Issue#8675: Fairphone - Sim card problem

  • @hakwel wrote:

    I keep getting errors saying my sim card is not available. Problem is solved by reactivating the sim card, but still annoying to do this once a day.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#243947: Fairphone - Dual SIM card selection software issue

    @janosch wrote: Continuing the discussion from FP2: How to use the Dual SIM feature?: Hello everyone, Since I am currently living in the United States, I am using the dual SIM feature of the FP2 to use my American and German plan on the same time. Like @moritzheinz, I also have the problem that my phone consequently uses the wrong SIM card. The steps he described (In the telephone app go to: Settings -> Call Settings -> Phone Account Settings -> Make calls with ... and change to the correct card), work fine. Nevertheless they are just a workaround for a bug in the Android system, which prevents the phone app from using the general settings (Only the option "Ask every time" seems to get synchronized). This is not only annoying, but also expensive. A call, which is routed from the United States to Germany and back to the United States is really nothing you want to see on your bill. I opened an new topic for this bug to raise awareness (to prevent at least other people fr

  • Issue#8678: Fairphone - Problem with SD-card after every reboot

    @aTrooper wrote: Hi,I just my 64GB micro sd card some month with my other phone. I inserted the card in the FP2, erased the card and copied some backups via wifi on it. After a while I rebooted the phone and there was no sd card. At the storage options I just found two buttons (mount and erase). Mount doesn't work, so the only option was erasing. Posts: 7 Participants: 3 Read full topic

  • Issue#66776: Giffgaff - problem with my sim card

    My sim is saying invalid

  • Issue#92290: Problem with giffgaff sim card

    I have a iphone 3gs & I have registered my Giffgaff Sim. When I try to purchase credit or a goodybag it says there's a problem with my Giffgaff Sim. I have rebooted my phone more than once & have contacted a Giffgaff agent and no one has come back to me yet. I can't top up using a voucher as I don't know my phone number yet hence why I need to top up online. Anyone else had this problem? All help will be appreciated x

  • Issue#99010: Sim Card Problem

    Hi- I need your help...ever since I received the phone it has been saying SIM card error and the last couple days it has locked up to where I cannot make calls and says invalid card. Even when I power cyle it continues to do this. I am very pregnant and

  • Issue#157182: Fairphone - Not registering my sim card

    @Ehfair wrote: Hi there,I'm just setting up my new fair phone 2 but it is not recognising my SIM card. Any ideas what to do? I am connected to the network but not having any luck when playing around in sim settings.I've tried it in both the SIM card holders.Thanks,Emma Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#196164: Fairphone - The SIM-card's name in sms

    @elka1 wrote: In every text I send stands the name of the SIM-card at the top of the message. I don't want to read the name of the SIM-card everytime I read a text so how do I get it away? Have tryed to not write anything at all on the line for the SIM-card's name but the phone doesn't accept that. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#197168: Sim card issue with new Moto G (erd gen)?

    Got this phone on Friday, replacing a Moto E.  Followed all the prompts, etc. and was happily texting all day.  Last night my texts stopped I couldn't use Google, nor make a call.  My daughter said my phone "wasn't

  • Issue#207888: Will a locked O2 network Nokia phone take my giffgaff sim card without any problem?

    Can anyone help with my subject? 

  • Issue#227115: How exactly do I install my SIM card (fairphone 2)?

    @LinLin wrote: Ok, I have watched the tutorials online on installing the SIM card, but I have three problems the videos don't answer. One, which slot do I use? there are three and I don't know what kind of SIM card I have. And do I use the adapter that make the card bigger or not? Two, which way does the little diagonal corner go? In the videos they block the view of the orientation of the card! And three, the videos show the card sliding in easily. But I cannot slide my card in. Yes, I removed the battery, but there is no room to slide the card in. __Thank you for your help! I am looking forward to using my Fairphone. Posts: 4 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#228758: Android - Sim card issue for S4

    I "adopted" my husband older S4 that works fine when he got a new phone. When I put my brand new sim card in it, the phone would not recognize that there was a sim inserted. I confirmed on another Samsung that the sim works, and the phone worked with the original sim right before I took it out.... Sim card issue for S4

  • Issue#236670: Giffgaff - Problem with sim card

    I have put my sim card in my new phone and it comes up with SIM network unlock PIN. What do I have to do?

  • Issue#242051: Giffgaff - Hello guys, I have a problem with my SIM card, which was activated yesterday evening time

    My new SIM card was activated yesterday evening time and it was sim swap to the new shape( nano) , card was new and I bought goodybag for £15 . Should I wait to the end of day because this card doesn't work, no calls, messages, no internet connection. Yesterday also was day when my old number goes to giffgaff account but I do the swap when it was done ! What to do ?

  • Issue#251973: Lenovo - Problem whit Sim Card Upgrade version

    When I upgraded to the latest version , the phone does not recognize my SIM card , restore factory information , but still does not recognize 

  • Issue#257750: Fairphone - FP2 looses sim card (only SMS/phone) randomly until reboot

    @Valentin_Schaeidt wrote: It happened several times now, that my data connection worked just as expected, while I was not able to make calls or send/receive SMS.That behaviour can be fixed temporary by rebooting, but usually it is annoying, because I do only notice when people complain about on less present communication channels. Background: I have one sim card, O2 Germany, in slot1.My default SMS app is signalI am usually not calling anybody.The mobile data connection is not affected by that problem (which is weird IMO) Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#262243: Google Nexus One: No sim card problem

    Hi all, My nexus one obstinately refuses to recognize the sim card that I insert in it. It is not sim-locked, as no unlock code is asked. Instead, the usual message appears: "no sim card, emergency calls only". Well, I guess the sim card tray is dead, unless you have other explanations..? There is a good Ifixit tutorial to replace the sim card tray, but I have been unable to find where I could by the part. Any idea? Thanks for your help!

