Issue#3376: HP - forum access/logon

  • Please add an option to stay logged in, I generally partiticpate several times a day and it is a hassle to log in after every posting. Under the new method of logging in after reposnding to a post, several times I've closed the window right after I hit reply forgetting about the logon screen. Having to retype a long response doesn't make one have happy thoughts

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#15970: Acer - This forum is for Aspire Desktops. Please read if you have an issue with an Aspire Laptop.

    All, We've noticed a growing trend for posts regarding Aspire laptops in this forum. We apologize for any confusion that this has caused. We'll be taking corrective actions to get posts to the right placed, but this forum is dedicated to the discussion of Aspire Desktop products.   Posts for Aspire Laptops will be moved to the appropriate forum moving forward.   Thanks,Cory

  • Issue#22911: Beta forum access

    I was finally able to get going in Xbone beta -- had to re-download the beta bundle after deleting it. But : I cannot post in the beta forums. I have a few bugs and oddities to report but I am unable to. why is this?

  • Issue#24680: forum beta access

    need access to beta forums plz, will not allow me to message.

  • Issue#26195: Have access to the Beta forum but not the game.

    Hello! I preorded the game and got a key and use it, still no access. I have contacted support and no answer.

  • Issue#43976: Set a trunk port with access VLAN issue

    We are facing the following issue:   With an ex2200 device we set a port as a trunk one with a tagged VLAN The we add an untagged VLAN and we set in the native VLAN value the untagged one   If we connect for example a laptop with windows operating System everything is OK and we reach bot VLAN's If we connect a linux OS based device, server or latop we can't reach neither the tagged VLAN nor the untagged one   Is there any known issue with this kind of configuration or with this configuration with  linux devices ?   If we set the switch port as access with the untagged VLAN works fine with  linux devices   Thanks in advance for your support Best Regards

  • Issue#56496: Ubuntu - [server] windows can not access samba share - username case senitivity issue

    I have been attempting to make samba work on an Ubuntu amd64 server 16.04 I am building. My windows user account name is "Doug". My Ubuntu user account name is "doug". This appears to be the root issue. The related segment of the smb.conf man page is copied below: Code:       username level (G)           This option helps Samba to try and 'guess' at the real UNIX username, as many DOS clients send an all-uppercase username. By default Samba tries all lowercase, followed by           the username with the first letter capitalized, and fails if the username is not found on the UNIX machine.           If this parameter is set to non-zero the behavior changes. This parameter is a number that specifies the number of uppercase combinations to try while trying to determine the           UNIX user name. The higher the number the more combinations will be

  • Issue#73051: Ubnt - Problem with update APT source in Linux - access denied in forum?

    Good day. I'm trying to install new UniFi 4.8.12 on Debian, need to install it from APT source and go to, but when click in "For Debian/Ubuntu users, please update your APT source (see HERE)" - see this message:What I am doing wrong?

  • Issue#89652: Cloud Access Issue when Travelling

    Hi GuysI have subscribed (unwillingly!!!) to CC since it started and used it while travelling and off line to broadband/ WiFi connections. On Saturday afternoon when I was travelling I opened Pr and then Ps and Id. All gave a message saying either sign-in to my account or start the 30 day trial! The only way I could work was to start the 30 day trial, yet when I was finally able to connect I was actually still signed in and my account was working fine. I have never had this problem before. Has Adobe changed something? Does this mean if I travel after 30 days I won't be able to access my programmes because the Desktop Manager will say both I am not signed-in to my account and that my 30 day trial period has expired? (As I said, I shouldn't have to click on the 30 day trial because I am a fully signed up member.) Regards,Graham

  • Issue#92519: Clearpass Change Status on access tracker issue?

    I have 4 controllers setup 2x Master in VRRP and 2 Locals Integrated with clearpass now the issue is I can not disconnect useres using clearpass access tracker disconnect or from active session on guest it gives error I have configured all CoA setting on both clearpass and controller and all shared secrets are right but still have this issue and when I typed show aaa rfc on controller it hits on of the servers and under bad auth tab I can see hits and on pkt droped I can see hits but on disconnect it is 0 so what is causing this.

  • Issue#105066: Mac drive not mounting, need to access the files, possible partition table issue?

    Hi there! Short version is I am trying to recover files / OS install from a mac hard drive that won't mount (but does spin up and show both partitions in disk utility). Long version - I swapped out the internal hard drive for an SSD and planned to use a fresh install of latest OS X and copy the old files over as they were needed. The hard drive is in a USB enclosure and has 2 partitions, but the internal hard drive stopped mounting at some point after the swap.. I do think it worked... Mac drive not mounting, need to access the files, possible partition table issue?

