Issue#899370: Radio Control - Anyone Else Spend More Time Fixing Their Quad Than Flying It?

  • Hmmm... So over the past few months I've probably spent 5 times as much time fixing quads than flying them. I'm just curious if anyone else has had similar experiences where you spend more time on the bench than in the air.

    My experience over the past few months so far, I think I'm trending at getting about 4 packs in between serious crashes. :eek:

    - Fly first pack LOS, quad loses orientation and I cut the motors and drop it at the end of a field, gets dragged off into the woods by a Fox as I'm chasing after it never to be seen again... 10 days grounded.
    - Fly for a day then crash at 60mph into a concrete wall.. 7 days grounded waiting for parts.
    - Get brand new quad, crash twice into a tree and I figured out later it snagged some wiring. Flying 100 feet in the air practicing back flips when the motors cut out, plowed nose first in a full speed dive into soft dirt, leaving a 5" crater, nose breaks off and quad is lodged in the dirt... 8 days grounded.
    - Flying above a parking lot around some trees when a vine hanging 60 feet in the air gets sucked into props. Quad does a flip and plows into concrete while accelerating trying to right itself, motor, arm, all props and PDB shredded... 6 days grounded.
    - Flying above a dirt field when defective motor decides to end it's short life, plowed into the dirt from 100 feet up. Quad is mostly OK, but I'm not one to take chances, replacing everything that looks damaged or bent... still waiting on parts...

    I'm not sure if I'm just very unlucky or a bit too reckless with this hobby. :popcorn:

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  • Issue#25445: Radio Control - Cheap, larger quad for sport flying..

    I'm looking for a quad with the following characteristics: 1.) Large-ish - i.e. 450 - 600 2.) Cheap 3.) Robust 4.) Can be flown aggressively 5.) I eventually want the option of a front-mounted gimbal though.. 6.) Bullet connectors 7.) Preferably not a boring X-shape Not terribly concerned about GPS, telemetry etc.. for starters. First I just want to get a flier together, and later a gimbal, and maybe FPV. I enjoy flying my 250 quad and hex, but I currently fly primarily LOS - and like LOS - so I need something bigger, which I can still fly fast. Not like 3D - but "sportily" let's say.. Maybe even flips and rolls some day.. But I do want power for full-throttle punch outs and fast screaching turns etc.. I'm not compltely new to this. I've had a Blade 350QX2 for over a year, and have recently been flying 250's. I've been looking at the XJ470, which looks good, but I'm not sure if it's really what I'm looking for (one crash, buy a whole new frame?..) I also like the looks of

  • Issue#30476: Radio Control - Quad drops out of the air, suspect Emax 1806 2300kv de-synch or motor issue?

    Hi All, I was hoping some quadcopter experts could help me diagnose a quadcopter issue. I have a ZMR250 quad (had about 1 month) with naze32 FC, 4x DYS BL20A ESC and 4x Emax 1806 2280KV motors. The issue i'm having is that the quad sometimes just drops out of the air! I can fly for a while then it just drops out of the sky, once it occurs it seems to re-occur more frequently. When it occurs the motor does not feel hot. I don't think its a power delivery issue, it flys ok for a while till the issue occuers, all motors connect to the same power distribution board and the connections are good, if it was a power issue I think other motors/ESCs would have the issue too. I'm using 1300mAH 45C battery which should be fine. This has been happening for a few weeks now or at least more frequently over the past few weeks. Trouble shooting I have tried: 1) Checked all connections 2) Initially I would stop the motors to prevent damage when it crashed. I searched for possible issue and I think it

  • Issue#52708: Radio Control - First time flying a warbird

    Wow. I can say I have come pretty far. I flew my first warbird today after just starting to fly RC airplanes in January. Full disclosure: I flew RC heli's for about 5 months before realizing my true calling. I found a local guy selling a Durafly P-40N on craigslist about a week and a half back. Te guy was asking $100 for a PNP bird. I went over and looked at it and dropped him a C-note. It seemed like a good deal. The bird wasn't without problems. Welcome to the world of buying used planes. The rudder servo needs to be replaced but its working. I had to change the push rods for the empennage as well as the clevis'. The servo box needed some work because the hole for the rudder was busted. I made a little 1/2x1/2 tab and Ca'ed them onto the existing servo box. This caused the rudder servo to sit up about 1/8th of an inch and caused some major binding when running from the servo to the tail wheel then onto the rudder. I had an EZ-Link on the servo and on the tailwheel assembly. I ended

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    Can I program a quad with waypoints, RTH, etc. on a home computer and then fly it only with a transmitter without a ground station?

