Issue#251: Android - Ultra mic stopped working

  • The microphone on my 1 year old Droid Ultra suddenly stopped working for calls (including speakerphone), voice memos (records only static), voice to text, and all voice functions except the video recorder. That works fine. Bluetooth and wired microphones work fine for calls. I've tried restarting the phone, removing recently installed apps, and clearing the cache of running apps. Any ideas how to fix this?

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  • Issue#268339: Android - Headset mic audio stopped working/barley working. Software issue.

    Hello everyone, My LG G3 is giving me a hard time, when I connect a headset, its microphone isn't working or it does but it's barley audible compared to the device's own mic. The headphones part is working as usual and when the headset is connected sounds goes only through them like it should.... Headset mic audio stopped working/barley working. Software issue.

  • Issue#926028: Android - My headphone's mic randomly stopped working on my Edge 6. What could the issue be?

    So, I was on call and mid call the headphones stopped working. I am 90% certain that because how the phone's screen comes on during call at times, the settings have been changed. I just don't know what they are. This is what i have tried to troubleshoot the problem. 1) test my headphones on my... My headphone's mic randomly stopped working on my Edge 6. What could the issue be?

  • Issue#482481: Android - v6.0.1 update stopped firewall from working and bluetooth issue

    I've used mobiwol for a couple of years on an s2, and just moved to a s6 Edge, but since the update its stopped allowing wifi and mobile connections. Not sure if I it was an app I had blocked, so I downloaded more no root firewalls and none of these worked either. Anyone else having this issue,... v6.0.1 update stopped firewall from working and bluetooth issue

  • Issue#754228: Android - Samsung Headphone Mic/Controls stopped working on Saumsing phone.

    I've had these Samsung headphones for over a month now using it with my Samsung phone. The Mic and Controls worked fine. Now suddenly the controls and mic do not want to work with my phone anymore. I can still listen to music, however I can't control it via the controls on the headphones. WHY... Samsung Headphone Mic/Controls stopped working on Saumsing phone.

  • Issue#10370: Android - Camera Auto Exposure stopped working= help

    I love the camera on my Turbo and use it to photograph my artwork. The ability to change the exposure with the slide circle was awesome. Today it stopped. I checked the settings on the camera and its turned on. I have tried rebooting the phone. I have uninstalled all camera updates and... Camera Auto Exposure stopped working= help

  • Issue#42092: Android - SPen stopped working

    A few days ago the SPen stopped working and when I remove it from the holder the touch screen stops working as well. The shortcut menu still opens up on the right side so I know it recognizes the SPen but I can't actually do anything with it out even the touch stops. I have to reboot the device... SPen stopped working

  • Issue#67543: Giffgaff - Iphone Mic Stopped working /speaker

    Hello, Recently I noticed if I record a video, or do skype or web on facebook the microphone doesnt work, which is weird since it works on calls and on facetime,the phone was bought online through GiffGaff and it has less than 1 year, what would be the best solution to send it to fix or is there anything I can try to do ? Thank You All in Advance

  • Issue#67973: Android - Headphones partially not working - not a hardware issue

    Hey fellas, so I recently got a used S6 Edge and there was a problem whenever I used headphones. The left earbud works fine but there is hardly any sound coming out of the right one(checked with several headphones, its a phone issue), really just minimal, very very quiet. I naturally figured... Headphones partially not working - not a hardware issue

  • Issue#71545: EA - [CURRENT ISSUE] Fifa 16 pro club mic not working

    I join a drop in lobby to speak to other players and i speak but it shows nothing but a little headset symbol next to my name. Usually when it workes a little volume symbol pops up when speaking. Anyone help?

  • Issue#78493: Mic stopped working after replacing iPhone 5 power/volume flex cable

    I replaced the power/volume flex cable when the power button stopped working on my iPhone 5. It was a little tricky, but I think it all went well. The new flex cable fixed the power button, but somehow the mic got killed in the process. Speakerphone and Siri work normally, but Voice Memo and regular phone calls get no sound. I think that means the bottom mic isn't working ? It seems really unlikely that I somehow broke that mic while replacing the flex cable, since it's in a part of... Mic stopped working after replacing iPhone 5 power/volume flex cable

  • Issue#105277: Lenovo - Android 5.0.1 system.ui has stopped working

    Hello everyone,I updated my brand new Yoga Tablet 2-1050F to Android 5.0.1 and most of the time, some error message appear on my screen ''system.ui has stopped working''. You can press the ''OK'' button but it will again like 2 seconds after you clicked it. I updated every google apps that i found. I also tried to delete the cache partition and also did a factory reset. I saw a lot of people having this problem with different android peripheral but didn't find much when i tried to check on the lenovo community. Anyone have a solution for me?Thanks for your time.

  • Issue#107861: Android - hard button recovery boot stopped working

    Hey everyone, I have lost the ability to boot into recovery using the volume - and power button method. How can I get it back? Do I need to reinstall the laf.IMG?

  • Issue#144751: Android - browser stopped working

    browser stopped working

  • Issue#152826: Android - Touchwiz Home has Stopped Working since Lollipop Update - Galaxy S4

    Hi My Galaxy S4 upgraded to Android v5.0.1 (Lollipop) last night. Since the update my Home screens have completely changed and I wanted to get them back in a way I had organised before the update, apps in different folders contained in the main home screen etc. However, when I try to move an... Touchwiz Home has Stopped Working since Lollipop Update - Galaxy S4

  • Issue#169898: GPS on HP 10 Plus (Android 4.4.2) has stopped working

    The internal GPS on my tablet has stopped working, and I've tried resetting, rebooting, etc to make it work again, but with no success. This is highly annoying.  Any suggestions? 

