Issue#293430: Amavis wont start Opensuse 12.2

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    mavis.service - LSB: Start amavisd-new Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/amavis) Active: active (exited) since Sat, 12 Mar 2016 00:02:56 +0200; 4 days ago Process: 22024 ExecStop=/etc/init.d/amavis stop (code=exited, status=3/NOTIMPLEMENTED) Process: 22034 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/amavis start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) CGroup: name=systemd:/system/amavis.serviceMar 12 00:02:56 mail amavis[22040]: starting. /usr/sbin/amavisd at amavisd-new-2.7.0 (20110701), Unicode aware, LC_ALL="POSIX", LANG="en_US.UTF-8"Mar 12 00:02:56 mail amavis[22042]: Net::Server: Group Not Defined. Defaulting to EGID '110 110'Mar 12 00:02:56 mail amavis[22042]: Net::Server: User Not Defined. Defaulting to EUID '65'Mar 12 00:02:56 mail amavis[22042]: (!!)FATAL: Directory of a config file "/etc/amavisd.conf" is writable (confirmed), UID 65, EUID 65,...

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  • Issue#594213: EA - Does anyone have an issue were it wont let you start a fight in career mode?

    it was late last week when i was in a career mode fight and my game crashed. now it will NOT let me start the same fight. but i can play on another character... this upsets me because i had like 300k fans and my stand up game was on point. but i cant play that character anymore it just crashes... 

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    We have a unifi cloud key with firmware v 0.5.0 and the controller wont start. i go to the ip of the controller and get 2 options, manage cloudkey or manage controller. manage cloudkey works fine, but the manage controller times out and wont open. cant directly browse it either with port 8443. any suggestions?

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    Product: Battlefield 1Platform:PCSummarize your bug: Issue with the game starting -it loads game what seems to be windowed mode and black screen. i can cancel the intro wich confirms game working and sound is on. but the game wont go full screen so i cannot get into the menu. first when this happened i minised it 3-4 times and it worked. then when i alt tabed -it stopped. now it doesent work at all. did alt tab about 100 times - nothing. Windows 10 AMD RX480 8GB I7 3770k 16 gb ram SSD Monitor is Acer XF270HU 1440p 144hz. How often does the bug occur?: Every time (100%)Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves?: not sure? i made video if you let me upload it. What happens when the bug occurs?: not sure? i made video if you let me upload it. What do you expect to see?: not sure? i made video if you let me upload it. Please select your region : EuropeIn what game mode did the bug occur?: ConquestWhat is the AMD or Nvidia Model Number of your graphics card?: AMD RX480Please enter mem

  • Issue#778: G5 2.5Ghz start up issue

    hello tried starting my Powermac G5 dual 2,5ghz mac. I had given up on this for almost a year. Here's what is going going on and what I tried. I rebuilt the LCS with new O rings and new coolant. I tried booting with ram and video card out but still got the same result. The white power button LED does not stay lit. It boots with no chime, and the fans eventually ramp up after awhile. The battery is at 3.6V. Tried the pmu reset. I tried a different power supply and another LCS/cpu combo as... G5 2.5Ghz start up issue

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    maytag electric dryer wont start when switch is pushed but all lights are on ⟐ Commented January 25, 2016 at 9:40 pm -0700

  • Issue#7520: Game Boy: My start button or a button wont work

    When i loaded tetris i got the nintendo ding and it started but when i tryed to start the game it wouldn't i don't know if my game is broken or my gameboy. ⟐ Answered January 26, 2016 at 2:09 am -0700

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  • Issue#28701: HP - My computer wont start!

    I've had this computer for around 2-3 years now!! Recently it has given up on me. I got an error saying the solid state drive might fail and could cause memory loss shortly after i turned it off, when i went to turn it back on the fans and lights came on but nothing else. I've removed the ram and video card to see what the mother board has to say and it gave me 5 beeps which i believe for this mother board means process failure! This doesnt sound right to me.. I rearranged the ram, nothing. I reset the bios, nothing. Im not sure what else to do due to my limited computer knowledge. Please help!

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    we had a thread going but a ubisoft employee closed it saying it's a problem that people only have dual core cpu's and that they are unsupported when the vast majority are using quad cores. Technical issue:

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    My PS4 brings me  to a screen that says "Cannot  start the PS4. Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable, and then press the PS button.  After i do  so  it  says " Connect  a USB storage  device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 3.15  or later" I have gone through all of the steps  with putting the update file on a USB and it doesnt seem to wanna  work. So i have started up my PS4   in Safe mode and have tried every step 1-7   and  it keeps bringing me  back to the screen that says Cannot start up PS4. PLEASE HELP

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    I have just installed Logitech media server for the first time on a Windows 10 PC and it wont start. There are no error messages. When I try to start the control panel, the splash screen appears for a few seconds before going away and that its. Any suggestions as to what is wrong?

