Issue#8694: Fairphone - FP2: incoming calls --> 5s until screen turns-on

  • @therob wrote:

    If I get an incoming call my FP2 rings (and vibrates if option is activated), but the screen takes about 5-10s until it turns-on and only then I can see who is calling.

    • Did I messed up any setting?
    • Does anybody experiences the same behaviour?
    • Any idea where I can look for a solution?

    Btw: is there an option to enable an "increasing ring tone" (starting with vibrating and then ringing very quite--->ascending to the max. ringtone loudness set in options)?
    If not: I hope GravityBox will soon be installable to the FP2 as it brings us this feature...

    Cheers, Robert

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    @Rosamund wrote: Hi there FP2 community,I emailed support on Thursday 25th February about this problem with my new phone but am still waiting on a reply, so I might as well email the community and see if any of you could shed some light on it. Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated as my exact problem doesn't seem to be here in the forum. Here is the email I sent to support: Good morning Fairphone support, I’ve been having problems with my FP2, which I received Wednesday 17th Feb and started to use Thursday 18th.The problems that I have been having are: the phone constantly turns itself off without warning (not the reboot problem like a lot of people seem to be having), when I charge the phone I get a strange screen that shows what the inside of the phone looks like with an image of a blue battery filling up on top of that, and the Skype app wouldn’t work (when I signed in it just kept exiting the app; returning me to the main FP menu screen. Other minor probl

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    @michel_iwaniec wrote: Somehow it seems my FP2 has acquired a very nasty burn-in-like artefact in the recent week or so: In most white backgrounds, it is just vaguely noticeable as a whiter-than-white blobby angled 'L'-shaped line on the bottom of the screen and a few random blobby dots. But it is very noticeable on darker screens, and particularly on the bootup screen where I first noticed it. The funny thing is that the ugly 'L'-pattern looks like a typical screen burn-in, it doesn't remind me of anything I've been displaying on the device. So I am at a loss as to how this has actually happened. As I'm suffering from the ghost touch problem I've already been promised a new screen by support when they are back in stock. But I am wondering if there's anything you can do to prevent this from happening when I presumably get a non-ghost-touching screen? It really adds insult to injury if the phone that was said to last 5 years turns out to need a new screen upgrade every second month

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