Issue#644: Playstation - Twitch App not working anymore

  • FIrst off, I know this might not fit here but eh.. Second, the app was working for a good while, now I just get "CE-34878-0" error code. Appearnly, it just crashes at startup. I uninstalled, and reinstalled, but to no avail. So... whats up? I don't see this issue listed at Twitch, so it must be on the PS4/Sony side. Please fix, I love twitch to death, and am forced to watch it on my laptop or phone now :/

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  • Issue#4998: Playstation - Twitch app down, Error CE-34878-0

    Anybodys twitch app crashing . My been down for 4 days

  • Issue#11383: Playstation - PlayStation video app on ps4 not working

    Hi, when I go to start the PlayStation video - my videos app it keeps saying "an error occurred during communication with the server" can you help thanks

  • Issue#60103: Playstation - Refreshing License Issue Still Not working

    To start I've1. Downloaded both the trailers that Dan _OMara suggested2. Playback both trailers3. Still half my video library isn't working Is there anything else I can do?

  • Issue#241303: Playstation - PSN app/ Gamertag issue

    My original gamertag was unavailable when creating the account. Regardless on PSN app or website. It forced me to use a new ID and now will not associate any of my actual info to account because this new ID isnt an actual gamer tag i use. Sony customer service via phone and chat was like talking to a wall. All i want to do is access my true PS4 tag from the app. Any help is appreciated

  • Issue#269011: Android - Bluetooth issue: Tile app is not working

    My favorite app, Tile, can't find my tiles. Bluetooth is on but they don't show up. Are there any known Bluetooth issues with S7?

  • Issue#271590: Playstation - Twitch Chat Not Working on Live From Playstation

    Is Sony aware that Twitch are migrating to new chat servers? It appears that for streamers that have been moved, chat does not work in Live From Playstation. My bet is that LFP chat isn't connecting to the correct/new servers. You can check a stream with this link If it comes back "main", stream is on the old servers still. If it comes back "aws" you're on the new servers, and LFP chat will not work for you. I get extra exposure from LFP and chat with a lot of ppl on LFP. Until this is fixed, nobody on PS4 can chat with me on my stream. Comments don't even show in the sidebar if you enable it. They have to go to Twitch. Is Sony aware and if so when are they going to fix it?

  • Issue#307308: Playstation - Playstation Vue keeps saying we're working on an issue

    Can't even subscribe. Why??

  • Issue#356076: Playstation - Issue with purchase from Playstation Store mobile app

    I purchased the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 season pass tonight from the mobile app.For some reason, though, it won't register to the game itself. It showed as purchased on my services, and I have all of the receipts that were sent via email. I show the funds leaving my account as well. But when I go to 'My Add-Ons', it won't show up. I've restored my licenses, reactivated as my primary PS4 and deleted and re-downloaded the game. But it doesn't work. I don't know what else to do

  • Issue#371733: Playstation - PS4 Youtube app issue

    In the last 2 days, I've had the youtube app sign me out 3 times while I am watching a video. I am unable to sign back in until I shut off the PS4.

  • Issue#378255: Playstation - Twitch app not launching.

    My controller is working fine and I can navigate around the main menu just find but as soon as i open an app (madden16, gta, nba2k16, netflix, youtube) it stops wrking and I can no longer interact, every app is working but I can no longer interact with the games.  Like the app says "PRESS ANY BUTTON" and when I press a button it doesn't work.  I have tried restarting my ps4, closing the apps and everything but nothing is wroking, please help.

  • Issue#395048: Playstation - twitch app over scan

    Hey guys, i know this question had been answered before but my issue is more than overscan. I know this because I've tried changing the aspect ratio on my tv, adjust screen size in settings, and changing the resolution. Everything else works including my games, hulu, and YouTube it's just twitch that has this problem. Can anyone help me adjust the screen size for the twitch app please?

  • Issue#416554: Playstation - PS4 System Update 3.50 Mic Issue! Beats & Apple Headphones Not Working

    Neither 2 pair of beats that i have (WHICH IVE ALWAYS BEEN USING PERFECTLY FINE) or the annoying Ringing Apple Headphones work for me anymore after this update. You can hear the audio coming through but neither mics work now cause of this update and i've tried restarting the console. Why cant you's make a good working update without ruining something else.     Mod Edit: Moved thread to support area, updated title. --GrainneNessa

  • Issue#428085: Playstation - Remote Play App not working

    Whenever I try to start the app I get a .NET Framework error with this dialog See the end of this message for details on invokingjust-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.************** Exception Text **************System.BadImageFormatException: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)at RemoteplayUI.RemotePlayWindows.Initialise(IntPtr hWnd)at RemoteplayUI.RemotePlayWindows.(Object , EventArgs )at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e)at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnCreateControl()at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl(Boolean fIgnoreVisible)at System.Windows.Forms.Control.CreateControl()at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmShowWindow(Message& m)at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m)at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WmShowWindow(Message& m)at System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc(Message& m)at RemoteplayU

  • Issue#431408: Playstation - shut down issue after 3.50 but not anymore?

    I myself had my PS4 shut down on me during a movie for the first time on Wednesday. I knew something was immediately wrong when I tried to turn it back on bc it would not boot up. It would try to turn on but all I would get is a strange noise (thought it was the disc drive or hard drive) and go dead. After about 10 mins it would successfully turn back on but wouldn't stay on for more than a few mins. Since then I've rebuilt the database, called customer service, they had me initialize my console but it still would shut down on me.As of right now I'm waiting for my box in the mail to get it serviced but I've had it running for almost 3 hours and it seems to be normal? I'm not sure if I should send it in or just cancel it the service.