  • Issue#292765: Fairphone - Import from sim card

    @annette wrote: Hi, as I have imported my contacts from my sim to my fair phone it only imports 45 of my contacts, but I have around 150 on my sim card. Anybody who have any idea why it doesn't import all my contacts? And does anybody know if I also can import my old sms' and how to do that? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#310797: Fairphone - How to refresh SIM-card info or clear cache?

    @rynn wrote: I have put a SIM-card into the FP2, that was not yet registered by the provider. It showed “Netz” (Net) as provider and no number. After registration the cards works, phone-calls in and out and data is fine, but the settings still show do not show network/provider and number: Screenshot_2016-03-17-13-25-09.png1080x1920 81 KB I tried to reboot, took the card out, even replaced it temporarily with another SIM, but it does not help- The FP2 has cached the false infomation.So how can I get the FP2 to rescan the SIM or clear the cache. Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#320529: Fairphone - 1&1 Sim Card (german provider) does not work with FP2 for some reason, need help

    @uberjack wrote: Ok, so I am actually not really sure wants wrong here, but for some reason my FP2 seems to have a problem with a certain german provider called 1&1. I got a laptop sim card from them to make the most of my dual sim with 3GB traffic a month (LTE). The thing is, that my android seems to have this card locked at 2G with no way to choose. I tried to other sim cards and they both worked fine, they were set on 4G and I was able to choose 3G or 2G (not that anyone would want to that). The provider already sent me a new sim card, but it has the same problem. I switched the sim slots, nothing happened. I tried the sim card in my girlfriends phone, 4G internet, no problem. Does anyone have an idea what I can do about this? I signed a 2 year contract for 10€ a month for this card, so it would REALLY suck if it didnt work! Posts: 4 Participants: 4 Read full topic

  • Issue#356426: Sim card problem after Android update

    My Moto G 2nd generation updated to Android 6.0, and I left my SD card as "portable". I found that I had lost the option to transfer apps to the card, but not being ultra-tech-savvy, I assumed that, with the upgrade, this was because they were being installed there automatically. However, when... Sim card problem after Android update

  • Issue#358547: Fairphone - Giffgaff SIM issue

    @bleatkins wrote: i just got a sim-only fairphone 2. my giffgaff sim is recognised in Settings/SIM cards with the correct details (operator, number) but the sim icon is crossed out and lock screen displays message: No SIM - No Service. so on the one hand, phone knows the sim is there; on the other, sim is not being allowed to supply any data to the phone. i tried putting sim in other sim slot; changing sim name to O2-UK instead of giffgaff (message appeared saying 'please enter valid sim name'. please help! thanks Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#397456: Giffgaff - Have problem to active my SIM nano card.

    Have problem to active my SIM nano card.Have an Iphone-5S and Ive been using the same SIM card for a week in 2 different devices. (Iphone-4 and Iphone-5). At this moment I´ve ordered a new SIM and activated but it doesnt work. I can´t received incoming calls neither make calls and don´t have wifi. Can anybody help me, please?  Many thanks

  • Issue#482410: Giffgaff - sim card problem

    I damaged my Giff Gaff sim so i ordered a new keep my number it says get a PUK from your previous provider....IS O2 the same PUK AS G/GAFF.If anyone can help me though the procces i would be gratefull.I have activated the new sim .I have a full signal but cannot make any calls or set up data until my number is changed...

  • Issue#505084: Lenovo - Moto G2 Dual sim (non-LTE) - micro-SD card issue

    I am using Moto G 2nd Gen XT 1068 Dual Sim (non-LTE) phone with Android ver 6.0 While using this phone with two sim cards(but without the micro SD card), if I insert a8/32GB micro-SD card, the sim connection #2 islost immediately and permanently. It does recognize that same micro SD card if onlyone sim is operational.  Is this phone designed to work with micro-SD cardonly when one sim is used, or should it work withmsd card even when both sim cards are loaded?  Thanks

  • Issue#521880: Fairphone - Valid SIM card - now it is the third valid card in three months

    @Angela_Lahmer-Hackl wrote: I need fairphone help immidiatly, because it es not funny to buy a new SIM card every month.What shall I do? Angela Lahmer-Hackl Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#531736: Fairphone - What SIM card to use?

    @VerhaagGerard wrote: Hi FairPhone Users, I'm currently not yet a FairPhone user, but are seriously considering buying one! But, I was wondering whether there are SIM cards one can better not use in a FairPhone 2? Regards,Gerard Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#536522: Giffgaff - problem sim card

    i stel wait whit my problem with my sim card.on my acount stel show my active ur acount ist all ready 1 month

  • Issue#567539: Giffgaff - my problem is i activated a new sim card and i do not received my bonus

    I activated a new sim card and i do not received my free 5 poud bonus

  • Issue#600072: Problem with phone following removal of GiffGaff SIM card

    Hi there I have just swapped out my GiffGaff SIM card with a 3 SIM card (just to see if the 3 one was still working!). My phone didn't accept the 3 SIM card - my phone displayed a message saying that no SIM was inserted. Unfortunately the same thing is now happening when I re-insert my GiffGaff SIM card. I'm going away for a week tomorrow and REALLY need my SIM card to work! Any help or ideas would be much appreciated! Many thanksJon