  • Issue#39332: 2001-2005 Kia Optima: ran out of gas and it wont start

    I have a 2005 Kia Optima LX and I ran out of gas on the side of the highway I've in had someone bring me some gas so I thought that was the problem it wouldn't start so then it acted like the battery and I went out and bought a brand new battery and put it in it that helped but it still won't start.I put more gas in it and two quarts of oil and it just had.the plugs changed on the car to work better. this is the first time I have ever let it run completely out of gas and I had bought the car off of a girl who was very young and I don't no how is she ran it or how many times she let it run out of gas can you please help me I don't know what to do. ⟐ Answered January 31, 2016 at 2:10 pm -0700

  • Issue#40644: Autodesk - Maya 2016 student wont start up

    I am new to maya and I juat installed the 2016 student version. I am having some trouble with maya not being very reliable. When i first installed the software i was able to use it just fine then a couple of days later it wouldnt want to open up. The program would instantly crash and a window saying that the program has stopped working and it needs to be closed showed up on my screen or the program doesnt open up at all. I have tried changing the compatibility settings and they only work untill i restart my computer and thats when the problem persists. I have also uninstalled the program and cleared all the files and reinstalled it again with no luck. At this point i have no idea what it could be. I am using maya 2016 student Smausung series 7 chronos (model # NP700Z5C-S01UB) with windows 10

  • Issue#43456: 1994-1997 Honda Accord: 1997 Honda Accord EX wont start

    Drove my Honda accord 1997 to the store when I tried to start the car it was dead. Checked the battery checked the starter both are OK cars lights go on but it doesn't turn over or start please help ⟐ Answered February 1, 2016 at 8:06 am -0700

  • Issue#43937: Giffgaff - Bought a goodybag to use now but it wont start til next month. How do i make it start now

    Bought a goodybag to use now but it says it wont start until 1st march. I need to use it now. How do i change it to start straight away???

  • Issue#47525: HTC One: HTC one ...Got wet ...wont charge or to fix it?

    My HTC one slipped into a bucket of water... but after i removed it was still working ....but after half an hour got off autoamtically it wont start ...and not even charge ....please help me out ⟐ Commented February 1, 2016 at 10:33 pm -0700

  • Issue#49009: New Hp wont start

    So I got my new hp 250 G4 yesterdayI charged it and pressed the start opens to a menu which says:free dos and hp documents.doesnt matter what I press it wont do anythingPlease helpIts brand new

  • Issue#62644: Giffgaff - I'm attempting to buy my goodybag for the month but its stating it wont start until the 6

    When in my Giff Giff account and going to purchase my goody bag for the month(as my previous expired today) Its stating my goodybag wont be activated until the 6th, which means two days without any mins/txs. Please help.

  • Issue#63364: 1988-1998 Chevrolet Pickup: Turns over but wont start

    My engine cranks over but wont start up i put plugs and wire on it. It ran for a while i shut it off amd now it wont start back up

  • Issue#67959: Notebook - X205A Wont Start Up

    When doing a system restore it locked up. Now when restarting it keeps restarting. Won't allow access to anything. Still under warranty. X205TA that is.

  • Issue#72833: EA - madden 16 weird issue wont launch cant find answer plz help

    i have madden 16 deluxe edition i own the disc for xbox one worked fine for months got bored with it so put it up got it out to play it now it just flashes the cover screen goes black and returns me to the home screen when i look at it in the store it just shows installing the regular version of madden like i never owned the deluxe version but the code has been used and got my packs idk if that has anything to do with it

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    Help! my phone won't start. It keeps showing the samsung galaxy j1 word before the samsung logo. please help me! ⟐ Answer unaccepted February 6, 2016 at 9:24 pm -0700

  • Issue#77379: HP - wont start blank black screen

    hello hp support i bought a second hand hp 205 G1 AiO Business PC at agarage sale i didnt check if it worked the lady looked like good people when i got home i tried to start it and the power button on top turns on and you can here the drive running but the screen remains bkank/black i tried to shut it off with the power button but that wont work now i unpluged it shut it off and when i hit the star button the same thing happened i bought this for my son he wanted a computer and it was for a real good price please somone help me since his birthday i the folowing saturday the 13th thank you all

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    I just bought this game from steam sales and the game goes to the loading screen (saying tracking) and it does it for a very long time. I have waited and it just keeps loading. Any help?

  • Issue#81331: HP - The start up wont load

    My  Hard Disk Short DST FAILED what do I do the Failure code ID is Q09XMX-6QD816-RXPSWJ-60QX03

  • Issue#84125: Asus ZenFone 6: My phone screen just blank when im watching youtube and wont start

    my zenfone 6 just got blank when im watching youtube and then i force shutdown by holding the power button like i used to, and after that it wont start nor charging the phone, please help me quickly so that i can backup all my data in there

  • Issue#85492: Game wont start

    Hello, I just purchased Anno 2070 and cannot get the game to start. I enter my Uplay credentials at the startup screen(Login) on Anno and it constantly times out with a "connection to server has been lost" Can someone help out? Thanks, John