Issue#990553: Ubnt - Recording of night time flying bugs

  • Some of the cams are mounted within 5 feet of 400 W MH fixtures which attract the bugs very well.

    I'm getting pretty much constant recording of the little bistards.

    Any sugestions of cam tweaks to solve the problem?


    Thanks, Dave fng


    9 UVC G2 cams on UniFi NVR running V3.14 werking perfect !



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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#76001: Ubnt - Wifi time schedule issue

    I would like to follow up this topic. Obviously, the Wifi shedule does not work with my AP. I just updated the fimrware. It has no effect on the WiFi time shedule.I have a small problem with the wifi time schedule of my AP LR. I set the times when it should be turned off in the night. For some reason, it does not switch off. Time zone is set correctly, new firmware is installed. Is it correct that, even if this feature works, only the SSID is hidden, but the radio still works?I would like to switch off the radiation completely in the night.What about installing a simple clock timer for the POE supply? Does the AP keep the configuration until the next morning? Is there any negative longterm effect if the AP is switched on/off daily?

  • Issue#136111: Ubnt - Statistics incorrect every night at the same time...

    Small work camp setup here in the Arctic. Very low bandwidth satellite internet connection. Every night around 2am I see connected clients go close to zero (I shut down my guest network at midnight) but Traffic goes to over 300GB for a few hours. I check logs from my provider and we are not even close to that consumption for the entire month!Every night the same. Maybe 4 devices connected and none are even windows devices (so no big updates or anything). Any ideas?

  • Issue#223859: Ubnt - Problem recording shedule on different time in same day.

    Good morning, I have a problem on nvr unifi firmware version 3.1.3. i have schedule the recording with a plan on week as in picture, i have the problem that in the hour that i signed with the red arrows the nvr not recording nothing, i have try change the type of recording with "Always Record" but the system not record nothing, also in the other time the nvr records correctly.  I ask to you if this is a note problem and if there is a solution to this problem. thank to all for the help. Best regards! 

  • Issue#257877: Ubnt - Bug 3.1.4? Time of last recording

    I have just noticed that in the camera view, one of my UVC cameras is showing last recording as 'a few seconds ago'- on looking at the camera details tab, the last motion was nearly 2.5 hours ago:  Is this a bug?

  • Issue#359579: Ubnt - 3.2 issue with UVC Pro camera - not recording

    Hey guys, Just upgraded to v3.2 and am noticing that all of my UVC Pro cameras stopped recording around the same time.This issue just appeared in 3.2 and was not an issue before. Any ideas? I am running on Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks

  • Issue#450323: Ubnt - UVC-Pro 3.2.1. Stops Recording Motion after time

    Have a UVC-Pro Set to Record on Motion. It is set to record 10 seconds priror and 60 seconds (max setting allowed) after. However, when reviewing recordings even though there was still motion and people walking it hit the time limit and stopped. I would expect this behavior after all we put in a end time and then seeing that there is still movment for it to record with a new recording or would expect the software to take note movment is still happening so do not stop recording. However this is not the case. it records the motion for the max timed allowed then stops. It didn't start a new recording or anything. Thoughts? UVC-Pro3.2.1

  • Issue#612114: Ubnt - Drone night flying cool. But how many 911 calls this create?  

  • Issue#662114: Ubnt - UVC G3 full time recording 2 sec records

    Hi, i have one of the new UVC G3 in full time record mode, but in irregular intervals the camera records not in 10 min record files but in 2 sec records. last night, this was 1800 record files. If i turn record for this camera off and on, it works for a few hours and days.

  • Issue#801989: Ubnt - Bullet M2 HP = Time bomb - overheat issue - DRAM corruption!

    Hi, i got a Bullet M2 HP running since 2 years now (inhouse).The device was always relatively hot however since 4 weeks i could not login to the webinterface anymore!When i did a powercycle, the middle 2 leds flashed for a short time in more or less regular intervals (5..10 seconds).It looked like the device is doing a reset over and over again.Funny thing is that sometimes the device started but the webinterface still was not accessable. When i turn off the device for cooling at least for 10 minutes i was able to access the webinterface again.I did firmware updates, tftp uploads, factory resets... nothing solved the problem. So i opened the device, checked the supplies and found nothing special except that the DRAM is getting a lot of heat from the surrounding regulator and controller.I suspect the DRAM is getting too hot (out of spec) so the system crashes and reboots.Reason for my guessing is that when you connect a serial adapter to the 4-pinheader and check the boot

  • Issue#818559: Ubnt - problem with full time recording

    Hi! i had the configuration with full time recording with scheduler every 12 hours, and  i can see some clips every 8 minutes (more or less) with full time .why??!!?!  Can i have a clip for day with 12 hours recorded? sorry for my english!! Nvr version 3.2.2 (i tested 3.1.5 and the same) 

  • Issue#1265: iPhone 5c: Can someone explain this date & time issue one iOS 8.3?

