Issue#645: Playstation - Need to merge old PS3 account with new PS4 account

  • Hi


    I had an account with my PS3 

    I played Rock Band 3 on this acocut and have purchassed a lot of music.


    I upgraded to a PS4 and created a new account 

    I have Rock Band 4 now and want to get all the old music I had for RB3 on hte PS3


    How can I get the two accounts merged?


    I hav ehte names and emails for the accounts.


    Please help


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    i for got my password for my ps3 account to convert it out to my ps4 

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    Gave my PS3 to my brother so we could play Helldivers cross town when he can't come over. Currently the PS3 is using my PSN. 1.Can I play with him or does he need to setup another PSN? 2. If we can play how to I find the PS3 and friend it (which I guess is basically freinding myself)? Thanks I've spent some time trynig to find this info. Some have said they have been able to crossplay same games like this before on the same PSN. 

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    So I have a PS3 for a long time, but after a series of events I forgot the passowrd to my original account and set the date for the password reset at a random date. And when I got a PS4 I had no choice but to create a new account. Now I wish to sign in on my PS3 with the PS4 account, but for whatever reason I am unable to. What should I do? Should I just create a new account for the PS3?

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    I have been asking my self if you could play on ps3 if you're account was made on ps4. I want to get a ps3 to play on my account made on the ps4 but know if i could use it on ps4

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    Hey guys, I have recently (within 2 months) transferred over to a PS4. Making the account, I tried linking my main ps3 account to my Ps4, but I can't remember my old email. and when I checked online on, my email had been reset, and recycled due to inactivity. (because I haven't logged onto my PS3 since I have gotten my PS4) Is there any way to recover the PSN name that I originally had? I have been playing on a new account that is slightly differently named than my old main. I want to recover my old PSN because I'm planning on streaming on PS4, and I want my name to be consistent across all platforms, (I stream PC on my main name, Yepr).  If anyone can help, that'd be dandy! Thanks!!!

  • Issue#212727: Playstation - Sub Account from PS3 upgraded to Master on PS4, lost PS Plus on both accounts

    Had a PS3 since 2007 and upgraded to a PS4 about a year or so ago. When doing the upgrade from one system to another, upon signing into the PS4, it had noticed that I had 2 sub accounts associated with the account. It had asked if I wanted to upgrade those to a Master account. When doing so, I can no longer purchase any of the PS Plus content purchases from the PSN Store using those 2 previous sub accounts. The only account at the login screen showing the PS Plus account icon is the original Master. Has anybody else experienced this and if so, how did you rectify the situation? I won't be purchasing another 2 PS Plus cards just for those 2 accounts, that's absurd to pay $150/yr just so that all 3 of the accounts can have the same benefits.

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    I have a new account for my ps4 but my original ps3 account I can't transfer my stuff because my email isn't verified on it and I don't remember my password for it either I tried calling sony couple months ago but said there was nothing they can do can someone help me on resolving this issue?

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    If i enter my new psn card on my ps4, will it carry over to my ps3? I play Destiny on both systems. My last dlc was entered on my ps3 and some content was not available with my ps4 avatars. System said i had to buy the content. Just like i had to buy 2 TTK.

  • Issue#365509: Playstation - Signing Into PS3 Account on PS4 Resets Online ID

    So, I wanted to go to one of my old PS3 accounts to link it and continue playing GTA Online with my previous characters. I finally changed my password and was able to log in, and when adding a new user, it made me get a new Online ID and set up almost as if it were a new PSN account (But not going through all of the same steps). I am wondering that if now, instead of my old Online ID (LJB1235) it will be the new one I chose (TheSucitivel) since it said my old ID was taken. I believe that when I try to link via my Rockstar Social Club, it won't work since I now have a new Online ID. Any help?

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    I am currently playing on PS3 with a specific account that I would like to keep when In the near future I move to the PS4 console.This Data is exetremely important as it contains my GTA V Online character which is the main reason of me moving on. I would like to know if doing a system restore before giving it to my cousin would affect my PSN account or GTA V character ( which depends on the account).Thank you.

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    Somehow (dont know how  my kid messing around one of the consoles froze the accounts on the PS Network. I can't play online, see Netflix, HULU or any other app that may need the sign in. I tried restoring the password without succeseful results. Today I noticed that can logged through the PC with my account and previous password very well. Not in the consoles tough. How can I fix this problem.

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    Keeps saying cannot sign in to another players sign in id

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    My ps4 won't let me use my PSN account on my PS3 what do I do? 

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    I had an account on my PS3 in which I just left there but I want to go back to my PS3 with my PS4 account but I'm concerned if it will mess something up can anybody tell me if it's alright to do this task?

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    I recently got a ps4 and I'm using my old account , I sold the pa3 to someone but my account is still on there and they are using it to play on the ps3 , is there a way to delete the account from the ps3 but without deleting it from the ps4 ?