  • Issue#114638: Radio Control - IN NEED OF HELP: quad drift and trim issue

    Hello everyone. I am having an issue with my quad drifting to the left and when I trim it on my radio to the right the drift to the left become even worse. I trim it back to centre and it does nothing. craft - minion 218 betaflight 2.3.5 (I added pic of FC as I don't know brand and I think its a clone) ZWT 18 A ESC's EMAX 2204 2300KV Radio- 9XR PRO running stock firmware I had an accident and just replaced motors and FC... As a side note- I have created LED board for the minion. its a 3d builder file and I cant seem to upload it Thanks for any help Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#118175: Radio Control - Best Radio Transmitter/Receiver Combo for Quad-Copter flying

    Just wondering what you would recommend for someone who is in the market for a good radio transmitter/receiver for Quad-Copter flying only - mainly racing - not toy models? I have noticed that a few of the manufacturers such as Futaba and Spektrum have newer radios that have specific settings for multi-rotors and not just planes and heli. I am trying not to spend more than $350 but want to get the best combo package for the money and something I will be happy with for many years. Should I be looking at mainly 6 channel radios or would you recommend 7/8 channels? I am interested in telemetry in the near future also. I have looked at the FrSky models but am concerned about the learning curve since it is "open source". Thanks for any guidance you could provide...

  • Issue#123210: Radio Control - first quad for a long time flyer?

    Hello. I'm new to quads, but not new to building or flying. I'm looking for the best suggestion for a rtf 250 quad with fpv or capable. Ultimately I am interested in racing and freestyle. Somewhere in the $400-$600 range. I would be open to a kit build, but fpv, gps, osd... it's all new to me. Without a local mentor, I would spend way more time researching than I would like, before I get into the air. I have almost 2 decades of flying experience in fixed wing, fixed pitch helis, co-axial helis, and colective pitch 3d helis.

  • Issue#124663: Radio Control - 45 days into quad flying and loving rate mode video.

    Only a month and a half ago I was just learning how to fly. This has been the best hobby I have ever done in my life of 38 years. I have started flying rate mode as of almost a week ago now and have the hang of it. Pushing it more and more each flight. Day 45 getting better (4 min 38 sec)

  • Issue#188468: Radio Control - Quad 450 tons of stuff don't have time to build

    Would be willing to trade for a nice RTF quad Balde 200 or 350 something I could plug and play right now. Please feel free to offer up. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#192349: Radio Control - Night Time Quad Spotting

    I was on a high elevation road and spotted flashing lights that was either a full size heli about a mile out or a UFO lol. Drove closer and yep, a quadcopter. Followed (tried to) by car and then, it went lights out. Nice strategy there cause I lost sight of it near the church. Thanks for the few mins of entertainment! Hope to see it again, inspiring to now get a better tx system to be able to go over 200' with mine lol.

  • Issue#194330: Radio Control - 10 year old kid busted for flying his Quad in his own yard

    Watch what happens when a 10 year old is left alone and gets busted by the Feds for simply flying his quad in his own back yard! Home with my Drone (15 min 14 sec)

  • Issue#364004: Radio Control - Agricultural quad needs a flight time improvement!

    Hello, I'm very sorry for starting yet ANOTHER optimize my power system thread, but my current strategy of trial and error has been vetoed by my wallet. I am doing a science project over agricultural drones for small farmers and I have built an infrared imaging quad using Pixhawk. However, for it to make any sense as far as practicality, I need some more flight time! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Here is my setup Flying weight 2075g Motors: Sunnysky X3108S 900kv Props: I'm currently running HQ prop composite 12x4.5 but I have APC and CF tiger motor 12x4s on hand Esc's: 40A Battery: Readymaderc 5100mah My frame can fit 13" props no problem. 14" might be too much but I haven't measured. It's going to be difficult to make it lighter without changing frames and I don't want to do that. I'm thinking I have a prop/motor/weight mismatch but I can't really do much better in ecalc so thus I'm asking you guys. I'm getting around 8 min comfortably and the batteries a

  • Issue#400279: Radio Control - Weird flying on 6inch prop with 250 size quad

    Hello everyone, My name is Robbin and I am new to this forum. I have some issues with my newest project, and I am hoping someone can point me into the right direction. In the past I had some experience with fixed pitch heli's and some small quadcopters. Recently I was infected with the multirotor virus and have build a 250 size quadcopter. Part list: Naze32 rev5 clone full version on cleanflight. Afro 20A racespec esc 2204 2300kv emax clone ZMR250 frame Nanotech 1300mah Lipo Frsky x8r (for now) on pwm Taranis plus After some minor problems (foam on barometer and motor start settings) Now it was flying pretty nice. Time to test some different props. On the 5030 its nice and smooth. On the 5040 it packs more punch. On the 6040 it is totally out of controle. (not in a good way:( ) On low throttle everything seems reasonably oke. when I up the throttle is makes all sorts of funky moves before plunging to the ground, or any other direction. Totally out of controle. The settings i

  • Issue#498240: Radio Control - Around $500 to spend on a new FPV quad: Vortex 250 Pro, TBS Vendetta, or other?