  • Issue#226464: Skype - Skype stopped working on Android tablet

    Toshiba, Model AT7-C/GB, Android 4.4.2, using home WiFi network, Skype version time I start the tablet, and each time it is restarted from sleep, a small notice appears saying that unfortunately Skype has stopped.  I am invited to report, or just to say OK.  Been happening for a bit over a week or so; at first I reported but no longer bother.My WiFi is working fine on my laptop and on a visiting friend's laptop.  And Skype works fine on my laptop.Thank you for sending how to report this and ask for help properly.  Please remember when replying that I am a techno-illiterate! 

  • Issue#260669: how to fix android.process.acore has stopped working

    When i try to dial out i get this message android process acore has stopped working pls try again. Could someone tell me how i could fix this error and what could i have done for this to have happenned? Much Appreciated.... how to fix android.process.acore has stopped working

  • Issue#269011: Android - Bluetooth issue: Tile app is not working

    My favorite app, Tile, can't find my tiles. Bluetooth is on but they don't show up. Are there any known Bluetooth issues with S7?

  • Issue#278005: Android - M8 box stopped working online

    Hopefully someone can help last night I was using the box when we had a power cut in the street When the power came back on the box turns on but doesn't seem to be connecting to the internet anymore all the apps come on and when you go into the network settings it finds and says it's connected... M8 box stopped working online

  • Issue#290924: Unity - Everyplay stopped working on Android

    Hi, I'm having problems with Everyplay on Android - I'm testing on a Nexus 7 with v4.4.4 of Android, with version 1940-1230 of Everyplay from the Unity Asset Store (Unity is v4.6.1). It used to work, and it still works perfectly well on my iOS version, but now it has stopped working on Android. The button code to call my games Everyplay feed is: Code (csharp): public void ShowEveryplay () { Everyplay.ShowWithPath("/feed/game"); } The button code to share a... Everyplay stopped working on Android

  • Issue#292884: Android - sCloudSync has stopped working

    every so often i get an error message that says: Unfortunately, the process has stopped anyone else had this error?

  • Issue#295938: Android - Galaxy s5 light and proximity sensors not working +bonus issue

    Hi all, just started having this problem the other day for no reason where the auto brightness feature has completely stopped working, in addition to this the screen will not shut off during a phone call. I have tried taking the battery out, uninstalling recently installed apps, and calibrating... Galaxy s5 light and proximity sensors not working +bonus issue

  • Issue#303427: Android - Sony Experia M2 Aqua message notification tone has stopped working

    Anyone got a solution for the notification sound on my Sony Experia M2 Aqua mobile which has stopped working?

  • Issue#359632: Android - Lower third of screen stopped working until i removed sd card, random error messages

    Hello! I have an lg g4 and a few weeks ago the lower third of the touch screen stopped responding but only when I had an app open. I could navigate the home screen and do the unlock pattern with no problems but sending texts or scrolling through Google etc would cause this portion of the screen... Lower third of screen stopped working until i removed sd card, random error messages

  • Issue#360223: My Logitech H111's mic is not working. Is this a compatibility issue? Laptop: Dell Inspirion 5447

    My logitech H111 mic is not working. Is this a compatibility issue or something to do with product setup. Hope you can help me. Thanks My Laptop is a Dell Inspirion 5447.

  • Issue#372219: Logitech - My mic has stopped working suddenly for no reason! (G633)

    Been using it for months and it worked flawlessly. I adjust a volume in a VoIP and suddenly mic stops working. So I go to my windows manager it says something about enchancements which I see no tab or option labeled that. Well I notice if I move my mic to mute it pings the sound but speaking it picks up nothing. So I tried restarting and uninstalling + installing software it doesn't fix it. I even tried different USB slots and the update button.  Any clue on how to fix this?

  • Issue#400036: Logitech - Ultra Thin Mouse T630 stopped working

    Help.  My mouse stopped working.  Worked for 1 day.  Now it is gone from Vluetooth devices.  I''ve re-added it multiple times and get message that it was successfully added; however, in less than 2 minutes it disappears ftom Bluetooth device.  SOmetimes when I try to add the Bluetooth device I get an error that the pairinng code mismatched ... try again and it loads... But less than 2 minutes later is no longer shown in the Bluetooth devices.  I've watrched it disappear from the Device Manager. I uninstalled Set Point 6.67 and reloaded the Setpoint smart manager .... results aboveI uninstalled Setpoint 6.67 again, this time loaded the Windows 7 64 bit download.... results above I haveBroadband USB 4.0Windows 7 64bit professional operating system?  Any thoughts 

  • Issue#400136: Android - S6 mic not working

    Up until 5 days ago I had no problems. Now my Galaxy S6 mic doesn't work for talk to text, Soundhound, S Voice etc. It does work for speakerphone and regular phone calls. Any idea what may be wrong?

  • Issue#416554: Playstation - PS4 System Update 3.50 Mic Issue! Beats & Apple Headphones Not Working

    Neither 2 pair of beats that i have (WHICH IVE ALWAYS BEEN USING PERFECTLY FINE) or the annoying Ringing Apple Headphones work for me anymore after this update. You can hear the audio coming through but neither mics work now cause of this update and i've tried restarting the console. Why cant you's make a good working update without ruining something else.     Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa