Issue#526: AT&T Unlimited Data Plan for iPad

  • How much would you pay someone who is selling their grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan for $29.99/month for the iPad with unthrottled, unmetered LTE speeds? I have seen them going for over $1,000 regularly on eBay, and am wondering if this is worth it, or if it's outrageous.

    Please note: the question in the poll is asking how much you would pay to buy this type of account from someone, not how much you would pay on a monthly basis.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#436483: AT&T Unlimited Data Plan on iPad Pro

    I am planning on purchasing an iPad Pro. I currently have an iPad 3 with an AT&T Unlimited Data place that I first signed up for when I bought my original iPad. Does anyone know if I will be able to transfer unlimited data plan to my new iPad Pro when I purchase it?

  • Issue#1019326: AT&T grandfathered unlimited data plan on the iPad mini

    I have a grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan on my ipad 1 which has always been active on my account. When I tried to transfer the service to my ipad min, it doesn't allow me to activate the unlimited data plan. Does anyone know when AT&T turned off this option on the mini?

  • Issue#6636: unlimited data plan

    iv read that old accounts/established before the new data plans wont be affected by the new limited data plans?  Is this true?

  • Issue#29606: Android - Looking to take over someones Verizon Unlimited data plan!

    I am very interested in doing a transfer of liability with someone who has a verizon plan with unlimited data. Drop me a PM if interested. Thanks so much!!

  • Issue#37421: AT&T's New Unlimited Data Plan

    I waited a while, then Googled it to see if anyone else can do this also, but I can't find anything. Backstory: My family was on the old unlimited data plan with 5 lines. I left for Verizon years ago because two of my siblings had to use Virgin Mobile (not enough available lines on AT&T) and I knew I was going to have to get my own plan eventually, so I switched on they last day they offered unlimited, since AT&T didn't offer it anymore. My brother was able get on... AT&T's New Unlimited Data Plan

  • Issue#56447: I have an unlimited data plan. What is my hotspot data limit?

    I have an unlimited data plan. in fact, my entire family has unlimited data as well.I seem to remember it was 3gb at one point, but things have changed so much....What is my hotspot data limit? Thanks, Eric

  • Issue#134523: Android - buying an unlimited/no throttle hotspot/data plan. chime in!

    Im looking for an unlimited data/hotspot plan. No overages. No throttle. I know that currently no big name carriers offer them however i have seen them offered on eBay. I'm sure some are a scam but i hear some are legit. How do i go about differentiating between a legit offer and one that... buying an unlimited/no throttle hotspot/data plan. chime in!

  • Issue#182248: Giffgaff - If i was to buy a contract with unlimited data for a phone plan could i use it on a mobil

    If i was to buy a contract with unlimited data usage for a phone plan.  Could i use it on a mobile Huawei 4G mobile data.  So i could run my ipad mobile etc off it wirelessly?  Possibly stream music with it?Best regards Chris 

  • Issue#183789: Giffgaff - Tethering limits on unlimited data plan.

    Hello, I'm looking at getting an unlimited data plan (always on as they call it) but I was wondering what the limit is on tethering if any. Thanks, 

  • Issue#227733: How much are unlimited iPad AT&T data plans worth nowadays?

    I decided to sell mine - wondering what people think the going rate is - and the best way to transact a sale? Ebay? Thank, -Shaown

  • Issue#248545: MyRepublic Mobile plans - 2GB plan S$8 | $80 Unlimited Data Quote: SINGAPORE: Fibre broadband provider MyRepublic, which has stated its intent to be the nationÂ’s fourth telco, unveiled two mobile data plans for consumers on Wednesday (Mar 9). The company said consumers will have to pay S$80 per month for the unlimited data plan, while there is also the option of 2GB for S$8 monthly. As for current fibre customers, MyRepublic announced they will get 20 per cent off their monthly subscription if they sign up with the company between Oct 1, 2015, and Sep 30 this year. It had earlier announced that existing customers will get 12 months of unlimited data plans for free. Consumers can indicate their interest on its website from Wednesday, the Internet service provider added. Asked if the sign-up exercise is premature, considering it had yet to garner the requisite spectrum licenses to provide mobile services, a MyRepublic spokesperson said the s

  • Issue#253570: MyRepublic promises unlimited mobile data plan, but analysts sceptical

    MyRepublic has taken another stab at wooing subscribers for its potential entrance to the telco market by dangling discounts for its mobile data plans for early birds, even though the spectrum auction for Singapore’s fourth telco is still more than three months away. If it succeeds in entering the market, the unlimited data plan it had promised to offer since 2014 will cost S$80 a month — within the S$70 to S$80 price range it floated previously. Existing and new fibre broadband customers will get a 25 per cent discount (S$60). Those who signed up before Sept 30 last year will get 12 months of free unlimited mobile data, it had promised previously. Its 2GB mobile data plan will cost S$8 a month, with every GB of excess data consumed costing S$8. Existing and new broadband customers will pay S$6 for the same plan. MyRepublic’s prices for these two mobile data plans are set to be among the lowest vis-a-vis the competition. Currently, all three incumbent telcos — Singtel, StarHu

  • Issue#287811: Giving up my Grandfathered Verizon Unlimited Data plan 2016...

    Well, now that they raised the monthly price, I'm giving up the Unlimited data plan I think... is there anything I should know about before I do? Any incentives Verizon's offering or reasons not to that I should know about? I'd be going with a prepaid Verizon plan, so I can tether my laptop too, and not pay as much per month. Verizon has the best coverage in the places I lurk.

  • Issue#307337: Anyone here still on the starhub 3G unlimited data plan?

    I've been using my sis one and the speed/coverage getting damn cmi~ Anyone still on it??

  • Issue#308893: Giffgaff - Unlimited data plan that's clearly limoted

    I just bought the unlimited data plan but I am only able to use it for whatsapp and Facebook if I ax

  • Issue#324511: T-Mobile unlimited iPhone plan SIM swapped to iPad?

    Obviously it will work, but will there be repercussions? Will the data usage count against the tether allowance for that phone number? Or will it work as unlimited - perhaps throttle once it goes over 23GB? Appreciate the feedback if anyone has tried this on an unlimited plan.

  • Issue#330198: How to move unlimited AT&T data to new 9.7 iPad Pro?

    I currently have an iPad Air with unlimited AT&T data and plan on getting the new 9.7 iPad Pro. In the past I was able to roll my unlimited plan into a new iPad , but I don't recall how I did it. I assume I'll be able to do the same with the new Pro, but does anyone know the steps I'll need to take?

  • Issue#364143: Giffgaff - Upgrade to my new unlimited data plan immediately??

    I have no internet at home so purchased the £20 goodybag instead. Unfortunately, my £15 current bag has just started. Is there a way to upgrade my goodybag immediately? My net won't be fixed for over 2 weeks and I'm working from home at the moment which I can't do at the minute!

  • Issue#390034: T-Mobile Free Data Plan already expired on new iPad

    I just got my new iPad Pro 9.7 cellular yesterday. Today, I activated the sim card for the free T-Mobile plan (200 MB/month for life). I have that plan activated on a couple of other iPads, so I know this works... After the data plan activated, it saw the following under "Choose a Data Plan" under Settings --> Cellular Data: ---- T-Mobile - T-Mobile Expired ---- It won't let me connect to T-Mobile now. When I check the T-Mobile plan under "Add a New Plan," it says it is activated and... T-Mobile Free Data Plan already expired on new iPad

  • Issue#446141: Android - Verizon unlimited data plan is too expensive

    I pay $200 a month for unlimited data on my phone. Would it be cheaper to go with wifi and get a less expensive plan?

  • Issue#468625: Android - Cricket has a new $70 unlimited data plan

    With auto pay it goes down to $65 a month for unlimited data, talk, and text. Taxes included. Limited offer - get $100 if you port your number from T-Mobile. Starts April 17th:... Cricket has a new $70 unlimited data plan

  • Issue#470421: Cricket just announced an unlimited data plan @ $65/mo after $5 autopay discount, anyone getting it? Seems like a good deal at $25-30 less per month than T-mobiles $95/mo unlimited plan, along with a better network (AT&T's). Anyone plan on signing up? P.S. looks like if you switch from T-mobile they also include a $100 account credit as well.

  • Issue#549048: Giffgaff - How do I move my Gigabag data plan from an iPad4 to an iPad Pro? They have different size

    I've just bought an Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Cellular. I've been using an iPad4 Cellular and thought I could just move the SIM card from the iPad4 to the iPad Pro. I was wrong. The current SIM card is too large to fit the iPad Pro. Can anyone let me know what I need to do? I'm currently on a £7.50 gigabag data plan.

  • Issue#642034: On a grandfathered Unlimited Data plan. Is it worth buying 3G Unrestrictor?

    I know that ATT limits Unlimited plans and wondering if the tweaks still worth buying?

  • Issue#649478: Hp Data Pass - travel plan issue

    Hi! Last year activated the hp data pass in Italy, now want to use the tablet again in Paris (France listed as a coubtry available for the datapasss usage). I have topped up the account with the travel plan, but the systems says that: Current data plan Expires 2016-05-23 10:51 &Your account will revert to "Travel 250 MB" plan on 2016-05-23 10:51. BUT i need the travel data plan tomorrow already.... Or when i'm in the other country it'll be availible automatically? Thank you in advance.  

  • Issue#683307: You have used 631 mb from your unlimited plan and 351 on network data. What does this mean. Why two

    You have used 631 mb from your unlimited plan and 351 on network data. What does this mean. Why two data counts in my t mobile. I have the simply prepaid 5 gb plan.

  • Issue#713917: Giffgaff - Can i tether a data plan sim from ipad to imac?

    hi,Im moving into a new build flat later in the month and the line/internet wont go live for one week of being in the propertyso im looking at WIFI dongles/MIFI so i can access the internet through a mobile provider to use my desktop pc for surfing the net for those 7 days i see giffgaff havea data 1gb deal for £7 per month but for ipad sim card  With this sim, can i tether the data on the ipad so my imac can get wifi during those 7 days? if not, is there any other way with giffgaff to get internet access to my imac for a week? i will only be browing so 1gb would be enough thanks

  • Issue#745944: Giffgaff - Child's phone has no data. Plan is fully paid and is for unlimited data. Calls can be mad

    Child's phone has no data although service bar shows signal and 3G. Plan is fully paid up and is for unlimited data. Calls can be made out and received.  Needless to say its an iphone.  Any ideas?

  • Issue#768767: Optus - $40 My Plan Plus 12M data issue

    Hey guys, I signed up to the above plan which was supposed to include 6GB + 2GB of data per month for the first 12 months but in My Account it shows only 6GB. Has anyone else had this issue? Were you able to get it fixed? I seem to be going around in circles to get it fixed