    Thanks for your time if you decide to give me your opinion. I have owned a bunch of cheaper quads: started with Hubsans, then a microdrone, then an Eachine Racer 250, now I'm ready to get serious. I have learned to fly and loved every minute out of my other quads, but it is definitely time to step up to something bad ass. -I will be purchasing a Tarranis radio at the same time as my new quad, so got that covered. -Fat sharks will be coming with a GoPro a little later, but for now I will be running a Mobius with the Quanum V2 goggles, so that's good as well. -I have a Neato 180 that I will be building with my buddy when he gets his frame in the next week or so, so I will have my want to build one from scratch taken care of with that frame.... My question: I am down to spend around $500 for one of the best little demons out there. I was set on a Vortex until I delayed ordering it a few months ago and in that time I learned about the Vendetta. Well, now I am ready to order a

  • Issue#513326: Radio Control - Outdoor flying. Which quad upgrade?

    I have a x5c that I've been learning to fly with. I took it outside to find that it has a hard time above about 20ft up. I'm guessing it's due to the lightweight frame and wind. I think I'm ready to graduate to a multicopter that can control better outside and has an option to do fpv. I'm confident I can build one and have read up on how, but for almost the same price I could buy one. So, I'm hoping to get some help going in the right direction. Would I be better off building a 450 or buying another RTF toy one? What would be the next step up from a x5c? Sent using Tapatalk.

  • Issue#554684: Radio Control - Questions for a freestyle Quad flying at a ski slope.

    Hello, I'm looking to build a freestyle quad for flying at a local ski resort. They are okay with me flying there during the summer. I've got a couple of race quads that don't really go very far from me. I scratch built these but quickly realized those skills aren't very transferable to this adventure. So I'm looking to get into my first multi mile behind trees setup. I need some help picking out the radio equipment. I read a ton, but most people are looking at flying over trees at a distance. I'm need a max range of 3 miles but it's got to be able to penetrate through trees. I'm thinking about going with a dragonlink and putting that in a cheap turnigy radio. From what I read that'll have plenty of distance. Where I get confused is do I need a ground station what type of antennas would I need? I was thinking of using 1.3 ghz for the VTX. Would this have enough penetration? Thoughts? Is this practical or even doable.

  • Issue#634347: Radio Control - FPV Microquad: 50g flying weight & 7 minutes flight time!

    Hi guys! In this video we take our 3D printed brushed FPV quadcopter for a fun ride in the garden. With only 50g flying weight, you can literally fly this almost anywhere and get ~7 minutes (as shown in the video) of fun on a single battery charge. FPV Microquad: 50g flying weight & 7 minutes flight time! (7 min 17 sec) For more micro (& other!) fun, please subscribe to my channel: Many thanks and all the best, Michael

  • Issue#643078: Radio Control - Quad copter (new never had time to finalize setup and fly)

    Quad copter (new never had time to finalize setup and fly) Motor L2204 2300KV Motor CC3D flight Controller HUGESC 12 AMP BLHELI (One Shot) 150. 00 shipped to lower 48 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#873289: Radio Control - Naze 32 throttle issue, Quad Flys off when past 50% throttle.

    Hi guys, I have a Gaui eclipse with a Naze 32 and Little bee pro 20a ESC's with Xnova motors, I am having a big issue with the throttle, when I go past 50% it flys off :-( I set the quad up the same way I have done all my other ones, when I came to fly it it did not feel locked in at all and when I went past 50% throttle it has a mind of its own and then goes to full throttle and I have no control, When I hit disarm it takes a few seconds to kick in. This does it in both Horizon and Acro mode. I calibrated the esc's via Cleanfight and also tried to do it via BLheli by matching the low and max throttle points. When I test this on the bench I get a linear throttle curve from 0-100% and it behaves normally. All the PID's are stock Have you any ideas what this could be as I am lost been trying to figure it out for a couple of weeks and can't find any info on the net. Thanks Liam

  • Issue#882062: Radio Control - How much time do you spend on maintenance

    How much time do you spend on maintenance of your CNC machine? It takes me about two to tree days to properly clean up my machine and add fresh grease and oil. I have a recommended schedule from the manufacturer of course but how about you, what's your routine? Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#895455: Radio Control - You dont need a lot of space to have a great time fpv flying!

    FPV mini quad (Garden) 2 (2 min 53 sec)

  • Issue#896990: Radio Control - Flying 3D X8 and the FlyShark S8 Assistant Issue

    With the help of the RC Groups forum members, I think I may have my X8 in a ready to fly condition. I recently upgraded the firmware to 1.49 using the S8 Assistant, and after the update, everything seems to function, acquired 8 satellites, and the functions all seem to be working properly. However, one thing that I cannot figure out is why the satellite map in the S8 Assistant shows China, and not the USA. Does anyone know why or have an explanation for that? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#917841: Radio Control - MASSIVELY increase your FLIGHT TIME on a mini Quad.

    Gday RcGroups, Just hoping to share a great tip that will get you significantly more flight time on your mini Quad and more thrust as a result. I have a Diatone ET 180 Quadcopter and I am getting + 15 Minute flights with a GoPro and hard acro style flight. It's a wicked way for reducing the weight from your GoPro Check the details here. :D:D:D

  • Issue#930929: Radio Control - Moshitza, loads of flying, new FC and a backup quad

    The Naze was good, but wanted to run more services and faster PID's and with Xracer F303's almost the cost of F1 targets, why not. Having only 25mm between lower and upper deck, and wanting to run the VTX over the stack for best weight distrib, i used a socket to keep everything low. Flew 200 packs on it now. Turned cam mix on BF on and have been flying mostly that now. Bought a 2nd hand frame as a backup and started building that as a hot spare, but also so that i can test features on one, always having a good solid other. Also, as same frame i can move things from test to production pretty simply. In Moshy, i ran the esc signal, power and battery lines in between the lower decks (4mm due to arm thickness) Im not going to do that in this one due to; - I don't really need all extra room that it gives - I want to simply for when field repairing - Save time on carbon prep, as i ran wires through CF - Its extra places for water to stick, which takes long to dry out - weight o

  • Issue#998014: Radio Control - DJI Phantom and Mini quad fpv flying

    My friends mini quad was broken so he got his phantom out and glued some fpv stuff on it and we had some fun flying his phantom and my mini quad fpv together. DJI Phantom and Mini quad FPV flying (3 min 46 sec)

  • Issue#1003285: Radio Control - Flying Cx-10w quadcopter first time

    Anyone experienced this cheerson cx-10w nano quadcopter?. I did my first flight today and it seems one must have initial flying skills to start this as hobby... This nano quadcopter has integrated FPV camera and it binds with your smartphone (iphone in my case) via an app ...u can see live streaming on your phone while flying. Since its a very tiny device so controlling is a bit of challenge...hit the wall of my garage couple of times and u can see twisted propellers in the pictures... Any one who has done a stable flight , please share ur experience. Thanks

  • Issue#1053665: Radio Control - Quad flying with the guy next door.

    Buster was flying his best quad with camera it used his phone as screen on the control. 38 min flying time one mile range he had this thing so I could not see it a few times. It self level acounts for the wind and did a good job. You work the throttle fly where you what to go. Got some pictures and a short video of it. Ask me if I wanted to fly but as bad as I am with my quads not going to try one that cost that much yet. DSCF0195 Quad flying (0 min 31 sec) Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#1078691: Radio Control - Flying with others for the first time

    Last night, for the first time, I flew with some other quad pilots who I had met on FB. In addition to being the first time I'd flown with other pilots, it was the first time I'd flown at a spot that had trees. I normally just fly in an open field with, at best, some low bushes. - I'd never seen quads being flown aggressively from 3rd person view. I've only seen my own FPV and FPV videos. Man these things COOK! You don't get a real perspective on speed until you see it from LOS with someone else flying. And the forward tilt is extreme! They almost look like they're flying vertically. - Tuning my goggles to someone else's channel while they flew was wild. I've watched tons of FPV video but seeing it "live" was very different. It was also surprisingly disorienting. I can watch FPV videos all day long but standing with goggles on while someone else flies made me a bit wobbly! - I can't talk while I fly. - 4S is where it's at. This was the first time my 3s quad felt slow. I

  • Issue#1127489: Radio Control - First time flying over my neighborhood

    FPV RC QUADCOPTER neighborhood from the sky! (5 min 45 sec)