  • Issue#465783: Playstation - Twitch app

    I've had a twitch account for awhile now,and it's been liked with my ps 4. But the other day when I started the app I noticed I wasn't logged into twitch anymore like I'm usually am. So when I went to relog into twitch it wants me to do a again with the code. This is what I had to do for the very first time I linked my ps 4 to this. So for some reason it only is doing this with the ps 4 twitch app. Funny thing is I can stream on my ps 4 with no problem. I just can't chat or log into twitch through the app. One other thing I've tried doing the with the code again,but I can't find a place to enter it anywhere on the site. Anyone have any idea what's going on?     

  • Issue#555094: Playstation - PlayStation app is not working.

    When I hit login the loading Symbol comes up and all I get is a white screen been like this for 2 months Now. I tweeted Psn support for help and got the same old uninstall and reinstall the app.

  • Issue#591877: Playstation - Spotify app on PS3 won't work anymore

    I have a PS3, and have used Spotify a billion times... but for days now, it has just got stuck on the loading screen, with the logo and the dots.Spotify works on my PC, and my other apps are working fine, so it's not an issue with my Internet connection or my Spotify account.Any advice would be much appreciated

  • Issue#599258: Playstation - Heasets P2 not working anymore???

    I always used my Earbuds Apple to play and for chat, by connecting it into my dualshock 4.Now it is not working! What is happening? Headsets with P2 plugs are not compatible anymore??? Thank you for helping.

  • Issue#631792: Playstation - acknowledged issue / working on thread

    I was thinking it would be helpful if Naughty Dog had a thread that was locked from comment that showed a list of acknowledged glitches / issues and also another thread of what they have in the pipelines. This could really cut down on multiple threads being posted. We would still be able to post discussions to talk about said things but it would be a great quick place to see whats going on. If they have this and I am not seeing it please point it out.

  • Issue#653551: Playstation - Why isn't the messaging app not working still?

  • Issue#718949: Playstation - Twitch app video quality after 1.09

    After the 1.09 patch for the Twitch app the video quality has dipped. It used to automatically switch to source quality and now it only goes up to high quality. My internet connection hasn't changed either. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried contacting Twitch but their customer support leaves more to be desired.

  • Issue#737464: Playstation - vue app not working

    my ps4 works fine with all apps and online gaming. but my playstation vue app isnt working well at all

  • Issue#760445: Playstation - Plunder is finally working properly, but the biggest issue is still replayability.

    As a prominent UC competitive voice & player that only finds joy in playing tournaments or UMG matches due to the game lacking anything worthwhile to dedicate time on. I'd say thats a failure for U4 when outside of competitive most people just afk in lobbies until a match, it means that the game's replayability is based on an external website, personal want and winning. Losing a serious match usually ends up with the team demoralized and without anything else to do alot of clans just die right there. With ND not apparently wanting to promote dedication or competitive (which is actually top 3 on UMG in terms of activity) this game's great setting is generally wasted. At least back on U3 you could somewhat base player skill on the stats card, make a nice emblem, check friends on working leaderboards or just go for the max level or 100 000 kills.Id love to see this game become a competitive name, at least for consoles, as it deserves it. But not in the hands of a company that neglects

  • Issue#762691: Playstation - [ISSUE] 4 DS4 Controllers Not Working on PS4s

    We've had this issue for the better part of two weeks now, and it's getting to that point where I'm ready to throw all four controllers and both consoles in the trash!  One by one, all controllers suddenly decided to stop charging via the PS4, wall outlet or PC. Now, they will no longer sync to either of our PS4s. We've even had friends over this weekend and the controllers are unable to sync to theirs as well! - Our phones connect and charge fine via the USB ports on both consoles, so the issue is not there.- I can even sync all four controllers via bluetooth to all of our Android devices.- I have held down the reset buttons on all four controllers.- I've tried holding down the PS button while booting up the PS4s (when light is flashing blue)- I've tried the solution on this thread: I've even taken apart one of the control

  • Issue#826534: Playstation - iOS 10 & PlayStation message app issue

    I just updated my iPhone to iOS 10 and the PlayStation message app is not working with this version of iOS. Please fix the issue so I can chat with my crew! 😎

  • Issue#829640: Playstation - Roku app issue when trying to watch live TV

    I keep getting an error on some channels saying "The airing will expire before it can be completed". Anyone else having this problem? I noticed it happens usually close to the top of the hour.

  • Issue#845024: Playstation - PS app issue

    I was trying to change my profile picture, but it keeps saying " Cannot change your profile picture", what should I do to change my profile picture then?

  • Issue#848475: Playstation - Hulu app back button(circle) not working

    While using hulu app can't back up using the circle button on universal remote for PS4 model 051-038-NA. The PS4 controller works fine as well as other apps. It seems like a line a code is missing on the Hulu app to make the button on the remote work. Everything else works fine. The remote's manufacturer said to contact SONY for app support. Hopefully we can get this fix on a future update. This seems to be a common issue since other users have complained about the problem. Thanks.

  • Issue#967313: Playstation - Is PS working on the freezing issue with Fire Tv ?

    Is PS working on the freezing issue with Fire Tv ?No issues tell  day or so ago Thanks Rick