  • Issue#112792: Spotify - Can't Access Android Beta Forum as a Beta Tester

    I've been party of the spotify beta since October 12, 2015, yet I never had access to the spotify beta forums. I can access the G+ group just fine, and I currently have the beta app installed. This is probably because the emails on my google account and my spotify account are different.  Thanks.

  • Issue#146902: NetApp - Clustered Data Ontap 8.3.1: CIFS access issue

    Dear Admins, I have a Clustered Data Ontap 8.3.1 two node cluster setup. In this I have two SVMs, namely: svm1 and svm2. I have completed the CIFS server setup but when I try to acces a share, I get a access denied message. I have the SVMs / node added to a AD domain. Please note, the firewall is totalled disabled on the cluster, but however the NTP server is not setup yet. I tried accessing the CIFS server using the AD domain admin account, local admin account etc etc but had no luck. Am able to ping the target server from the cluster successfully. netappcs::> network ping -node netappcs-01 is alive netappcs::> firewall show(system services firewall show)Node Enabled Logging-------------- ------- -------netappcs-01 false falsenetappcs-02 false false2 entries were displayed. I have attached the screenshots of each command which can give you an idea of how the network and CIFS setup looks like. Am suspecting a minor configuration er

  • Issue#184296: Qlik - Public IP access point report access issue

    Dear QV experts, When we use QlikView access point on Public IP we are able to sign in and see all the applications, but when we click on any particular application it is showing just processing screen like 3 dots moving or Loading message as shown in attached screenshots. We are using Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS 8.QlikView 11 SR13 How to overcome this  issue? Is it related to proxy bypass issue or any setting we might be missing from our side?  Regards,Mithilesh

  • Issue#206186: Ubnt - VPN remote access issue

    Hi all, Just don't understand why i can not connecte on the VPN  ... here is the conf . It worked well with Should i add something in the firewall ? ..I did a test with the 1.7.0 some days ago and it worked well ... Now i'm on 1.8.0 Thanks  

  • Issue#218030: Qlik - Section Access issue - qlikview

    HiI have a long table with FAMP filed , that represent manufacturer    ACCESSUSERIDPASSWORDFAMADMINGD*USERDDINTELUSERAADELLUSERBBEPSON  using this table I get access denied  . but when I change to :    ACCESSUSERIDPASSWORDFAMADMINGD*ADMINDDINTELADMINAADELLADMINBBEPSON  all is OK user D get intel only , A  gets dell only and B gets  EPSON onlyG see them all .  but now they are all admin , which is very bad for me what am I doing wrong , is there a flag I need to change thanks for your helpgidon

  • Issue#218521: EA - Account access verify code issue

    It IS a widespread problem, having to check email for new account verify code each time I login to EA access/EA forums from the same computer with no other connected devices.  Solution: Disable account verification code in Origin account.  Bad solution, but only solution I have found that works.  EA, please come forth with a better solution. Thank you.

  • Issue#220857: Playstation - I was selected for 3.5 beta; access denied to Feedback forum and Bug Reporter

    Hello everyone,I was very glad to be accepted into the PlayStation Software beta. However, my account has apparently not been given access to the appropriate sections of the forum and PlayStation website to help with the beta.I do not know where to get help with this matter, I can send my invite email for varification purposes.Thank you. 

  • Issue#226275: Lenovo - New Lenovo Forum TIme /DAy issue

    I have my Timezone set as Central, but all the posts are reading one DAY behind - all today's posts (on the Friday, March  4th) are showing as the March 3rd. The hour and AM/PM are correct. Cross-posted, I just found this.

  • Issue#226909: Need help to get unbanned from a forum (legit issue)

    I hope people see this and dont dismiss me as one of those VAC banned scums. I have an actual problem here. i got banned for a minor infraction (mentionning a key reseller in the forum) and i got a 24hour ban from the forum. Im not arguing against that, i guess i deserved it. i didint minded too much, it was on the division forum and that palce was getting crazy with trolls. But that was 2 weeks ago and i still havent been unbanned :confused: I tried contacting the mods throught the "moderation messages" thingy on the right panel as was instructed by someone else but im getting zero response. Help please ? game's launching soon and i decided to buy it. id kinda like to be able to chat over there :(

  • Issue#230339: Ubuntu - Fedora forum issue

    Saw this over at Wilders ... Thought I'd post it here just in case: Forum attack alert!