    This device has a very strange date & time issue (maybe multiple issues). Auto time/date will not automatically detect the timezonewill not automatically adjust to the correct time Maintain time/date the time will count upwards as normal until the screen is locked for roughly 10 minutes (sleep)once the device resumes from sleep (unlock) it will display the time that was registered immediately prior to sleeping - and will continue to count upwards as normal from there Manually setting time/date when manually setting the date & time, the day/month scroll will sporadically change - for example: above the selector bar will show 9 May, below the bar will show 11 May but inside the bar will show 26 Oct (all just example dates).when scrolling through the dates, the day/month will magically meld into the incorrect sequence of day/monthoften the 'set date & time' will jump forward or backward by as much as 30 years or more (sometimes also resetting to Unix Epoch)often the scro

  • Issue#5969: Playstation - I have solved my issue now I just have a general question for long time ps vita users

    I just have a simple qustion for ps vita users. In your experience have all yiour ps vita card always broken or caused issues with age? Just trying to get general information on this.

  • Issue#8572: i miss last time on radio class95 love songs at night with yasmin...

    think was few years ago had yasmin hosting the last night shows on class 95. really like the selection of oldie love songs.. now change riaos.. as they as old always is like shiet now :(

  • Issue#11799: Ubnt - Radio Balance Issue

    PTMP Access -- I have two radios on a PTMP AC access point (B)  that do not have banalced radios and seem to be having a lot of problems .. 1.   I have a probelm that they are dropping packets all the time - 5-7 % and when they are connected to their closer radio (AP AC B) they cause problems to the main radio and other users .. Pinging the main radio from the wired (LAN) network I have ping losses over cat 5 connection (Yes loosing packets when pinging over a ethernet cable from a system on the backbone ) -when I remove these two users ( below 43 - 48)  from that radio (AP AC B)  and move them to this radio AP (AP AC A) they show unbalanced radios  (As per databa below) .. The closers AP for both is around  -48db and S/N of 30 db ... at a distance of 1 mile ... When the two clients are on their closest AP (AP AC B)  they dont show any major difference in signal strength at either on both tx and rx  links ... However when

  • Issue#11988: Ubnt - edgemax dhcp server issue with multiple IP addresses on an interface

    First I apologize - newbie to Ubiquiti, but familiar with networks Literature says "Set up multiple DHCP servers to assign IP ranges in different subnets on the different interfaces"Which is what I want to do - but dont see how?  I need 3 DHCP Servers to hand out addresses on seperate interfaces, but these interfaces need to talk to each other.  Please Help.

  • Issue#12306: Recording Timer Settings: NEGATIVE Start Padding Time option

    I need to be able to set Start padding time in the Timer settings dialog to a negative number of minutes. Why? Because sports games, especially football games, often go beyond their designated end time and FUBAR the EPG, sometimes knocking it almost an hour out of alignment. This can be a real problem when there's a marathon of new shows following the game, such as on Sundays on CBS when you have 60 Minutes, Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, and CSI Cyber all airing after it. Yes, I can set the End padding time to compensate, but all four of those shows end up taking up nearly twice as much space as they should on the server hard drive, and have most of the previous show occupying that space, which is just plain stupid. However, if I had the option of setting a negative number of start padding time minutes, then only the first show that immediately follows the game would end up taking up an excess amount of space, but the others could be adjusted so that they only take up as much space

  • Issue#17624: TestStand 4.2 Continuous Testing issue - same Time reporting for every UUT

    hi,   i have this issue on my TestStand 4.2, everytime I do continuous testing (Execute >> Test UUTs), each UUT has the same Time in reporting. What I need is how to modify the process model in such a way each UUT should have different Time in reporting. Please see image below for reference.   thanks, val87  

  • Issue#18910: Time dependant recording of pixel line values ?

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to implement a new tool to a live image treatment and recording Labview VI based on IMAQ VIs. What I want to do is to observe the evolution of a line of pixel over time, i.e. record a time-stamped array of pixel values arrays. I hope it is understandable ?   I get the pixels value with the VI "IMAQ GetPixelLine" then I have tried two approachs: - Use a while loop to add a time stamp to this 1d array and then append it iteratively to a 2d array. That does not work since once the while loop has started, the value of the image is not updated anymore (or so I have understood). - Use a "write to measurement file". I could not have it work properly, seems it can only read one point after the other and thus create a single 1d array of ordinates.   Included is this additionnal VI I am trying to build. It will be part of a larger Monster. So far it only plots and record the maximum of the live image, and shows the x and y pixel profiles from this ma

  • Issue#19517: Occasionally missing data from output - Issue with Elapsed Time, Sample Compression, or something el

    Hi all, Hope you can help with the following. I have: A DAQ Assistant reading from 2 thermocouples at 1 Hz Sample Compression (factor of 60) to obtain the average every minute (not rolling average) Producer/consumer setup Elapsed Time which enables Write to Measurement (xlsx) every 60 seconds I ran this from 3:50pm to 7:22am the following morning. It seems to have worked, but I noticed that about once an hour, a data point is missing. Is this an issue with timing or how I set up the VI? Please advise.   Thanks!  

  • Issue#20156: Ubnt - Long time no visit

    Well it's been a while since I've looked in here. I've had the airvision2 server trucking along in the office for what must be years at this point, I've lost track.  We've made fairly good use of it in that time. But having recently expanded, it's time to look at the new software, and hardware.  I'm using airvision 2 with 20 some cams, can't remember precisely off the top of my head.  So what's the opinion on unifi video in a quick and dirty summation?  Is it more or less demanding harware wise?  How is the reliability? I've done some very limited testing.  Whipped up an ubuntu server on an old I5 and put a single old gen test cam on to have a look.  Like the interface and it seems very responsive and intutive so far. 

  • Issue#21569: Ubnt - Traffic Routing Issue

    I am trying to route between 2 LANS, using a Ubiquiti ERLite3.  The main LAN IP Scheme is 192.168.1.x, and I have a collection of Programmable controllers on the 192.168.151.X network.  These controllers should have a gateway of, and their IP ranges between and The Other Interface on the ERLite is  I can successfully ping from the 192.168.1.X network to, but can't actually connect to the PC's at  Attached is the config.  I am new to Ubiquiti.  I can't setup VLANS, due to other networking issues at this site.  Honestly I am looking for a config that will allow me to do this. =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~= PuTTY log 2016.01.28 164313 =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=show configuration firewall {    all-ping enable    broadcast-ping disable    ipv6-receive-redirects disable    ipv6-src-route disable 

  • Issue#27187: Ubnt - Free guest access and Vouchers at the same time

    I managed to allow both free access and voucher access on the same SSID using version  4.7.6 Here is what I did and the needed index and messages files Under Settings > Guest Control  Enable Hotspot as the Authentication and then Check Enable voucher and enable Payment. I then choose stripe as the gateway and put a fake number in to make the gui happy.   The index page below will give you a portal that looks like this.   The current messages.propreties is only configured for 1 hour access and they can signup for 1 hour again and again.    portal/index.html<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"""><html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en" dir="ltr"><head><title><unifi txt="WelcomePage.Title" /></title><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /><l

  • Issue#27838: Ubnt - UniFi - Data usage by client for a specific time period

    How can I track/report data usage for a specific client for a specific data period?In “Statistics” it appears that I can only set view by a day or a month and I can only see most active but not every device. If I look in “Insights” it only gives me totals and no way to see usage by a particular date or range of dates. Thanks.

  • Issue#28216: Geforce - Activate Shadow Time and Manual Recording at same time?

    As the title says, is it possible to activate the Shadow feature and the manual recording at the same time? For example, it will save the last 5 minutes + continue recording till I want it to stop.

  • Issue#29124: Ubnt - Next time your distributor is out of stock...

    Ever seen TV reports of the UPS truck that crashed in the snowstorm and spilled all it's contents across the highway?   If you think that was bad...  UBNT has the Chinese New Year thing worked out, but there's nothing that can protect against this - and it does happen, we just don't hear about it on the evening news...Jim

  • Issue#31677: Parrot Bebop 2 Camera Blurry Issue Comparison (Night, Cloudy, Day) - Not first batch hardware issue.

    This video is to prove that the Bebop 2 camera blurry video is not caused by a camera defect but the firmware programming issue. They need to fix... I would suggest FF3 to allow users to adjust the video recording bandwidth optionally (from default 20Mbps to 45Mbps adjustable) to be set in the preference of coming updates of FF3. The bandwidth of FPV live feed remains unchanged is ok for a 1500mW bi-directional Router Mod but not sure for a stock drone. Also to provide an option to disable denoise filter will be nice. But I don't think Paris is ok and understandable to do these new optimizations.  

  • Issue#34570: Ubnt - Second time posting is lost in the aether.

    I am writing a simple post, then attaching two images.  They upload and claim its been posted, but when I goto look for it, it isn't there. Something I am missing? This post has two attached screen shots. Homer

  • Issue#36301: Ubnt - EdgerouterXSFP 5port - as PoE switch port issue

    I have a problem with freeze EdgerouterXSFP 5port. The device is working- passing trafic thru, but the management is not responding to the ping or after few days is possible to login, but then within few seconds again disconnect and not responding to the ping. The config is pretty simple:1. Used as a PoE switch with 24V.2. manualy defined IP.  So, is it by FW 1.6.7 or somethink else? How to config correctly all five port together with PoE and by accesed to IP ?

  • Issue#37519: Ubnt - Firewall policies Time (schedule)

    Hello, i would like to know if edgerouter (5 port or 8 port) is cutting off established connection when a time schedule for a policies rules is set ? ip box (like orange livebox) have "parental control" BUT when kids are surfing before a rule set apply ... connection are not dropped ! In order to buy an ubiquiti product i want to know if it can do that perfectly. thank you (sorry for my english)