi. 1. Poner los datos moviles en su celular y luego activar la zona wifi 2. Conectar el Xbox One a esta esta red. 3. Iniciar de Division y así les debería iniciar normalmente, si es la primera vez, les carga la seleccion de idiomas. 4. Una vez hayan iniciado el juego, vuelven a conectar su Xbox One a la red local del hogar, esto SIN cerrar el juego. (Si tienen conexion por cable, basta con que conecten el cable) Y listo, no se por qué funciona de esta manera, pero lo hace... Es del único modo que pude iniciar el juego, debido a que no

  • Issue#277976: delta 20010186 and to check if its the router or ps4.

    If you get a delta 20010186 this is what you can try. You can use the mobile network of youre mobile Phone and the personal hotspot option to connect the ps4 to the ubisoft servers. If this works its not the settings on youre ps4 but the router. You have to reset youre router to factory standerd settings. so that means a hard reset of the router. My 2 cents. Might it be the p[s4 stil not connecting to the ubisoft servers when you use the mobile network of youre Phone. Then you can try this. go to settings on youre ps4. Initialisation (Do not initialize in this menu) Restore default settings.(Again do NOT use initialise PS4) Then youre computer resets to factory conditions and you need to log back onto youre account. Then go back to settings. into Playstation network/account settings. And then Restore Lincences. Restart your ps4 and you should be playing after it reset.! (thanks DLinman and who ever gave him that option.) Hope this gets alot of you out there on the game and i wish y

  • Issue#284918: PC After 32 hours of playing, suddenly getting ERROR DELTA 20010186

    I've not had a single connection problem until this morning. Nothing has changed on my computer or router since I powered down just a few hours ago last night. I've tried the resetting suggestions posted all over the web. I've turned off my firewall but nothing I do is making a difference. It can't possibly be anything at my end because nothing has changed. What can I do?

  • Issue#286955: PS4 Delta 20000984 Error

    how to fix it ?

  • Issue#296120: PS4 Delta 20000984 error - Constant disconnects since launch, up to 4 or 5 times an hour.

    I get disconnected constantly from this game, whether I'm playing by myself or with others. This is the only game this has ever happened with. I can play any of my other online games just fine. I've done some googling, but all I see are others stuck in the same position as me with no fix. I feel like I've exhausted almost every option. I've tried opening ports, setting my PS4 in the DMZ of my router...nothing works. My router is pretty old, but I don't see why that would affect this game and no others. I've got a linksys WRT54G, and my provider is Brighthouse Networks I really like the game...but I can't play it like this. If I can't fix it soon I'm going to have to sell it to try and get back some of the loss.I wish I didn't have to.