  • Issue#240342: Network Issue - Web Access Intermittent

    Hello All,We've decommissioned our old 2003 DC "server A", after replication to our new 2012 DC R2 "server B" was complete. Now, end-users are having intermittent issues accessing/surfing the web. Although, their internet connection is active and successfully connected. I ran a constant ping test and there are no packet loss during the intermittent issues accessing the web. I can also remote into their workstations when they state they have "not internet."Sounds like a DNS issue. They get a DNS lookup issue from Chrome. Contact your administrator. Any ideas/suggestions will help. It should be server related since the new DC is running DHCP and resolving DNS.A workaround, surprisingly when I force a static DNS and add Google's DNS:192.168.2.xxx8.8.8.8It resolves perfectly fine and they can access the web.Thanks in advance everyone!

  • Issue#258116: Odd permissions issue: Access Granted in Windows 10 but not in Windows 7

    I have setup a user account (domain\test.user) which is a member of the security group Finance, giving the account access to the finance share. Domain\test.user can log into a Windows 10 machine and access the Finance share without any issues. However, domain\test.user cannot access the finance share when signed into a Windows 7 machine.What gives? The share permissions are correct (as far as I can tell).Variables:Domain\test.user is a member of Finance, giving it access to the Finance share.Windows 10 Professional x64 (VMware guest) joined to the domain. User can access the finance from this computer with no problems.Windows 7 Professional x64 laptop joined to the domain. User cannot access finance share. Access is denied.Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard x64 hosting department shares.EDIT: The Server 2012 R2 box is running on a vmware...

  • Issue#276813: My Android tablet is damaged and I can't logon. Will my new Tablet have access to Spotify playlists

    The new tablet will be the same make and model

  • Issue#291181: Ubnt - Remote SSH access issue

    Hi having issues connecting remotely via SSH. Its and EdgeRouter Pro running 1.7.0. I have setup a firewall rule to accept SSH over my second PPPOE WAN connection, no source restrictions as yet for testing purposes. I can see from the firewall log entry that the packet has been accepted but my Putty connection times out. Log entry reads: "WPRouter01 kernel: [WAN1_LOCAL-2-A]IN=pppoe1 OUT= MAC= src=*MYIP* DST=*DESTIP* LEN=52 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=115 ID=14680 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=53938 DPT=22 WINDOW=8192 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0" Full config output below, grateful if someone more learned can take a peek and point me in the right direction! firewall { all-ping enable broadcast-ping disable ipv6-receive-redirects disable ipv6-src-route disable ip-src-route disable log-martians enable modify SOURCE_ROUTE { rule 10 { action modify description "traffic from eth2 to WAN0_Office" modify { table 1 } source { address } } rule 20 { action modify

  • Issue#291604: Ubnt - Issue with 1.8 VPN and L2TP Remote - Access

    Hello to all,I ask because I can not understand why my Edgerouter lite, after the restart, the client ios are able to connect to the VPN, after 1 hour, I can not connect any client. The log shows only this error:gw rsyslogd: set SCM_CREDENTIALS failed on '/dev/log': Protocol not available  I hope that someone has already solved the problem Thank you

  • Issue#295053: Correct forum for connectivity issue

    Hi: New here. Can someone please tell me which forum would be best for posting a wi-fi connectivity issue with my Macbook? Thanks LordBlarg

  • Issue#299150: Simultaneous VPN Server & Internet Access Issue

    A group of medical professional offices recently hired me to switch their server to their new ISP, Comcast from AT&T. All the offices are currently able to access the server, however, when they're connected to the server through the VPN network, they cannot access certain websites, like GoDaddy email, or RingCentral VOIP services. Other websites work seamlessly. Any advice? I feel like I'm overlooking something simple. Thanks!

  • Issue#303858: Adobe - LR 6.5 Mac Error 16 How to solve the issue ? Access right of folders correct ....

    Dear all, When I update LR to 6.5. on a MAC El Captain, I got an Error LR stopped and asked me to change the file access rights. I did it but problem remained.I change the right as per the recommended page.My Mac is in French OS language.Who can help me, I'm stuck without possibility to use LR on my MAC for 24H already Thanks Patrice

  • Issue#309786: I have issue with clearpass guest with MAC access cache all user once they log they have CoA ?

    I have issue with clearpass guest with MAC access cache all user once they log they have CoA for termination and the cahche is not workin and the macs are rejected?