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    Just wondering how i can sync my ps4 and ps3 playstation accounts. My ps3 is using the wrong email address for my account and the network is not letting me change it.

  • Issue#921470: Playstation - Someone is logged into my PS3 account and it's affecting my PS4 gameplay.

    I recently sold my PS3 because I haven't played it since I got my PS4. Before selling it I did not reset the system to its default settings. Now someone has logged into my PS3 account and is adding/deleting friends from my list. Their messages are also coming to my PS4 system and cell phone. I really don't want to make a new account as I have invested several hundreds of dollars irl into this account. Is there any way I can have my PS3 account deactivated through Playstation Support?

  • Issue#925214: Playstation - When i log in with my original PS3 account on Ps4, i appear offline to friends.

    Só i erased my original ps4 account just to start with my original account of ps3. But when i log in with that account of ps3 on Ps4 i appear offline to other friends. How can i fix this? Is there any trick?

  • Issue#1005197: Playstation - Transferring my account from ps3 to ps4

    Hello I bought a ps4 and want transfer my account. But on my ps3 my sign in id starts with www for some reason it has work liked that since I made it. Now I need to do a password reset but I am not receiving the email. If I type my email without the www it says its a invalid email. Please help me as I do not want to lose my data. My user id is Geelperd

  • Issue#1013302: Playstation - Ps4 won't load my Ps3 account

    My ps4 has an internet connection, And i can even get on its internet and log into my ps3 psn account. I noticed my ps3 is the primary activated device, So maybe i need to activate my Ps4, But no i have to get on its Psn first. When i try to sign in with my email and password, It only sits there loading. I also quick initialized it, to clear anything hindering to my new account access. Im itching to get content and play DOOM as well as SFV online.

  • Issue#1013303: Playstation - Ps4 wont load Ps3 account

    My ps4 has an internet connection, And i can even get on its internet and log into my ps3 psn account. I noticed my ps3 is the primary activated device, So maybe i need to activate my Ps4, But no i have to get on its Psn first. When i try to sign in with my email and password, It only sits there loading. I also quick initialized it, to clear anything hindering to my new account access. Im itching to get content and play DOOM as well as SFV online.

  • Issue#1067054: Playstation - PSN Account on PS3 and PS4

    I have a PS3 and PS4 and when I got my ps4 I created a new PSN account without thinking about it...a silly decision that now haunts me as I'm finding the issue extremely difficult to fix. For one, it took a long time and a lot of PlayStation Network "experts" to help me figure out how to sign into the same account on both playstations because I kept getting the "you cannot sign in using another user's sign in ID" error when I would try on either one. This was fixed by creating a new user on my PS4... The problem now is that I would prefer to use the PSN account that I made on my PS4, not the one on my PS3, and I can't figure out how to get it to let me sign in with it on the PS3. Is this just not possible?Thank you for the help, I am a little more than frustrated!

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    im trying to log in my email on the ps 3 with my ps4 account but it won't do it help I'm trying to put my current email on PS3 but still wouldn't do it

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    I would like to know how i can transfer my account id from ps3 to ps4. 

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  • Issue#189: Playstation - PS3 Freezing when I connect to PSN on account

    Okay, I just recently went out and bought a Slim PS3 cech2003B console to replace the old fat console I had dying from YLOD issues. I had opened the fat console up to clean out occasionally as it had a terrible knack for building dust, but never affected gameplay until the YLOD. I bought a slim thinking ti would fix a lot of my issues. The last few days, I've been online playing Black Ops 2 and GTA V when my console started freezing. It's fine when I don't sign into PSN and I play games, but whenever I connect To PSN it freezes and crashes constantly. I had noticed that there was times when connected to PSN my screen would flicker constantly for a minute or so, but then it would be fine. Just curious if any of you have an idea what could be causing it? Cheers in advance

  • Issue#1516: Playstation - Is it possible to merge a sub-account into the parent account?

    I'd like to retain my username, E-mail, trophies, etc. that are on my sub-account and retain the wallet and online passes on the main account.I am 19 years old and a sub-account is quite restrictive.I have login details for both the sub and main accounts if you need them.

  • Issue#3324: Playstation - There's only 1 PS4 registered with my account....yet its not me?

    A Couple of days ago, I was playing Fallout 4 when I was suddenly logged out of my account. To be honest, I thought it was one of my friends who just wanted to play a game or update one using my account, so I brushed it off at first. Till I realized something, none of my friends have my PSN account on their ps4. It only gets weirder from here, as I went to the playstation network account manager (On the website mind you) and found only 1 PS4 has my account on it, which is most likely mine as I was JUST playing on my account, yet it's not the primary ps4? And to add even MORE to the weirdness, I somehow "Deactivated all Devices with my account" before and can't do it again. Something I didn't even know existed until a few minutes ago when @AskSonyplaystation on twitter told me about it. Would someone like to tell me the f*** is going on?