Issue#489: Skype - Synronizing between Windows 10 and Android

  • Messages from desktop computer with Windows 10 to device with Android are not sent if it is minimized.


    Steps to reproduce:


    1. Run Skype on Windows 10 and on Android from different users.

    2. Minimize Skype on Android (for example, pressing button 'Home')
    3. Send message from Windows 10 to Android user.



    Message will not be sent and Android user will go offline. Messages will be received by Android user only if he will open Skype application, but push-messages will not come.


    Also the problem appears only in this OS combinations - between others all is OK (for example, from Windows 8.1 to Anrdroid).


    Also often there is a problem, when messages sent from Windows 10 are not syncronizing, when this user will login from device with another OS, for example, Android or Linux.

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    Until recent;ly, I could drag a photo onto a conversation in the Windows version of Skype and another user (eg my wife using Skype on her Android phone) could see the picture. And the same worked the other way round. But that functionality seems to be broken in recent versions of Skype. I'm using V7.25.0.106 on Windows 7 and V7.06.0.643 on Android, and I imagine that my wife's Skype on Andoid is the same version.If I drag a photo onto the conversation on Windows, I see a blue downward-facing arrow in a white circle on the Android version of Skype (this is for both Windows and Skype logged in as the *same* user - maybe it's different for the other user in the conversation). The icon gives the file name and size of the original photo on the Windows PC, but when I click on the icon it remains indefinitely at the rotating-circles symbol "waiting".A photo that is attached to the message in the Android version of Skype is correctly displayed in another Android device (eg logged in

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    Well the title says it all. Some of my contacts, not all of them, appear away even though they are offline, it happens on both my Windows PC and Android phone which is LG G2 (Android 5.0.2). Both Skype apps are updated to the latest version. I suspect there is something wrong with my account rather than with Skype application. This started happening about ~2 months ago I can't really remember so it's pretty recent. If there's any information you need just ask. Thanks in advance.

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    Every time I login to skype it works for less than a minute then I get the following message: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Anyone have a solution. Already tried reinstallation and still having the issue.

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    Hi there, Please open the link below to see the skype error snapshot I am getting this error for windows 8. I can only send messages but I am not able to place any call.

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    After the latest update, Skype is not showing any contacts, messages, home, etc. I use Windows 10 and this issue didn't showed up in the past. I deleted %appdata%, reinstalled (even earlier versions) and no fix atm. In a group call, after like 1 minute, the call drops. I changed my name in the curent state (from the login name to a different name) and after I restart Skype, it comes back to normal, as if there wasn't a change at all.  There are many other issues I have with Skype, so as a tl;dr I just can't use it, for anything at all. Any fix for this? Also, on Skype web, everything shows up, so the issue comes from the app. (I deleted some apps like Store, Skype preview, etc. because I don't use them and they gave me some Windows issues over the time, so I don't know if the Skype problem is from deleting those apps).

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    Skype used  to be so easy to download but then here comes Windows 8 and its SO not letting me download SKYPE and driving me crazy. I need this badly. HELP. 

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    Hi, I have a question thats very important to me. I have an android phone with skype app installed, it does not login automatically and there are 2 similar usernames both , usernames are the same word starting with the letter 'O'. 1 username is followed by -Y and the other by -YYY When about to login on thr Android skype app, with the skype username, when entering letter 'O' the 2 usernames appear on screen. At the moment the user name (USER-YYY appears above and USER-Y below) when going to login with skype app. Can anyone say definitively if the the 2 usernames are  saved randomly? or alphabetically or would the last login username by either above or below the other. its very important to know this. many thanks

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    Every time I try to shut down windows 10 an error message appears telling something about wrong memory addresses etc. The forum is full of such complains, so it must be a relatively common issue, however I don't have an asus sound card, but a creative sound blaster z. Skype also works fine in the older version (6.21, which is driving me mad trying to update). DirectX diag didn't uncover any problems as well. Also tried to uncheck I sign out sound - no difference. Please help!

  • Issue#2563: Skype - latest version and android 6 issues

    Since I installed the new skype on my nexus 5x  running android 6.0.1, I can't make calls to a phone (international) or when I can, it gives me an error: Unfrotunately Skype has stopped, with 2 options, to send a report or "OK" the UI is simpler but not very intuitive on how to make a call.  I've reinstalled the app twice already but no luck. anyone with similar issues

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    Ever since I upgraded to windows 10, my gaming experience has been difficult with friends because I cannot answer a skype call unless minimize my game, and the overlay is gone. I really want the overlay to come back for my gaming and social with friends

  • Issue#2806: Skype - Skype constantly crashing whenever I sign in (Windows 7)

    So My skype keeps crashing whenever I try to sign in. I literally installed it and it starts crashing. Here's the error log I get when it crashes. Problem signature:Problem Event Name: BEXApplication Name: Skype.exeApplication Version: Timestamp: 569d781aFault Module Name: StackHash_c2aeFault Module Version: Module Timestamp: 00000000Exception Offset: 0b24c298Exception Code: c0000005Exception Data&colon; 00000008OS Version: 6.1.7601. ID: 2057Additional Information 1: c2aeAdditional Information 2: c2ae1551780ae5166caf7a5eb91d859cAdditional Information 3: cf40Additional Information 4: cf40bcbb0927ef9da3bfa8c112aaf628 Anyone got any idea on how to fix it? Cheers

  • Issue#3855: Skype - Insufficient Privileges to Install on Windows 10

    I keep trying to install skype on my windows 10 computer.  I keep getting a message that "The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Skype.  The installation cannot continue. I tried running as administrator but that didn't help.

  • Issue#4251: Skype - unable to install skype on windows 10 64 bit

    when i try to install, it stops at this step and this screen takes forever to complete  Please help

  • Issue#4666: Skype - Bad Audio and cant host group calls since I upgraded to windows 10

    Hi Ever since my upgrade I have had problems with people hearing me on skype and with starting a group call or by adding individuals afterwords. Whats more is when others call me into a group call there is no video connection. Does anyone know how I can fix this? it is very frustrating. thanksKelly

  • Issue#5004: Android - Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#5125: Skype - Skype 7.18 constantly freezing on Windows 7

    Skype automatically updated to version 7.18 on my PC (although I had automatic updates disabled). However any version after 7.4 does not work properly on this machine, it constantly freezes to the point that it is impossible to have a written conversation with anyone as it goes into "not responding" every second time I click onto the Skype application. I was able to postpone this issue by using an older version (7.4 I think, or older than that), but since last week I tried many times do download an older version and automatically got the 7.18 instead. Is there a way to install again an old version?

  • Issue#5127: Skype - this photo is unavailable windows 7 IE11- when receiving

    Hi all,  when someone send me a photo, "this photo is unavailable" msg appears instead I am usingWin7 SP!,skype 7.18,IE11.0.9600 (Update versions 11.0.27) Already reinstalled skype,  Please help